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New Year's Eve, Tuesday, Dec 31 Today I struggled in the dark through the snowdrifts to John's house, where his friendly G4 desktop Mac awaited me. Here are some tips that were sent me over the last three days.
1 - Hank Williams' last ride: Driver recalls lonesome end - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
2 - Legendary country artist still influential - (Knoxville News-Sentinel) (link found by John Foyle)
3 - 50 years later, legend of Hank Williams lives - (USA Today) (link found by Alfonso Iachini)
4 - German: "Scheitern war seine Wahrheit" Interview with Wiglaf Droste about Hank Williams - (Tagesspiel) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - Norwegian: Levde som Hank Vernon Oxford - (BA) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - Bob Dylan meeting at Two Dogs pub, Oslo, November 23rd 2002 - (Land of the Midnight Sun) (link found by Jonas P, Geir Olsen)
7 - Italian: Jubilee Shouters una vita gospel nel cd dal vivo - (Repubblica) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
8 - take 8 now available - (freewheelin-on-line) (link found by John Stokes)
9 - One positive note in pop-music blues - (Boston Globe) (link found by Saul Garlick)
10 - 2002 in mirror weirder than it appears - (StarPhoenix) (link found by John Foyle)
11 - Year rocked with new blood, return of some all-time greats - (Seattle Times) (link found by ElectricGypsy, George Mount)
12 - 2002 Year in Review Tedeschi, Wallflowers - (Indystar) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
13 - Swedish: De var bäst 2002 - (Aftonbladet) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
14 - Dylan is mentioned three times in Rushdie new book of essays 'Step Across the Line' . ĘKim Hill
15 - Larry Uteck remembered - (Daily News) (link found by John Stokes)
16 - Strummer on Man, God, Law - and the Clash - (LA Times 1988) (link found by Manor)
17 - Rollin' thunder Live 1975 - (Vail Daily) (link found by Tricia, Trevor Midgley)
18 - The Devilish Doubledylans Dylan Cover Band - (devilishdoubledylans) (link found by The devilish Doubledylans)
19 - Johnny Cash on Larry King Live. Nov 26 Transcript - (CNN) (link found by Eric Wishart)
20 - Marcel's Dylan Drawing - (Marcel's Dylan site) (link found by Marcel)
21 - What were the Deadheads searching for? - (AishToronto) (link found by Jeff Rothman)
22 - Todd Haynes is doing a flick about Bob Dylan - (PageSix) (link found by Jack Regan, Faith Hartzler)
23 - DiFranco to open for Bob Dylan Australian tour - (Buffalo Business First) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
24 - Dylan, DiFranco To Dance Down Under - (Billboard) (link found by HwyCDRrev, ElectricGypsy)
25 - Spanish: The Wallflowers actuarán en febrero en Barcelona y Madrid - (La Vanguardia) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
26 - Title fights - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy, John Foyle)
27 - Medicine Show Live 1975 - (Seattle Weekly) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
28 - Updated 1975 & 1976 Chronicles - (I Happen To Be A Swede Myself !!) (link found by Olof Björner)
29 - For the record - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by John Foyle)

Saturday, Dec 28
1 - Critic's top 10 concerts: Seasoned musicians still rock - (Seattle P-I) (link found by George Mount, John Foyle)
2 - Joan Baez interview (RealAudio) - (Web Active) (link found by Jim Linwood)
3 - King Solomon - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
4 - German: He Hermann, bring mir das Ketchup! - (die Welt) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - The Art of Rock - (Pantograph) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - The NYC Top 40 - (NY Metro) (link found by bella)
7 - Songs of experience: Bob Dylan at the Egyptian Room - (nuvo) (link found by Matt Woodard)
8 - Lost New York - (NY Metro) (link found by bella)
9 - Wilco EP slated for Feb 2003 - (wilcoweb) (link found by Patrick Collins)
10 - The Limited Edition Bob Dylan - (World of Groggs) (link found by Gwion)
11 - Spanish: Viejos Súper Sónicos: Sonic Youth Steve Shelley - (El Mercurio) (link found by Jose Manuel Simian)
12 - It'll be a very good year - (Scotsman) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
13 - Pop finds its voice anew - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by John Foyle)
14 - CD Reviews Dec. 20 Live 1975 - (FYI Winnipeg) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Friday, Dec 27
1 - A Rock and Roll Hall of Famer just happy to play drums in a blues band Levon Helm - (Rogovoy Report) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
2 - Tomorrow Never Knows: Rock and Psychedelics in the 1960s - (University of Chicago Press) (link found by Douglas Wilber)
3 - Fanzimmer #3 is out - (Fanzimmer) (link found by Rafael de Pablo)

Thursday, Dec 26
1 - Some Want Eggnog; Others, Lye-Cured Cod - Story on Lutefisk - (NY Times) (link found by Larry Horton)
2 - String Master Charlie Poole, a restless banjo player - (Winston-Salem Journal) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Lead singer of punk band Clash dies at 50 - (Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - A force in the world of punk - (LA Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - A Voice Stilled by a Junta Now Throbs Again Victor Jara revival - (NY Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Channelling the spirits of Dylan and Guthrie Ramsay Midwood - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Hallelujah! Solomon Burke - (Guardian) (link found by Frank Desmond)
8 - Irish republican ballad named world's top song - (Reuters) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Dave Alvin - (Arizona Republic) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Coffee table book by Graham Nash pays tribute to 25 songwriters - (Toledo Blade) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Mathes' train ride: Greenwich singer branches out for annual holiday performance - (Stamford Advocate) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
12 - Bob Dylan tar andan ur lyssnaren Live 1975 - (Uppsala Nye Tidning) (link found by Lars Lindh)
13 - Bob Dylan & Ani DiFranco - (Pollstar) (link found by Michele Simpson)
14 - 2-disc set issued from Dylan's 1975 'Rolling Thunder' tour Live 1975 - (Knoxville News-Sentinel) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
15 - Rolling Thunder among Dylan's finest Live 1975 - ( (link found by ElectricGypsy)
16 - Record store accused of selling 'bootlegs' - (Concord Monitor) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Tuesday, Dec 24
I wish you all the best for the holidays, and thank you for all your tips and support in 2002.
Please visit The Hunger Site daily.

Monday, Dec 23
1 - Gods and Generals Album in stores February 4th - (Sony Classical) (link found by James, DSag Braathen)
2 - Punk legend Joe Strummer dies - (Guardian) (link found by Harvey Bojarsky, Alfonso Iachini)
3 - Clash's Joe Strummer dies - (Times) (link found by Alfonso Iachini)
4 - Rock mourns icon Strummer - (Evening Standard) (link found by Alfonso Iachini)
5 - Hornby's 'Songbook' hits high notes - (Oregonian) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - Bob Dylan Tops Music Magazine's 'Genius' List - (Yahoo / Blender / Reuters) (link found by Lauren Blatt, Don Barnes, ElectricGypsy, Timbo, Michael Dorn, yonna, robert reitman)
7 - Bob Dylan Goes Out With Ani DiFranco - (Undercover) (link found by Marty Traynor)
8 - "Das Bob Dylan Lexikon" from (tip from Torsten Mewes)
9 - A Dylanist's Gospel order and download book - ( (link found by Magne Karlstad)
10 - Richie Havens: An idealist's look at money - (bankrate) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
11 - Please Get Warren Zevon Recognition From The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame - (Petition online) (by Ed "Dutch" Sampson )
12 - Garcia, Neil Young pictures - (Jambands) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
13 - Save Our History: Save Our Sounds - (Save Our Sounds) (link found by SoDamnHip)
14 - Celtics look like the least of the East Dylan quote - (Boston Globe) (link found by Marc)
15 - Songwriter Bob Dylan performs superb show at Egyptian Room - (Artesian Herald) (by John Kochanczyk)
16 - Bob Dylan the horse wins race - ( (link found by Peter O'Donnell)
17 - The Bridge has been updated (tip from Jill Bradnum)
18 - Revised Armory concept would include housing - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
19 - Armory's 'Precious Memories' 'Saved' - (Budgeteer News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
20 - It's a table, no ... a lamp, or ... maybe both? "Memphis", Italian designers - (Tennessean) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
21 - Chris Robinson proves solid, save for that sloppy interlude - (Philadelphia Inquirer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
22 - Gold and lumps of coal from the record industry Live 1975 - (Philadelphia Inquirer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
23 - French Intellectuals take off the gloves in slugfest over `new reactionaries' - (SFGate / AP) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
24 - 2002 Best Concerts - (Denver Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
25 - The music worth listening to in 2002 - (Kansas City Star) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
26 - Tedeschi warms up to create high-caliber show - (Seattle P-I) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
27 - His protest songs now ring louder Billy Bragg - (North Jersey) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
28 - Lenny Bruce Lives - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
29 - Art stars have flocked to Hotel Chelsea - (Poughkeepsie Journal) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
30 - Local musicians unite to produce antiwar CD - (Ann Arbor News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
31 - An actor's trifecta: Robert Grossman, a mainstay of local theater for 30 years - (Detroit Free Press) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
32 - Clueless: Mainstream media gets folk wrong, over and over - (Boston Herald) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
33 - Rock stars under glass - (Orlando Sentinel) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
34 - Down to the Nitty Gritty - (National Review) (link found by CovWoman61)
35 - Byrd's big screen debut Gods and Generals - (Charleston Daily Mail) (link found by Jack Regan, PHyatt)
36 - Japanese: Sounes ' "Down the Highway" published in Japanese - (Kawade Shobo Shinsha) (link found by Itsuko Nishimura)
37 - "LIve 1975" released in Japan - (Sony Music Japan) (link found by Itsuko Nishimura)
38 - The gospel according to Aaron - (USA Today) (link found by Michael Case)
39 - Zevon Rides With Springsteen Warren's final album due in the summer - (Rolling Stone) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
40 - Director Haynes reaches into past to show Hollywood's future - (Santa Maria Times) (link found by Andy Greene, Joseph Garlick, John Scarrott, Douglas Wilber)
41 - Theater Review: 'Hank Williams: Lost Highway' Painting a Musical Portrait in Lonesome Blues - (NY Times) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
42 - Zevon's exit album bottom of page - ( (link found by ElectricGypsy)
43 - Rock of aged - (Sun-Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
44 - Tougher than macho Live 1975 - (NY Daily News) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
45 - Owner of Lynching Photo Collection Says He's Taking It Back From Emory - (AP) (link found by Paul)

Saturday, Dec 21
The lack of updates is because I have been moving, and also because my son John's net connection has become unbearably slow, so I can't get my mail.
1 - 11 concert dates in Australia and New Zealand announced - ( (link found by Dan Levy, Fred Muller)

Wednesday, Dec 18
I am taking a big chance tomorrow: I am moving to an apartment in town (Mo i Rana) without having found a buyer yet for my house in the suburb of Båsmoen. Doin' the opposite of what the experts say...
1 - "Gods and Generals" movie trailer The movie will have a new Dylan song at the end - (Apple) (link found by Bob Meyer)
2 - Dylan will play Adelaide 13 Feb - (BASS online) (link found by Mike Doecke, Tricia)
3 - Dylan in Sydney 17 Feb - (Ticketek) (link found by Peter O'Donnell, Tricia)
4 - "Songbook" by Nick Hornby incl. one Dylan song - (McSweeney's) (link found by Karl Erik Andersen!)
5 - French: "Dignity" mp3 by Elliott Murphy - (Reporters sans frontieres) (link found by Renaud Depierreux)
6 - The political music of Billy Bragg - (CNN) (link found by David Bilodeau, Carter Lewis)
7 - True Blues Dana Gillespie... has shared a stage with... Dylan - (expressindia) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
8 - Robert Christgau: Re-make/Re-model Jimmie Rodgers review - (Village Voice) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
9 - Ventura: I Plan to Honor Zevon Annually - (Yahoo / AP) (link found by Alex Leik)

Tuesday, Dec 17
1 - Films, books revisit saga of slain Chicago teen 1955 murder of Emmett Till highlighted America's racial divide - (AP) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
2 - Look Back Dont Look Back - (lbdlb) (link found by Randy Bell)
3 - Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and the rapture of distress - (Christianity Today) (link found by Danny Wilson)
4 - Finnish: Vapautunut Bob Dylan ei ollut enää maskissa Live 1975 - (Helsingin Sanomat) (link found by Jarmo Palokallio)

Monday, Dec 16
1 - Rocker worked lifetime of magic Lovin' Spoonful guitarist dies at 58 Zal Yanovsky ran noted restaurant - (Star) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
2 - Good-time guitarist, gourmet Zal Yanovsky - (Globe and Mail) (link found by liane & howell)
3 - Zal Yanovsky 1944-2002: 'He was someone you could always count on' - (Kingston Whig-Standard) (link found by Jack Regan)
4 - Melbourne International Music and Blues Festival - (Musicmelbourne) (link found by Peter O'Donnell)
5 - Merci! Bob coup - (The Australian) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Tricia)
6 - Inaugural festival lines up as a world-class event - (The Age) (link found by Doug Lilly, ElectricGypsy)
7 - Dylan latest in line-up - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
8 - Dylan's Thunder - You Will Not Die, It's Not Poison Live 1975 - (Counterpunch) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
9 - Value is mistletoe held over box sets Live 1975 - (Indystar) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
10 - French: Un Dylan du tonnerre Live 1975 - (Cyberpresse) (link found by Michel Jacques)
11 - French: Zimmy, cuvée 1975: le sommet de son art - (Cyberpresse) (link found by Michel Jacques)
12 - Judas! website has been update with news of Issue 4 (link found by Keith Wootton)
13 - Saved! -The NorthernBlues Gospel Allstars - (Danny Brooks) (link found by Dag Braathen)
14 - Guitar sales jam despite music woes - (USA Today) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
15 - French: Un cantautori entre rock, folk et nostalgie poétique Francesco De Gregori, Dylan translations - (Le Monde) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
16 - Lenny Bruce Lives - (Hartford Courant) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Sunday, Dec 15
1 - Dylan to perform at Vic blues festival - (nine msn) (link found by Robert)
2 - The Year in Boxes: Bjork to Dylan to Dischord Live 1975 - (NY Times) (link found by Norbert Krapf)
3 - Tribute albums make everything old sound new again (Dylan's) contributions to the other tributes are among the highlights on all of them - (Boston Globe) (link found by Saul Garlick)
4 - At 62, Solomon Burke continues to create a soulful sound - (Boston Globe) (link found by Saul Garlick)
5 - Robert Potts reviews 'Do You, Mr Jones?' Bob Dylan with the Poets and Professors in the latest edition of the Times Literary Supplement (TLS), dated December 13 (Terry Kelly)

Saturday, Dec 14
1 - "Masked And Anonymous" gets positive review in Film Guide 5.9 MB .pdf - (Sundance) (link found by Dag Braathen) Also a jpg at DylanPool
2 - Hank Williams' Knoxville demise surrounded by mystery half a century later - (Metropulse) (link found by Danny Wilson)
3 - Bob Dylan Tribute in NZ, 7 6 8 March - (Festival Club) Ticketek - (link found by Bill in NZ)
4 - "Singer Gordon Lightfoot released from hospital three months after surgery - (Halifax) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Frank Trainor)
5 - Larry "Ratso" Sloman chat transcript - (USA Today)

Friday, Dec 13
1 - Bard Rock Live 1975 - (Guardian) (link found by Mick Jordan, ElectricGypsy, Michael Armstrong, Tiernan Henry)
2 - Dylan at Melbourne International Music & Blues Festival - (Music Melbourne) (link found by Robert)
3 - Bob Dylan, Ray Charles to headline Perth show - (West Australian) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
4 - Chat with Larry "Ratso" Sloman on Friday, 5 p.m. ET - (USA Today) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - Here They Come: Republican Hard Reign Pun on Dylan? - (American Prospect) (link found by John Haas)
6 - French: Montréal et Dylan unis pour toujours Live 1975 - registration req. - (Le Devoir) (link found by Gilbert Dumont)
7 - Where have all the protest songs gone? - (Beacon Journal / Chicago Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Time and tribulations have taught Peter Wolf to satisfy himself first - (Philadelphia Inquirer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - San Diego act cashes in on Man in Black - (Denver Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Portuguese: No Grande Circo de Dylan - (PublicOnline) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
11 - Susan Tedeschi - Wait For Me - (Buffalo News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Live 1975 - (East Bay Express) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - German: Freiheit, die ich meine Live 1975 - (Hamburger Abendblatt) (link found by Uwe Dehnel)
14 - Bigger Than Texas Norah Jones - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
15 - Technical Difficulties - (dubyadubyadubya) (link found by Paul Pearson)

Thursday, Dec 12
1 - Wilco Trot Out EP "Bob Dylan's 49th Beard" - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Charles Crookshank)
2 - It's Miller's time again - (Scotsman) (link found by Tom Barrett, John Walker)
3 - Live 1975 - (Courier-Journal) (link found by Steve Hilton)
4 - The Covers Project Dylan section needs some help - (The Covers Project) (link found by Ed Schlosser)
5 - How Bands Got Their names - (Replace the Face) (link found by Ed Schlosser)
6 - Good 'vibes' keep Hooley on song - (Belfast Telegraph) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Live 1975 - (USA Today) (link found by Mel C)
8 - Here They Come: Republican Hard Reign - (The American Prospect) (link found by John Haas)
9 - "People" magazine w/ Shania on the cover from magazine contents: "Out of the Past Bob Dylan, his mom -- and Bette Midler? Previously unseen photos from his 1975 Rolling Thunder tour." page 107 - 6 photos credited to Ken Regan (link found by MaxCandle)

Wednesday, Dec 11
1 - Battle of Antietam may not be in film "Gods and Generals" Dylan video will be available on the deluxe Sony CD-ROM Gods and Generals Album early February - (Herald-Mail) (link found by Joy Munsey)
2 - Claremont Feb 15: Dylan - (moonloght music & wine festival) (link found by Tricia)
3 - Bono, Shaggy, Macy Gray To Play AIDS Benefit In South Africa - (VH1) (link found by Bill Baratta)
4 - Man who lives in two worlds David Gulpilil, Aboriginal film star - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Phil Teece)
5 - S & P Studying for Retests - (Yahoo Finance) (link found by Phil Teece, Michael Vogt)
6 - AOL a bit behind catching wireless, broadband wave - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Phil Teece)
7 - Tangled Up in Bob Live 1975 - (Newsweek) (link found by LeeAnn Hansen)
8 - Dutch: Stem op de Verrukkelijke 715 Poll: Singles of all time(?) - (3fm) (link found by FB)
9 - You saw my picture at freewheelin-on-line. (tip from John Stokes)
10 - The "Dylan" episode of Dharma and Greg ("Play Lady Play") will be airing tonight (Dec. 11) at 6 p.m. on Fox 25, in the Boston area. (tip from Brian Shea)
11 - Click and $1 will be donated to the Marines "Toys For Tots" - (Excedrin) (link found by Paul Pearson)
12 - A rattlin' good read - C.P. Lee's book (link found by Miss Information)
13 - Live 1975 - (Music Box) (link found by John Metzger)

Tuesday, Dec 10
1 - Bob Dylan fired me Katey Sagal (Peggy Bundy) - (NY Post) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Gary Cinnamon)
2 - Way Out in the Wilderness The spiritual journey of Bob - (Oldspeak) (link found by CovWoman61, Peter Stone Brown)
3 - It was all Bob Dylan's fault - (National Post) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
4 - Norwegian: Madrugada kritiserer "ecstasy-generasjonen" Bob Dylan a "guiding star" - (BA) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - O'Brien keeps team's focus on here, now Dylan quote - (Boston Globe) (link found by Gary Cinnamon)
6 - Italian: Bob Dylan: "Bob Dylan" - (link found by Giorgio)
7 - Early Bob Dylan orig. performance contract - (eBay) (link found by Jürgen Waßer)
8 - German: The Piano Man - Ohne Worte - Live 1975 - (Gaesteliste) (by Carsten Wohlfeld)
9 - There are gems aplenty in recent pop releases Live 1975 - (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Monday, Dec 9
1 - Real Life Rock Top 10 - All-Dylan edition - (Salon) (link found by Mark Bradley, Brian Shiffrin, Bill Baratta)
2 - Bob Dylan Knighted By Wasted Guy Outside Night Club - (the commune) (link found by Miss Information)
3 - Official web sites for "Spider" John Koerner - Dave "Snaker" Ray - Tony "Little Sun" Glover - (links found by Nelson T. French)
4 - Recommended listening: A Koerner, Ray & Glover discography - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
5 - Portuguese: Edie Sedgwick, A Pictorial History - (Edie Sedgwick) (link found by Alexandre Froemming)
6 - Jakob Dylan is 32 today (Daily Dish found by Paul Pearson)
7 - Musical genius: Industry throws buyers a bonus Bonus tracks and DVDs - (Inside Denver) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Sense of mission stays uppermost with Wallflowers - (Indianapolis Star) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Wallflower Dylan hasn't bloomed - (Boston Herald) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Italian: Bob Dylan - ( (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
11 - A Journal Of The Plague Year (CD) - (Pearls Before Swine / Tom Rapp) (link found by Magne Karlstad)
12 - Danish: En gryntefri Bob Dylan Live 1975 - "the old goat SINGS, not grunts - (BT) (link found by Niels-Henrik Nielsen)

Sunday, Dec 8
1 - Koerner, Ray and Glover's proof of influence - (Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Fade to blue: Dave Ray's death is final note in Koerner, Ray & Glover legacy - (Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Welcome to the re-vamped all-singing all-dancing - (Helter Skelter) (link found by Michael)
4 - Legends pass torch to young folk Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger with offspring - (Star-Ledger) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Where Is Desolation Row? Greil Marcus - (Threepennyreview) (link found by steve)
6 - Papa Walton speaks mind, offspring or no - (Arizona Central) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Americana: 'The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan' - (Seattle Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - That's not country; that rocks! - (AP) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - He won't back down: Tom Petty takes on the corporate pop-opoly in 'The Last DJ' - (Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Italian: Bob Dylan - (Costellazione '68) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
11 - Italian: BOB DYLAN la più bella cosa che l'America ci ha mandato di ritorno - (zodiaco) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
12 - Italian: Alias Bob Dylan (2001 Selene Ed.) - (Roots Highway) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
13 - The year's best CDs - (Boston Globe) (link found by Saul Garlick)
14 - Live 1975 - (Courier-Journal) (link found by Jerry Chambers)
15 - Live 1975 - (LA Weekly) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
16 - `Live 1975' captures Bob Dylan in his prime - (Orlando Sentinel) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
17 - Cover girl sheds little light on `Blood' - ( Cincinnati Enquirer) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
18 - Susan Tedeschi "Wait For Me" - (Memphis Commercial Appeal) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
19 - Cool Nordic Rock: cato salsa experience mp4 - (emperor Norton) (link found by Apple QuickTime News)

Saturday, Dec 7
1 - Mandela to host Robben Island Aids gig Feb 2, Dylan invited - (SABC) (link found by Robert)
2 - Jakob Dylan adds 'cautiously' to the optimistic album label - (North (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Live 1975 - (MyInKy) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Jimi Hendrix's 'Blue Wild Angel: Live at the Isle of Wight' incl. "All Along the Watchtower" - (The Justice) (link found by Saul Garlick)
5 - Flying words are better than flying bullets Eminem's 8-mile rap - (North (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Italian: Bob Dylan - Il padre di tutti i cantautori - (OndaRock) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
7 - Italian: Bob Dylan discography - (kalporz) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)

Friday, Dec 6
1 - "Chronicles" delayed until April or June (Norwegian and Danish tips)
2 - Ya Gotta Have (Incredibly Famous) Friends - (Forward) (link found by Jim Linwood)
3 - Tangled Up in Bob by Kinky Frieedman Worth registering for - (Texas Monthly) (link found by Scott Kilgore)
4 - "Live 1975" at #56 - (Billboard) (link found by Jim Short)
5 - Redemption songs - Gilberto GilŐs tribute to Bob Marley - (Boston Phoenix) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - The Full Faithfull - (Seattle Weekly) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - High-quality music from the Wallflowers - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Jakob Off The Old Block - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - The Nail That Sticks Up ... - (East Bay Express) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - New Zealand's free-to-air TV3 channel is repeating this year's Grammies, which includes Dylan performing "Cry A While", this Sunday (December 8th) at 22h25. (tip from Fred Muller)
11 - New Jools Holland album, track 17: You Got To Serve Somebody feat. Marianne Faithfull, from (tip from Jaap Kappers)
12 - Joan Jett Fan Writes To Rolling Stone - (US vs Them) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
13 - A legend in the making Singer-songwriter Jackie Greene has it all - (NresReview) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
14 - Working toward righteousness Odetta - (Boston Globe) (link found by Saul Garlick)
15 - A Dylan acting Petty - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
16 - Southern comfort: The Partridge Inn, Augusta - (Access Atlanta) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
17 - Gig of the Week : Mary Lee's Corvette - (CityBeat) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
18 - Live 1975 - (Buffalo News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
19 - Live 1975 - (Phoenix New Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
20 - On the Road with the Masked Marvel "Live 1975" reviewed by Sean Wilentz - (MSNBC) (link found by Ammods, Era00001)
21 - Danish: En torden i det fjerne Live 1975 - (Information) (link found by Asger Braun)
22 - Plundering the Vault Live 1975 - (Pop Matters) (link found by Jesper Troelstrup)
23 - Live 1975 - (Pop Matters) (link found by Jesper Troelstrup)
24 - DYLAN: Tour in '75 bizarre but beautiful Live 1975 - (Winston-Salem Journal) (link found by Jim Short)

Thursday, Dec 5
1 - Starry Slate at Sundance - (Yahoo / Variety / AP) (link found by Otto Thompson, Curt Nyquist, Patrick Saunders, LeeAnn Hansen, Jim Short)
2 - Bob makes video? see Nov 26 - (Gods and Generals) (link found by Arthur Louie)
3 - Folk-Blues Hero Dave Ray Dies - (Billboard) (link found by BVasek8277)
4 - Excellent Harrison Tribute pictures - (Rex Features) (link found by Ian Weatherhill)
5 - German: Drei Akkorde, ein Kalauer Shepard's "True Dylan" - (Tageszeitung) (link found by Jürgen Wasser, Torsten Mewes)
6 - German: Der stille Beatle - (Kurier) (link found by Jürgen Wasser)
7 - German: Blick zurück im Qualm - "True Dylan" in Bochum erstaufgeführt Shepard's "True Dylan" - (Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger) (link found by Jürgen Wasser, Torsten Mewe)
8 - "Handle With Care" mp3 from the Concert for George - (Dylan Home) (link found by Ragnar Andersen)
9 - 'We will never forget' - Calls emerge to reopen infamous Mississippi murder case Emmett Till - (Final Call) (link found by Catina Prieur)
10 - Hank Honored by Son, Grandson - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Catina Prieur)
11 - Norwegian: Hyller Hank Williams tribute in Bergen on New Year's Eve- (BA) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
12 - The ballad of Bob Dylan "Do you, Mr. Jones" review - (Scotland on Sunday) (link found by Stephen Smith, Jim Linwood)
13 - The Thunder Rolls Live 1975 - ( (link found by Fred Barrows)
14 - Norwegian Top 40, "Live 1975" at #9 - (VG) (link found by Magne Karlstad)
15 - German: Live 1975 Also: German reading of Hank Williams's bio - (Spiegel) (link found by gunter schmidtke, Jürgen Wasser, Ulrich Schneider)
16 - Bob Dylan's new release is a classic - (The State) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
17 - Bob Dylan: Live 1975, The Rolling Thunder Revue - (VG) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
18 - Most Of The Time - Al Diesan mp3 (link found by al_diesan)
19 - Live 1975 - (Onion AV Club) (link found by Cormier, Ryan)
20 - German: Der letzte Hippie-Hurrikan Live 1975 - (Spiegel) (link found by Jürgen Wasser, Stephan Weber, Thomas Brenneisen, Matthias Hofmann, Ulrich Schneider, Thomas Waldherr, Thomas Wilmes, J.Ridders, manfred schwarz, sarah amendt, Bianca Buegler, Silvio, Bernd Kowalkowski)
21 - Bob Dylan sheet music - (SheetMusicSearch) (link found by Marco Leoné>;)
22 - Joni Mitchell Gets Back to the Garden - (Washington Post) (link found by Bill Baratta)
23 - Found on Vinyl: Sundazed Bob Dylan Remasters - (Soundstage) (link found by Christopher Dunn)
24 - The Son Also Rises Jakob Dylan - (Jewsweek) (link found by Howard Mirowitz)
25 - American Idol Live 1975 - (CityPages) (link found by Jim Short)
26 - Live 1975 - (CrazeWire) (by Arya Imig)
27 - CBS 11:35 p.m. The Late Show With David Letterman: TOM PETTY (from Paul Pearson)
28 - Dylanesque - Bob Dylan tribute band play a two hour tribute to Bob at The Blue Bell, Newcastle upon Tyne Sat 7th (link found by Michael)
29 - Live & Lively - "Watch out for Shannon McNally" - (Troy Record) (link found by Tricia)
30 - The Picasso of Rock and Roll - (Elliott Murphy) (link found by sugaree)
31 - Instant poll: The next bobblehead? - (Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
32 - There's some gold in the latest round of geezer rock EM>Live 1975 - (Orange County Register) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
33 - Jury decides radio stations owe SESAC - (Tennessean) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Wednesday, Dec 4
1 - Scratching Without Vinyl: A Hip-Hop Revolution - (NY Times) (link found by NYT Newstracker)
2 - Tragic Saga of a Soldier, a Fighting Afghan 'Lion' - (NY Times) (link found by NYT Newstracker)
3 - German: "True Dylan" by Sam Shepard - (Schauspielhaus Bochum) (link found by Martin Abend)
4 - Tribute to Dylan will rock the house at Mona's - (Toledo Blade) (link found by John G Rockwood)
5 - Into the rich past of Dylan and Stewart - (calendar live) (link found by Catina prieur)
6 - Did Clapton Give McCartney Short Shrift? - (Fox News) (link found by Tracy LaVere)
I have lots more to list, but no more machine time until tomorrow!

Monday, Dec 2
1 - Hendrix at 60: what is and what might have been - (Boston Globe) (link found by Matthew Hirsch)
2 - Bob Dylan Biografia Live 1975 - (Sony Music Italy) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
3 - Italian: Live 1975 - (Rockol) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
4 - Concert for George - (Brand X) (link found by Stephen Bailey)
5 - Ringo Holds Back Tears at Harrison Tribute - (Fox News) (link found by Stephen Bailey)
6 - Ringo, Clapton Record Harrison Tribute Song - (Fox News) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
7 - Going to Afghanistan in Search of a Hero - (NY Times) (link found by Newstracker)
8 - Emmett Till's Long Shadow - (NY Times) (link found by Mike Britten, Ryan Cormier)
9 - Dylan cover story in Mojo magazine, Dec 2002 edition (tip from David R. Smith)
10 - Bob Dylan's Homepage - (Geocities) (link found by zimmer_51)
11 - A guitar god's legacy Jimi Hendrix would have been 60 - (Orlando Sentinel) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
12 - Italian: Un doppio cd con i concerti della Rolling Thunder Revue Live 1975 - (il Mattino) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)

Sunday, Dec 1
1 - The Friends Of George Harrison Play For His Memory - (Undercover) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
2 - Stars and friends remember Harrison - (BBC) (link found by Eddie Janssens)
3 - Concert for George setlist - (kea)

Saturday, Nov 30
1 - Dylan portrait stolen and found - (Apollo Gallery) (link found by Julian Charlton, Derek Keogh)
2 - Folk-blues legend Dave Ray dies at 59 - (Star Tribune) (link found by Sean Wilentz, Nelson T. French)
3 - Like a Complete Unknown - (Stealinghomepress) (link found by Azita Azadi, David R. Smith)
4 - The Catalogue of Extant Dylan Audio Recordings - (CEDAR) (link found by Rob Carson)
5 - Adopt A Minefield - (David Knopfler) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
6 - We ain't gonna work on Mageek's farm no more - (Inquirer) (link found by Jonathan)
7 - Italian: Nel circo beat di Bob Dylan - (Il Gazzetino) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
8 - Live 1975 chords - (My Back Pages) (link found by Eyolf Østrem)
9 - Swedish: Stort Dylanmissbruk bland USA:s politiker - (SvD) (link found by Jim Morrison, Bernt Håkansson, Thomas Myrdal)
10 - Director Todd Haynes on movies... 3rd last paragraph: film on Dylan - (Seattle Times) (link found by Bob Leach)
11 - Bob & the Bobsters - (NY Press) (link found by david from wales)
12 - Website updated, with new mp3s - (Homer Page) (link found by Andy Muir)
13 - Bottom 10's shufflin' off to Buffalo - (ESPN) (link found by Dan Capshaw)
14 - Norwegian: Et must - for Dylan-fans Live 1975 - (Adresseavisen) (link found by Armin Nikgol)
15 - Dylan's latest 'Bootleg' for scholars Live 1975 - (CNN) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
16 - Italian: "Stanotte resterò qui con voi e busserò alle porte del Cielo" Live 1975 - (Il Gazzetino) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
17 - Italian: Un carrozzone per il menestrello Live 1975 - (La Stampa) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
18 - Live 1975 - (La Stampa) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
19 - Norwegian: Bob Dylan Live 1975 - (BA) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
20 - Bob Dylan, tuoni r'n'r dal lontano '75 - (Kata) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
21 - Live 1975 - (Liberation) (link found by Leffe Dylan)
22 - Live 1975 - (dotmusic) (link found by Jim Short)
23 - Live 1975 - (KMSB) (link found by Jim Short)
24 - Live 1975 - (Boston Globe) (link found by Matthew Hirsch)
25 - Norwegian: Live 1975 - ( (link found by Stefan Jonsson)
26 - Norwegian: De fattiges ballade - (Dagbladet) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Tuesday, Nov 26
Please expect irregular updates for the next six days. I am going to London to attend the Concert for George.
1 - freewheelin-on-line take seven is now available - (by subscription) (link found by John Stokes)
2 - Live 1975 review - (SFGate) (link found by Jim Short)
3 - Live 1975 review - (EW) (link found by Fabio Augusto)
4 - Norwegian: Live 1975 review - ( (by Øyvind Brunvoll)
5 - Swedish: Live 1975 review - (Expressen) (link found by Markus Hed)
6 - Swedish: Dylan hamnar i oändligheten - (DN) (link found by Markus Hed)
7 - Lock up your nurses: wrinkly musicians hit the road - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Phil Teece)
8 - has cheap Dylan back catalogue (tip from Peter O'Donnell)
9 - Rhubarb, rhubarb - (Guardian) (link found by Martin Foyle)

Monday, Nov 25
1 - There's Always Next Time Bob Dylan in concert - (National Review) (link found by CovWoman61)
2 - Rock of Aged Page 2: By January, (AOL) plans to unveil a still-under-wraps promotion with the notoriously attention-shy Bob Dylan - (EW) (link found by Sean Day)
3 - Rollin' Down Highway 61: Bob Dylan Rocks On - (Washington Post) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Dan Levy, Alex Leik)
4 - Spanish: 'The Rolling Thunder Revue', el mejor directo del Dylan de los 70 Live 1975 - (Diario de Noticias) (link found by Pachi Becerril)
5 - MP3: "Po' Boy" by Trevor Gibb - (link found by Trev)
6 - Spanish: Dylan edita "The rolling thunder revue", su legendaria gira de 1975 Live 1975 - (La Vanguardia) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Soozie Tyrell new album - Larry and Tony play - (Undercover) (link found by Bill in NZ)
8 - It's the Wolf of old, and as good as new - (Boston Globe) (link found by Saul Garlick)
9 - Lost in music Folk giants Norma Waterson and Martin Carthy tell Tim Cumming about inspiring Dylan... - (Guardian) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Sunday, Nov 24
1 - Gotta Serve Somebody - (NY Times) (link found by Stu Levitan, Chris Roth, Arnie Bernstein)
2 - "The tour will start up again in late January/early February in New Zealand" - (Larry Campbell) (link found by Bill Hester in NZ)
3 - NBC Tuesday at 10 pm ET: Katie at night - guest Olivia Harrison - (Musicstation) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
4 - Dion - (Martin & Co) (link found by Johannes P.Wilbrand)
5 - Save the Duluth Armory - (Armory Arts and Music Center) (link found by Nate DeMars)
6 - Hope for Our Country mentions Larry Campbell- (Newsweek) (link found by William Robertson, Jr.)
7 - Swedish: Liveartisten har aldrig varit hungrigare Live 1975 - (Aftonbladet) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
8 - Music reviews: Bob Dylan Live 1975 - (Detroit Free Press) (link found by Mike Hirschman, Paul Hayes)
9 - Americana: 'The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan' - (Seattle Times) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
10 - In Cagliari, at 22 november, for the festival "Jazz in Sardegna" has filmed a short movie (documentary of Rodolfo Roberti) about 20 years of the festival. The movie contains about one minute of the Dylan concert in Cagliari, 2 june 2000, with journalist comment (the incredible meeting Dylan - fans at the backstage, at the end of the show) (from gz)
11 - "The Country I Come from: Poems" by Norbert Krapf, from - .ca - .uk - .de.

Saturday, Nov 23
1 - Last night's Fairfax setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - German: The Piano Man - (Gaesteliste) (link found by Carsten Wohlfeld)
3 - Swedish: Bob Dylan live 1975 - (Svenska Dagbladet) (link found by Lennart Andersson)
4 - Swedish: Idealisk på många sätt Live 1975 - (DN) (link found by Lennart Andersson)
5 - The Band documentary on Swedish SVT 2: Musikbyrån tonight at 00:55 and Sunday at 14:00 (tip from Lennart Andersson)
6 - Dylan's artistry captured in bootlegs Live 1975 - (Star Bulletin) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Wine Dark Sea listening to her heart beat like dylan's... - (Monkey language) (story by Michael Marisi)
8 - French: Dylan en français - lyrics translations (link found by Fred Rufi)
9 - Ring Them Bells mp3 (Arnes, Iowa, Oct.29th 2002) - ( (link found by gaspanin)
10 - German: Die Herausforderung Bob Dylan .pdf download - (Merkur) (link found by Herbert Fell)
11 - Can't Let Go No More - (Not Dark Yet) (link found by Markus Prieur)
12 - Red Letter Days for Dylan Jakob and the Wallflowers - (jam! / Calgary Sun) (link found by Marcus Thunich, Lauren R. Blatt)
13 - For the love of Bob - (Times) (link found by Terry Kelly) Order "Do You Mr Jones?" from
14 - New Dylan joke end of page - (contributed by Pamela Zilavy)

Friday, Nov 22
1 - Last night's Wilkes Barre setlist - and yesterday I forgot to point to the Kingston setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Tonight Bob ends the tour in Fairfax.
3 - One of a kind - (Times-Leader) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
4 - Bob Dylan's Jewish Blues Part I - A Foreign Song From Utah - (Generation J) (by Jeff Klepper)
5 - Columbia Records & Legacy Recordings Release Box Set to Coincide With PBS Series, 'Freedom: A History of US' - (PR newswire) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - Swedish: Bob Dylan live 1975 - (Sydsvenska Dagbladet) (link found by Johannes)
7 - Swedish: Bob Dylan på slak lina - (Corren) (link found by Bernt Håkansson)
8 - Dylan still performing with fiery intensity - (Citizens' Voice) (link found by Catina Prieur)
9 - Bob Dylan Live 1975 - (Washington Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
10 - Emperor of Sound brought thunder to Tully Gym Live 1975 review - (Tallahassee Democrat) (link found by Brent McNeal)

Thursday, Nov 21
1 - Live 1975 pre-listens - ( (link found by Fredrik Oberg)
2 - Tangled Up in Bob: Live 1975 Is Dylan Concert Masterpiece - (NY Observer) (link found by Stephen David Walter)
3 - When Dylan rolled with thunder - (Rogovoy Report) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
4 - Music, Movie Apps Ready for 64-Bit Athlon Skip to the end... - (PCWorld) (link found by Mark Peterson)
5 - Bob Dylan, Madison Square Garden, NYC- 11/13 - (jambands) (link found by Machomankl)
6 - Chip off the old Bob: Jakob Dylan is gradually building a varied career - (Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Gore Says Bush's War on Terrorism Is Ineffective Look at the end... - (NY Times) (link found by Newstracker, John Urda, Mike Sullivan)
8 - Isis current news page: information about delays for Chronicles & Lyrics - No order taking yet. - (Isis) (link found by Dave, Tracy)
9 - The sky is yellow, the sun blue Right margin: Yao Ming in same situation as Bob Dylan at Newport 1965 - (ESPN) (link found by Michael Battiste)
10 - The Ballad of Conor Oberst ...critics buzzing that he might be the next Bob Dylan - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan)

Wednesday, Nov 20
And we'reeee back! - will be an alternative place to find the Expecting Rain front page if the .com address ever acts up again.
1 - Dylan covers and conjures - (Philadelphia Inquirer) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
2 - Like a Complete Unknown new book- (stealinghomepress) (link found by John Hinchey)
3 - Norway: Sat 23 Bob Dylan trefff at Two Dogs Pub - (link found by NDS, Geir Olsen, Jonas Paulsen)
4 - Dylan '64 Show Due on CD Halloween next Bootleg Series- (Rolling Stone) (link found by Stephen Walsh, Neil Lieberman)
5 - Bobby Fischer's Pathetic Endgame Dylan received call from Fischer as present - (Atlantic) (link found by Rob Sica)
6 - Joni Mitchell `not sour,' will keep making music - (Toronto Star) (link found by Clayton Denwood)
7 - Leon Redbone at the Reif - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Clifford Warnken)
8 - Rock legend Dylan to perform Nov. 21 - (Scranton Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - "Chronicles" pushed back to April 2003 - (Simon Says) (link found by Alex Leik)
10 - Isis current news page: information about delays for Chronicles & Lyrics - (Isis) (link found by Dave, Tracy)
11 - Highs, lows for Dylan in Hartford - (masslive) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - James Coburn makes his final great escape... - (ain't it cool) (link found by Fred Rufi)
13 - UK: The Biography Channel (no.563 Sky Digital) premieres the following this weekend:- 22nd 10pm GMT Kris Kristofferson, 23rd 10pm GMT Leonard Cohen, 24th 9pm GMT Cat Stevens..followed by reruns of Bob Dylan (the abridged version -1hr) at 10pm, and The Band at 11pm. (tip from Derek Keogh)
14 - Live 1975: The Bootleg Series Volume 5 - (junkmedia) (link found by Tyler Wilcox)
15 - O Politics, where art thou? - (Boston Globe) (link found by Saul Garlick)
16 - Perpetual Dylan Plays Hartford - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Joshua Fisher)
17 - Blonde on Blonde vinyl talk - (Sundazed) (link found by keith Venturoni)
18 - Three Dylan Mentions - (Washington Post) (link found by Bill Baratta)

Tuesday, Nov 19
I know there is still server trouble, but I am puttting an updated front page up on the site in the hope that you will get to see it soon.
1 - Perpetual Dylan Plays Hartford - (Hartford Courant)
2 - When Dylan takes the stage, the songs, they are a-changin' - (Boston Globe)
3 - The truth: it's murder on the dancefloor - (Times)
4 - msg night two Peter Stone Brown's review - (Google)

Monday, Nov 18
1 - Saturday night's Hartford setlist will appear here - (Bob Links)
2 - Warren Zevon Covers Bob Dylan Song For Next Album "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" - (Yahoo! Launch)
3 - Harrison's last album is fitting tribute - (Boston Herald)
4 - 'Brainwashed' both pointed and poignant - (Honolulu Star Bulletin)
5 - The "Reel" Bob Dylan Footage of historic 1966 Dylan tour discovered - (L.A. Daily News) - 1966 Home Movies
6 - Dylan takes liberties with his own material Pittsburgh review - (Daily News)
7 - Norwegian: Dylans sprøeste turné - Rolling Thunder - Dylan's craziest tour (Aftenposten)
8 - finally lists "Bob Dylan Live 1975", but only the standard edition. Release date: Monday 25 Nov.

Sunday, Nov 17
1 - Saturday night's Boston setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Dylan's After-Hours Side MSG review by Jon Pareles - (NY Times) (link found by Norbert Krapf)

Saturday, Nov 16
1 - Last night's Philadelphia setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - "Yea! Heavy and a Bottle of Bread" and "Something" in RealAudio - (
3 - Times are a-changin' Madison Square Garden review - (NJ Star-Ledger)

Friday, Nov 15
Bob is not gonna make it to the Concert for George, but here is a Madison Square Garden song for his old buddy: "Something" mp3 - ( - (posted by zepat at DylanPool)

Thursday, Nov 14
After about two days, the server in Houston is back on line. I expect the mail messages that were sent to during this period to be lost. Also, I will have almost no access from home until I get my new PowerBook. All in all you must be prepared to wait a while before you can get the same level of service from Expecting Rain that you have become used to. Maybe some of you have found that life can go on without it. I, on my part, must confess that I have not felt very comfortable watching TV in the evening instead of working on the site.

1 - Last night's Madison Square Garden setlist. Check out the last song - is that an indication that you will be at the Royal Albert Hall in two weeks, Bob? - (Bob Links)

Tuesday, Nov 12
1 - Last night's Madison Square Garden setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - It's Miller's time again - (Scotsman) (link found by John Walker)
3 - Ladder of the Law Another Side of Bob Dylan - (New Yorker) (link found by Jim Linwood)
4 - The Murder of Emmett Louis Till, Revisited - (NY Times) (link found by Daniel Petit)
5 - Johnny Cash interview RealAudio - (islandmercury) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
6 - SESAC's Bob Dylan Inducted Into Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame - (mi2n) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Bob Dylan Tour Rolls On - (mi2n) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Monday, Nov 11
1 - The Who tragedy: Can it happen again? - (Cincinnati Enquirer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Second wave of popularity due to 'O Brother' track The Whites - (Ann Arbor News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Revisiting the Sound of Guitar Pioneer Christian - (NPR) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Rolling Thunder in the new UNCUT music magazine. Excerpts from Larry Sloman's "On The Road With Bob Dylan" and fine photos (tip from Georg Thoma)
5 - Tune in, turn on... Wallflowers played Tower Records on Broad Street last Friday - (Philadelphia Inquirer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Rock gets rolled, but not by Net - (Erie Times News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Hornsby follows music of his mind - (Poughkeepsie Journal) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Greek Theatre bears a gift: Bob Dylan in fine form - (Daily Review) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - San Diego mp3s - (Clean Cut Kid) (link found by Peter Davies)
10 - Arts & Entertainment (A&E) last night - "Biography" of Peter Fonda. In discussing the rift between his father, Henry Fonda and Peter Fonda and the resolution of that rift, "Buckets of Rain" was played for at least 1 minute or more. (from Jerry Tenenbaum)
11 - Not sure this counts but the episode of American Dreams on NBC last night (Sunday) featured Dylan singing Mr. Tambourine Man. Many of the recent episodes have had snippets of one of his songs. (from Jerryn Ballard)

Sunday, Nov 10
1 - Last night's Elmira setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - SESAC country music award recipients Dylan gets Americana award - (tennessean) (link found by Michael Smith)
3 - Dylan doing Dylan always is surprising - (Post-Gazette) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Dylan: Trying to describe the indescribable - (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Italian: Il Grande Rock: Bob Dylan Pat Garrett CD w/ print magazine- (L'Espresso) (link found by Alan Harper)
6 - Academic Homage to Bob Dylan - (U of St Andrews) (link found by Jerzy Morkis)
7 - Satires of Bob Dylan - Nice supplement to the Barf List (link found by Dan)
8 - Warren Zevon's Last Words - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
9 - Barnes & Noble offers sound clips from "Bootleg Series 5: Live 1975" (link found by Stefaan François)
10 - Nothing but praise for Dylan - (Star-Gazette) (link found by KrispyCrem, Cliff Warnken, Adam Lynn)

Saturday, Nov 9
1 - Last night's Pittsburgh setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue The Democrats' reindeer armies are going home - (OpinionJournal) (link found by Jeff Moore, Joshua Richmond, Larry Yudelson, WG1927)
3 - Simon Armitage: Tangled up in Bob Extract from "Do you, Mr Jones?" - (Independent) (link found by Jim Johnson, Lars Haltbrekken)
4 - Dylan satisfies and surprises - (Ann Arbor News) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Faith Hartzler, Alex Leik, Michael W. Ugorowski)
5 - Covers, rarities highlight recent Dylan shows - (Star-Gazette) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - German: Die Herausforderung Bob Dylan - (pdf Acrobat file) (link found by Igor Arslan)
7 - Thursday, Nov. 7: Zevon Letterman Content will change- (New York Observer) (link found by William Robertson, Jr.)
8 - "Red Letter Days," The Wallflowers Three stars - (Stamford Afvocate) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - "Bob Dylan Live 1975" out Nov 25 can be ordered cheap from sites such as, but honestly, I prefer to give you the amazon links, because they earn me a 5% commission: - .de (std ed) - .de (ltd ed). Still not found at
10 - Peter Wolf: "Sleepless" owes more than a little to Bob Dylan's roots testament "Love and Theft" - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Better 'Days' for the Wallflowers - (Boston Globe) (link found by Cliff Warnken, ElectricGypsy)
12 - Art and Fear "Eternity is in Love with the Productions of Time" has Dylan content- (SF gate) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - Bluegrass in N.Y. - (Star-Ledger) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
14 - Bright Eyes: Way Beyond Omaha - (Newsday) (link found by Jack Regan)
15 - Penn says Bob is huge Dean Martin fan Bottom of gossip page - (Las Vegas Sun) (link found by Karen R, Jack Regan)
16 - Basically a Wallflower coping with stardom - (NY Daily News) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Friday, Nov 8
1 - Last night's Ann Arbor setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - A singer's poignant curtain call Zevon on Letterman- (Post-Gazette) (link found by Catina Prieur)
3 - Norwegian: Bob Dylan Meeting at Two Dogs Pub, Oslo Nov 23 - (Land Of The Midnight Sun) (link found by NDS)
4 - Book tribute to Bob Dylan - (BBC News) (link found by Tareth Casey, Rachel. ElectricGypsy, Paul Morris)
5 - Isis 105 is out. New books in the store Pre-order Lyrics, Chronicles and "Do You, Mr Jones?" - (Isis) (link found by Dave)
6 - Backstage Access Ticket Contest - (enewsnotifyer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Get Out Your Handkerchiefs "Todd Haynes... working on his garden and on a new movie about Bob Dylan, to which the Great One has already given his blessing" - (LA Weekly) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - The meaning of Bob and more Bob stories - (Star Gazette) (link found by Dan Aloi)
9 - Trudell quietly gathers some powerful fans - (Houston Chronicle) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Caetano Veloso: poet, philosopher, musical ambassador - (Seattle Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Prince of Darkness Johnny Cash - (Buffalo News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Keith Butler Obituary (by Craig)
13 - Keith "Judas" Butler obituary - (Star) (link found by Craig Proctor)
14 - Land of hope and ol' glory Country music, Bucky Baxter - (Times) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
15 - Spanish: Penelope Cruz trabaja por India - (El Pais) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
16 - Fund honours folk musician Jim Brown - (Scotsman) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Thursday, Nov 7
1 - Dylan electrifies new, old classics - (Indystar) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Alex Leik, ElectricGypsy, Christopher Essex, David Stenander, Glen Bohannon)
2 - Unclear on the concept? halfway down the page - (Pioneer Press) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Johnny Cash The Man in Black's Musical Journey Continues - (NPR) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Bob Dylan, Shel Silverstein, Dean Dillon to Hall of Fame - (CMT) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Catina prieur)
5 - Sound + Vision: A conversation with legendary rock and roll sideman and producer Jim Dickinson - (STL Today) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - I Have Something Important to Say About Bob Dylan - (Citypaper) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Bob Dylan Live 1975 (The Bootleg Series Volume 5) can now be ordered from standard version - limited edition with Bonus DVD. (tip from Stephan Weber) (has anyone found it at yet?
8 - Spanish: Norah Jones Cantante y Pianista - (El Pais) (link found by Christopher Rollason)
9 - Pennebaker film this Sunday at AFI Fest in Hollywood - (American Film Institute) (link found by Marty Trujillo)
10 - Dylan's drawing power peaks with hit album - (Ann Arbor News) (link found by David R. Smith)
11 - Bob Dylan: An Appreciation of How He Is Now - (Clean Sheets) (link found by Matt Bryden)

Wednesday, Nov 6
1 - Last night's Indianapolis setlists and special congratulations to Mark Rothfuss and Heather! He proposed to her at the early show - (Bob Links)
2 - Bonus track: "Ballad of a thin man" - ( (link found by Al Diesan)
3 - Live 1975 splash page - (
4 - Dylan headline news - ( (link found by Joe Cliburn)
5 - Bobmeets - The new web site for Bob Dylan area meetings in Birmingham, England. Next meeting on Thursday 14 November. (Link found by Martin McGowan)
6 - You Gotta Serve Somebody - Tribute to Bob Dylan, Toledo OH Nov 30 (link found by John Rockwood)
7 - Dylan influences generations of artists - (Tribune-Review) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
8 - "Like A Rolling Stone" video clip - (rollingstones) (link found by HwyCDRrev)

Tuesday, Nov 5
1 - Bob Dylan proves music can still do the talking - (Dayton Daily News) (link found by Jim Linwood, Scott, David Flannery, Paul Hayes, Ron Kern, Cliff Warnken, garymac, David Stenander, Jesse Jacob Anderson)
2 - Zevon on Letterman mp3s - (Jaxer) (link found by Salvatore Esposito)
3 - Obituary Lonnie Donegan Father of British pop music and inspiration to the Beatles - (Guardian) (link found by Matt Bryden)
4 - Bob Dylan - Tempest Storm 1 hr 13 min RealAudio stream - (Memphis Cat)
5 - Caetano Veloso's star shines in a constellation of traditions The Brazilian Bob Dylan - (Philadelphia Inquirer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Bob Dylan at Allstate Arena - (Chicago Metromix) (link found by Cliff Warnken, David Stenander, Linda Groves)
7 - Mondale's taste in music youthful enough - (Pioneer Press) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Bob Dylan may be seeking local abode - (Miami Herald) (link found by Arthur Louie, ElectricGypsy)
9 - Despite Age and Illness, a Steady Cash Flow - (Washington Post) (link found by Ed Moser)
10 - Zevon cover mp3s - ( (link found by Bo)
11 - The Wallflowers will perform on David Letterman in the US Thursday, November 7th (from Alex Leik, Bonnie, Marty Megliorino)
12 - Challenging singer still mumbling in the wind - (Plain Dealer) (link found by Andy Greene, Tim Burns)
13 - Bob Dylan proves unpredictable in concert at Allstate - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Lauren R. Blatt, Kevin B. O'Reilly)
14 - Jakob Dylan on normalcy - (Boston Globe) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Cliff Warnken)
15 - French: Le chant de Johnny Cash, pulsion vitale portŽe par le souffle de la mort - (Le Monde) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
16 - The original rhinestone cowboy - (Tennessean) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
17 - Books: A bard reputation Do You Mr Jones? Bob Dylan With The Poets And Professors - (Sunday Herald) (link found by Graham Lumb)
18 - Bob Dylan, "Train of Love" - (Salon - Real Life Rock Top 10) (link found by Carter Lewis)
19 - RealAudio 11-09-98 show includes "You Ain't Going Nowhere" and "Rock Me Mama" - Old Crow Medicine Show - (TestingTesting) (link found by Ben Grillot)
20 - Audio Hijack for Mac OSX - Saves RealAudio stream (Rogue Amoeba)
21 - The Enigmatic Mr. Dylan - (Beacon Journal) (link found by Timtoner)
22 - An American master at work - (Daily Southtown) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
23 - Droll Ex-Stone Gathers All Bill Wyman compiles band's rocking history - (Newsday) (link found by Mike Jacobs)
24 - Dylan, Dillon and Silverstein enter Songwriters Hall of Fame - (Tennessean) (link found by Junkstack)
25 - Actors Who Shouldn't Sing Shatner's "Mr. Tambourine Man" - (Miserable Melodies) (link found by Robert Blatt)
26 - The meaning of Bob - (Star-Gazette) (link found by Doug Levine)

Monday, Nov 4
1 - Last night's Kent State setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - The long road to '8 Mile' Curtis Hanson ("Wonder Boys") directs Eminem movie - (Boston Globe) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
3 - Cash reward In the rush to memorialize Johnny, the man himself beats all comers - (NY Daily News) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
4 - With All Respect To Tunes Of Cash - (Hartford Courant) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - Johnny Cash: The Best Songs Were Hardest To Record - (Hartford Courant) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - Rock legend still has what it takes - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Christopher Dunn)
7 - Book: "The Four Voices of Bob Dylan" Listening to Dylan's Vocal Performances, 1960-66 (link found by Mike Daley)
8 - Rock's last great star Kurt Cobain - (Observer) (link found by Phil Teece)
9 - Bob Dylan Concert Ticket Giveaway Winners List - (Tangled Up In Blues) (link found by Cornel Bogdan)

Sunday, Nov 3
1 - Last night's Dayton setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Trudell quietly gathers some powerful fans - (Houston Chronicle) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
3 - Master of his own dark stuff Jakob Dylan. Wallflowers new album "Red Letter Days" - (New Zealand Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Murray Pereira)
4 - Boxing: Battle to save image - (New Zealand Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - Ex-Rolling Stones Guitarist Is a Man of the '60s Wyman, Carla Olson - (Salt Lake Tribune) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - Kansas City Photos - (link found by George Dugger)
7 - Swedish: loveandtheft - discussion group in Swedish - (Yahoo) (link found by Tobias Levande)
8 - With Dylan headlining, folk festival reaching more fans - (Cleveland Plain Dealer) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
9 - Senate race back in high gear - (Minnesota Public Radio) (link found by Tim McAllister)
10 - German: Jakob Dylan: Kein Leben als Sohn - (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) (link found by Torsten Mewes, ElectricGypsy)

Saturday, Nov 2
1 - Last night's Rosemont setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Two new live performances - ( (link found by Dan Levy)
3 - Dylan headlines Folk Festival - (Daily Kent Stater) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Recycled, Repackaged, Reused Songs in ads - (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - From one rocker to another - (AP / News Observer) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - Zevon Sings on the 'Late Show' - (Washington Post) (link found by Karl Johnson)
7 - New book: Larry David Smith: "Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and American Song", from (link found by Julie Pope)
8 - is it rolling, bob? - daily news flash (ICE) (links found by Andy Bowyer, KeithWoodyBob, pepe, James Foster)
9 - George Harrison "Brainwashed" CD preview - (Capitol) (link found by HwyCDRrev)

Friday, Nov 1
1 - See the covers of "Chronicles Vol 1" and "Lyrics 1962 - 2001" - (Corner Shop) (tip from Stephan Weber and Dave Dingle)
2 - Bob Dylan both excites and satisfies sparse crowd at Hilton - (Iowa State Daily) (link found by Dan Levy, ElectricGypsy)
3 - Review: Musical maverick, revisited - (Star Tribune) (link found by Robert, Jim Short, Cliff Warnken, John Bowne)
4 - Sold-out crowd appreciates Bob Dylan performance - (Tucson Citizen) (link found by Jim Short)
5 - Band gives Dylan much-needed boost - (St. Paul Pioneer Press) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Jason F. Shogren, Nelson T. French, Alex Leik)
6 - Coleman cancels plans to work crowd at Dylan show - (AP / Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - The Enigmatic Mr. Dylan - (Beacon Journal) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - The times they are a-changin, but Dylan remains a master - (Des Moines Register) (link found by David Stenander, Larry Kelly)
9 - A jones to keep up with the Joneses - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Johnny Cash Tributes Near end of page. Incl. clip of Bob: "Train Of Love" - (NPR) (link found by Michael A Kerker)
11 - Donovan, still relevant after all these years - (Philadelphia Daily News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - UK ITV2 shows Letterman tonight with Warren Zevon as guest (tip from Trevor Gibb)
14 - Three recent mp3s Look under "News" - (Inside a Prune) (link found by Andy Muir)
15 - Bucky Baxter in Beastie Boys Who Is Who - (Beastiemania) (link found by rkern)
16 - Peter Stone Brown plays the SUN Music Company, NYC tonight.
17 - Watch the Wellstone Memorial RealVideo, "Forever Young" at 56:24 - (TPT's Almanac) (link found by Nelson T. French)
18 - German: Manager, Vater, Rockmusiker Gerhard Puttfarcken- (Hamburger Abendblatt) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Thursday, Oct 31
1 - Last night's St. Paul setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - The inimitable Dylan keeps on rolling - (Iowa State Daily) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
3 - Politics returns to Minnesota, but it's anything but usual Mondale launches candidacy, Republican will greet Dylan fans - (Pioneer Press) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Joe Conason's Journal comments on Dylan's Wellstone dedication - (Salon) (link found by Gary Kass, Patrick Murphy)
5 - Territorial Pissings Kurt Cobain's "Journals" - (Village Voice) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - Nevada Gambol: Adventures with Arlo Guthrie, of course - (SacBee) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Forever young Bob Dylan thrills packet Uptown crowd - (Kansas City Star) (link found by Alex Leik)
8 - Spanish: El Testamento de Warren Zecon - (El Pais) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
9 - Answers blowin' in the wind Exam marking sheets fell oout of station wagon - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
10 - Spanish: Músicos de la escena independiente revisan en el Mercat los grandes clásicos del rock - (La Vanguardia) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
11 - Bob Dylan Tribute & Halloween Party in Jackson, Tenn Last entry on page - (gomemphis) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Guy Noir - (A Prairie Home Companion) (link found by Dan Levy)

Wednesday, Oct 30
1 - Last night's Ames setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Virginia Film Festival begins "Of Gods and Generals" scheduled release Feb. 21, 2003, with new Dylan song - (Daily Progress) (link found by Alex Leik)
3 - Dylan honors Wellstone at concert - (Pioneer Press) (link found by Arthur Louie, Jason F. Shogren, Ron Kern, Catina Prieur, Sean Wilentz)
4 - Dylan Tribute To Sen. Wellstone - (Duluth News Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Bob Dylan, Dick Cheney and Paul Wellstone - (The Nation) (link found by Mike Britten, ElectricGypsy)
6 - Warren Zevon will be on Letterman tonight, Wed 30 (tip from HwyCDRev)
7 - Four Bitchin' Babes, incl. Suzzy Roche: "Some Assembly Required" Track: "Bob Dylan's Poetry". Friday at the Birchmere From - - (Washington Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - The Sound of Buddy and Julie Miller's Living Room - (PopMatters) (link found by Don Helling)
9 - Bringing it all back home - (Pioneer Press) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Why We Don't Build Software for Users Dylan quote: "And every one of them words..." - (Visual Studio Magazine) (link found by Mark Schreifels)
11 - Another Halloween mask - (jpg) (carved by Wierenga)
12 - Politics the stuff of Billy Bragg's musical poetry - (Times-Picayune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - Heaven Sent second to last paragraph: a Bob Dylan movie - (Village Voice) (link found by Michael G. Smith)

Tuesday, Oct 29
1 - Enigmatic, energized Dylan gives fans show to puzzle over Dedicates "Times" to Sen. Paul Wellstone - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Alex Leik)
2 - "In The Summertime" mp3 from Bernalillo - ( (link found by Chris Gabb)
3 - Electric piano man Bob Dylan Oct. 20, the Joint - (LA Weekly) (link found by Sean McGuinness)
4 - Artists Use TV to Sell New Songs - (AP) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Ed)
5 - Why class is now defined by 'cool' - (Times) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - Knopfler's not so Dire Straits - (Halifax Daily News) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Odetta - Glasgow Concert Hall (Scotsman) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
8 - MGM digital channel in New Zealand is broadcasting Scorsese's "The Last Waltz" several times during November (tip from Fred Mueller)
9 - New Breed of Live Albums - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan, Chuck Koch)
10 - Bob Dylan Nov 5 at the Egyptian Room - (Murat) (link found by David R. Smith)
11 - "Dont Look Back" is playing Tuesday evening at the Irish Film Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin at 6:30 (tip from Mark Mc Govern)
12 - Top 10 rock songs of all time - (Salt Lake Tribune) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
13 - Ray Benson May Host CMT Show - (AP / Yahoo) (link found by Alex Leik)
14 - Bob Dylan's Halloween Mask - Milford, NH Pumkin Festilal jack-o-lantern (jpg by Sarah McMullen)
15 - Dylan reshapes familiar material at The Joint - (Las Vegas Sun) (link found by Sean McGuinness)

Monday, Oct 28
1 - Things Change for Dylan Legend gets behind the keyboard, covers Zevon, Young, Stones - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Michael Smith)
2 - With his own classic tunes and others', Dylan keeps a-changin' - (Albuquerque Tribune) (link found by Dan Levy)
3 - Nothing impedes like excess - (Boston Globe) (link found by Saul Garlick)
4 - Smart-Ass Guide to New Your City - No Dylan Content (gorkhouse)
5 - Book review: "On The Road With Bob Dylan" - (The Times) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - Tom Petty Is Pissed - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Sammytown Jones)
7 - Dylan, Henley Howl With Zevon VH1 documentary to capture songwriter's final record - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Sammytown Jones)

Sunday, Oct 27
1 - Last night's Denver setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Stars Come Out To Pay Homage To One Of Music's Biggest Icons Johnny Cash - (Music Industry News Network) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
3 - Italian: May Your Song Always be Sung - Is there someone who would like to translate this into English for Esposito Salvatore?
4 - Paul Wellstone - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T French)
5 - James Luther Dickinson: Free Beer Tomorrow - (Austin Chronicle) (link found by Nijo)
6 - Dylan: Then and Now - (Des Moines Register) (link found by Larry Kelly)
7 - Joey Ramone and shout-outs from God - (CNN) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
8 - Tennessee Touring Rock 'n' Soul Museum- (National Review) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
9 - Bob Dylan - (The Pitch) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Bob Dylan & The History of Rock 'n' Roll - (jpg poster) Michael Gray tours Britain in November

Saturday, Oct 26
1 - Last night's Bernalillo setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - The Beat Goes On 33 years since death of Kerouac - (Tampa Tribune) (link found by Ron Mura)
3 - Eugene mp3: "Friend Of The Devil" - ( (link found by Bo)
4 - McGuinn's folk ventures a labor of love - (Ann Arbor News) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - The lonesome road Like many former major-label artists, musician Peter Case travels quietly below the radar - (Boston Globe) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - 102.9 WMGK Classic Rock Art Show and Silent Auction - (Philadelphia) (link found by Miss Information)
7 - Bob Dylan positively lives up to expectations - (Arizona Daily Star) (link found by Dan Levy)
8 - Music museum adds to Seattle's riches - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Hip-hop's welling up in Mexico barrios - (Miami Herald) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - The Defiant Ones Dylan at the Wiltern, Oct 17 - (LA Weekly) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Lisa Law's Flashing On the Sixties - (link found by Ed Borack)
12 - Sen. Wellstone Dies in Plane Crash less than 20 miles from Hibbing - (AP) (link found by David Stenander)
13 - Sheryl Crow Forty and going strong - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Greg KIng)

Friday, Oct 25
1 - Shake, Rattle And Rain Popular Music in Manchester, 1955-1995 by C P Lee - (hardinge simpole)
2 - Dylan Ticket Seller Tangled Up in Blue - (LA Times) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Eli Ellison)
3 - Cover of Dylan's "Billy" on DVD - (Gillian Welch) (link found by Phil Dokes)
4 - Sold-out crowd appreciates Bob Dylan performance - (Tucson Citizen) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Boomers not flocking to MP3s - (Deseretnews / AP) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - A Republican Woodstock Endorsement - (NY Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Live from the Hibbing High School Auditorium Oct 4 show in RealAudio - (Morning Show) (link found by Nelson T. French)
8 - Dharma and Greg, "Play Lady Play" is going to air this Monday Oct. 28 late at 12:00 midnight (technically Tues. the 29th) (Ch 11 Fox in LA) (tip from Tony Anderson)
9 - Freewheelin-on-line take six is now available (tip from John Stokes)
10 - Dylan: Then and Now Ames preview - (Des Moines Register) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Photographs by Lisa Law 1965 - 1971 - (si) (link found by Erik Vanderlinden)
12 - For Mac OS X Users: Dylan Tour iCal calendar - (iCalshare) (link found by Daniel Martin)
13 - A lot of knockin' on heaven's door Dylan's adventures with religion could fill a book, and now they do - (SF Chronicle) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
14 - "Old Man" - "Seeing The Real You At Last" mp3s from LA Oct 15 - (Clean Cut Kid) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
15 - Joe Conason's Journal Dylan refs at both ends - (Salon) (link found by John Haas)
16 - Bob Dylan's 43rd album, 'Love and Theft,' sees critical acclaim - (Ames Tribune) (link found by Michael Gooch)
17 - Peter Stone Brown plays in Ardmore, PA Saturday 26.

Thursday, Oct 24
1 - Last night's Tucson setlist (and many previous ones) - (Bob Links)
2 - RealAudio: "Mutineer" and "Floater" - ( (link found by Craig Stephens)
3 - Dylan delves into archives for flood of 'new' tracks - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Hitching a ride with the Singing Brakeman Steve Forbert channels Jimmie Rodgers on 'Any Old Time' - (CNN) (link found by Alex Leik)
5 - Excerpts from the book "Restless Pilgrim" - (classicrockpage) (link found by Tom Haber)
6 - The midways that Dylan walks down - (Arizona Republic) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Hey Mr. Tambourine Man - (Tucson Weekly) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Mickey Jones hosts 1966 World Tour Home Movies Screening + Live 1966 Concert recreation - (1966tourhomemovies) (link found by Joel Gilbert)
9 - Songs Dylan could cover - (The Spot, Denver Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Campaign notebook: Don't blink, or you might miss it - (AP / Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Candidate lacks cash to run only TV ad - (Pioneer Press) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Earle uses his celebrity again, this time in theater - (Tennessean) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - Dylan to rock Egyptian Room - (indystar) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Wednesday, Oct 23
Sorry about the lack of updates today, but it isn't easy without my familiar PowerBook setup. I need to do some work preparing my own startup disk to use on John's 933 MHz G4. Hopefully tomorrow you will see some real updates.

Thanks for the sympathy about my loss. My Powerbook and I had 582 days together. The insurance company will cover it fully, so no financial troubles will arise, just a lot of hassle.

Tuesday, Oct 22
I am home, have put my suitcase down and am going through a few hundred e-mails that have accumulated during my 10 day absence. Just want to tell you that my trip started bad and went on in a much better way. At the Oslo Central station someone stole my bag right from beside my feet while I was using a minibank (ATM cash machine I guess it's called in the US). That bag contained my G4 PowerBook, my digital camera, my electric shaver and the book I was going to read (Anthony Varesi: The Dylan Albums), plus more. On the hard drive of the PowerBook was all my email, my budget, my documents, my web sites and and all the passwords I had written down.

But I was alive and well, and lucky enough to have my passport, tickets, money and cards in my pocket, so I went on with my trip, which meant taking the train to Gothenburg, Sweden, and from there a charter plane to Antalya, Turkey. The conference for the world's TV archives was very good and the hotel, food and weather was excellent, so I had a good time. I had to enlist both my sons, John and Greg, to change all my passwords before the thief or his buyer could destroy my presence on the Net.

I have a week-old backup of everything (including 3000 mp3s) at home, so I expect I will be able to pick up about where I left. I believe I am fully insured, but now that my 400 MHz PowerBook is gone, I will try to wait for the next generation before I buy a new one. That means I will be doing Expecting Rain from John's Mac until he takes it to his new shared apartment.

Here are the tips I have not been able to bring on to you until now. Thanks for staying with Expecting Rain. Also, please visit the Hunger Site daily from each computer you use.

1 - The Ties That Bind Third installment of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's roots music summit widens Circle - (Nashville Scene) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Cruz, Griffith Aid India OrphanageDylan agreed while in dentist's chair - undue pressure? - (Newsday) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
3 - Zevon faces mortality with mischief, not tears - (LA Times / chron) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
4 - At home and at peace Johnny Cash keeps the albums coming - (Hilburn, LA Times) (link found by Ronnie)
5 - German: Eine Performance mit Liedern und Texten von Bob Dylan 26. Oktober 2002 - ( (link found by Zippo)
6 - A cover of 'When I Paint My Masterpiece' is used towards the end of the soundtrack of "Comedian," the Jerry Seinfeld documentary released in New York Oct 11 (tip from Bob Levinson)
7 - Italian: Mistero Dylan - Quarant'anni di musica e poesia - (RTSI) (link found by Andrea)
8 - Joni Mitchell 'ashamed' of music biz - (msnbc) (link found by Edward Schlosser)
9 - Toccoa author to sign book on Dylan - (Upstate Hometowner) (link found by Robert)
10 - The Land of Giants Chris Hillman at the Double Stop Music Hall in Guthrie, Okla - Some Byrd history - (National Review) (link found by Robert)
11 - An act of rejuvenation Robert Hilburn: Bob Dylan reopens the Wiltern with a concert that is both thrilling and generous - (CaldendarLive) (link found by Robert, Alex Leik)
12 - Dylan's music sends his message Wiltern review - (Orange County Register) (link found by Alex Leik)
13 - Folk-rock's vitality, value ring out in 'Turn!' Richie Unterberger: "Turn! Turn! Turn!: The '60s Folk-Rock Revolution" - (Denver Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
14 - Masked & Anonymous movie facts - (Yahoo! Movies) (link found by Alex Leik)
14 - Checklist: I'm alive..............Warren's alive Zevon at Dylan show - (Google - (link found by Michael Smith)
15 - Troubadour for our time Pepsi Center preview - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Joe S, Mark Brown)
16 - Please Get Warren Zevon Recognition From The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame - (petitions online) (link found by Eddie Janssens)
17 - Bob Dylan and His Band, MacArthur Court, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR - 10/5 somewhat personal review - (jambands) (link found by Machomankl)
18 - Curse of the ministrel Book review: Where Dead Voices Gather by Nick Tosches - (Guardian) (link found by Robert, ElectricGypsy)
19 - Mr. Barco's All-Night Cafe a place where you can hear Dylan on the radio - (KVMR) (link found by Barclay Neumann)
20 - "Is Your Love In Vain" cover mp3 - (arabstrap) (link found by Steven Harris)

Saturday, Oct 12
1 - Last night's Berkeley setlist- (Bob Links)
2 - New concert date: Wilkes Barre, Nov 21 - ( (link found by
3 - Actresses help put together all-star album for charity - (AP / SFGate) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Nobel Peace Prize 2002 to Jimmy Carter - (
5 - Olof's files in print - (EDLIS/Amazon) (link found by Miss Information)
6 - 1966 World Tour, The Home Movies is featured in the new issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, see interview with Mickey Jones. (from Joel Gilbert, Cristóbal Droppelmann)
7 - Pittsburgh Nov 8 ticket giveaway - (Tangled Up In Blues) (link found by Cornel Bogdan)
8 - Red Bluff mp3s - (Clean Cut Kid)
9 - The George Harrison Tribute concert at the Royal Albert Hall sold out in less than an hour yesterday.
10 - Please don't forget to go To The Hunger Site every day! Your click donates free food!
11 - Curse of the minstrel - (Guardian) (link found by Robert)

Friday, Oct 11
1 - A hard-working Bob Dylan resurrects his anti-war message - (Sac Bee) (link found by Alex Leik, Dave Cumerlato, Gil Lamont, ElectricGypsy)
2 - Bob Dylan, Elton John, Sting, Alanis Morissete, Ricky Martin Are 'Voices Of Hope' - (Yahoo Launch) (link found by Alex Leik)
3 - Mountain of Cash - (Nashville Scene) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Garcia Songbook - His Solo Repertoire - ( (link found by SoDamnHip)
5 - Garth Hudson's Journey To "The Sea to the North"
6 - Fillmore and Avalon poster collection - (olsenart) (link found by Karl Kotas)
7 - Neil Young's "Old Man" lyrics - (azlyrics) (link found by Duncan Bartlett)
8 - Stars of blue come out for funk fiesta - (the Age) (link found by Robert)
9 - Joan Baez and Bob Dylan to be inducted into the High Times' Counterculture Hall of Fame - (Billboard Bits) (link found by Robert)
10 - Breakfast of champions 1966 picture site (link found by Adrian Hayes)

Thursday, Oct 10
1 - Last night's Sacramento setlist- (Bob Links)
2 - The Concert for George Ticket sales Friday at 9 AM, phone: +44 (0)207 589 8212 and +44 (0)870 1212700 - (Royal Albert Hall)
3 - Bob Dylan collection growing at Hibbing library - (AP / Star Tribune) (link found by Jason Grove, Robert, Dan Anderson, Paul Wolters, Jason Shogren)
4 - Hibbing library looks back at Bob - (Duluth News Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Allan Klugman)
5 - He's not just dust in the wind - (San Mateo County Times) (link found by Giselle Velazquez, Jay Peretz)
6 - Best Bob biographies - (Duluth News Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - To donate - (Duluth News Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Steve Forbert pays tribute to Jimmie Rodgers -- the rock 'n' roller - (AP / Kansas City Star) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Razor's Edge is at a new URL, with first acoustic song of the Never Ending Tour: "Man Of Constant Sorrow" from June 7th 1988.
10 - Bob Dylan Bingo No Comment - (link found by Peter O'Donnell)
11 - Johnny's in the basement, downloading his nicked content the story - (the inquirer) (link found by Robert, Jonathan) German (from Gunter Schmidke) - Spanish (from Mary-Lou)
12 - Dylan performs in bullsale arena, shows key skills - (Orion online) (link found by Robert)
13 - Brown Sugar - Accidentally Like A Martyr mp3s Mutineer (Tip from Adrian)
14 - Tabs for Dylan's Zevon covers - (DylanChords) (by Eyolf Østrem)
15 - Field Recordings Guide has been updated, also with VCD info.
16 - Dylan Now - (The Common Review) (link found by Brian Black)
17 - The Nobel Literature Prize was announced today: Imre Kertész (Hungary)

Wednesday, Oct 9
1 - Last night's Sacramento setlist- (Bob Links)
1b - has the tracklist for "Live 1975"
2 - Nobel Prize in Literature will be announced on Thursday at 13.00 CET - (
3 - Astrophysicists win Nobel prize List of some literature prize candidates - (CNN) (link found by Alex Leik)
4 - Being there with Wilco - (Austin American-Statesman) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Hungarian: Dylan-dokumentumok filmen és lemezen - (MNO) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - Hibbing: home of Rudy Perpich and Bob... who? - (Pioneer Press) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Dylan, Joel and Taylor Sue Vivendi's - (Reuters) (link found by Bobby Holt, David Christiansen)
8 - Dylan Covers Warren Zevon In Tribute To Ailing Singer-Songwriter - (Launch) (link found by C. Hunstiger)
9 - High Water, Hard Rain, Hogs All in the Mud Dylan in Eugene - (CounterPunch) (link found by Patrick Murphy)
10 - (.pdf) Proclamation honoring Robert Zimmerman and his music - (Berkeley City Council) (link found by Larry Shapiro) (I though his legal name was Bob Dylan)
11 - Dharma & Greg, Play Lady Play (episode with Bob Dylan) on Croatian nov@ TV tonight at 20:30 CET (tip from Bo Terek)

Tuesday, Oct 8
1 - Last night's Red Bluff setlist- (Bob Links) (tip from Chris Gabb - I clean forgot!)
1b - Gene Experts Win Nobel for Medicine Literature: "it's time for them to pick a poet" - (Yahoo / AP) (link found by Alex Leik)
2 - Suggest Dylan as a worthy guest on Desert Island Discs - (BBC Radio 4) (link found by Trevor Midgley)
3 - Twang-master Marty Stuart ready to unleash 'good, solid country music' Dylan knows a Stuart song - (Tennessean) (link found by Junkstack, Cliff Warnken)
4 - 'Virginia Roots': Toe-Tapping Treasures - (Washington Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - The Style Invitational Week CXLI: Alphabettering Bob Dylan Penicillin - (Washington Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Spanish: Pablo Milanés adelanta cómo será disco de duetos con Sting, Bob Dylan y Stevie Wonder - (Tercera, Chile) (link found by Cliff Warnken) Dylan duets on ""Dondé Andarán".
7 - Cheatin' Art Hank Williams story at the Cleveland Play House - (Cleveland Scene) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Larry and Charlie pictures with Gibsons - (Gibson) (link found by Bo Terek)
9 - New book revisits legal history of Lenny Bruce, First Amendment warrior - (Seattle Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Sept 30 news flash: Bootleg Series - (ICE) (link found by hodah)
11 - The 10 greatest bits of commentary ever #1: Norwegian Bjørge Lillelien on the radio in 1981, when Norway beat England 2-1 in soccer - (Observer) Listen (Windows Media from
12 - New Ed Sullivan box showcases classic pop - (CNN) (link found by McCarthy, Douglas)
13 - Creator of "Nancy and Sluggo", "Mudpie" - (AstroNerdBoy) (link found by Dave Plentus, Dylan Cover Albums)
14 - Dylan concert performance predictable but enjoyable - (Oregon Daily Emerald) (link found by Dan Levy)
15 - Summer in the city with Dylan, McCartney - (The Age) (link found by Tricia)
16 - Danny & Julie Chauvin: Street Legal Radio show - radio only? - (KVMR) (link found by Fred Rufi)

Monday, Oct 7
1 - Why you can't hear Bob Dylan on the radio - (Sacramento Bee) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Dylan big tip to play - (Melbourne Herald Sun) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
3 - Music that rocks, images that roll - (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) (link found by Bill Lakin)
4 - Dylan keeps us guessing - again - (Register-Guard) (link found by Alex Leik)
5 - Radio on the Range - (Hibbingg Daily Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - ''The New Rabbi'' by Stephen Fried - (Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Who in the world would want to sing like Dylan? - (Pioneer Press) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Highway 99 revisited for genius of Dylan - (redding) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Dylan's still plugged in to change - (BayArea) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - George Harrison Tribute - (Eric Clapton News) (link found by Ellisiv Pedersen)
11 - 'Sun Goes Down' plays rock history - (Washington Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Lake Tahoe tickets, one for each show on Sunday, for sale at cost, $125 for both (contact Ulrich Schneider)
13 - Photo of Dylan on keyboard - (DylanPool) photo by picnicspirit

Sunday, Oct 6
1 - Last night's Eugene setlist- (Bob Links)
2 - Jessica Lange news on Bush and Bob (link found by Marguerita)
3 - "Dont Look Back"at The Irish Film Centre Oct 29 at 6.30PM. Part of a classic documentary course, starting Oct. 8th. You can sign up for the full course - 76 euro - or attend individual screenings - 6.30 euro. It`s detailed in their Oct./Nov. print schedule (tip from John Foyle)
4 - Wallflowers, Ours Team For Tour - (Billboard) (link found by Jesse Shanks)
5 - Ex-aide Jones 'misdirected' $125,000, says county audit ...specific trips that coincided with Bob Dylan concerts - (gomemphis) (link found by Jim Maynard)
6 - Warren Zevon Lyrics - (Lyricsfreak) (link found by Alfredo Barreiro)
7 - The Trials of Lenny Bruce: The Fall and Rise of an American Icon - (alibi) (link found by Cliff Warnken) From - .ca - .uk - .de.
8 - Graying Dylan still rocks with high-energy poetics - (Seattle Times) (link found by Dan Levy, ElectricGypsy)
9 - Steve Forbert on Seeing the Rocker in Jimmie Rodgers - (Fox News) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
10 - Warren discusses 'My Ride's Here' - (Warren Zevon) (link found by HwyCDRrev)

Saturday, Oct 5
1a - Dylan is touring again! Last night's Seattle setlist- (Bob Links) Setlist discussions at and DylanPool
1b - Dylan lights fire during concert at the Key - (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (link found by Otto Thompson)
2 - Tickets for Oct 25 Bernallillo show on sale today - ( (link from Dan Levy)
3 - The Hunger Site gets clicks/contributions from around 20 of the 9.000 daily Expecting Rain readers. Maybe we could improve on this? The Hunger Site button will return to the upper left corner in a few days, if you promise to use it. :-)
4 - Bob Dylan Master Recording Disc from 1956 Live Auction next weekend - (eBay) (link found by Rod MacBeath)
5 - Fans never get the same old Dylan; tour opens here tonight - (Seattle Times) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Cliff Warnken, Jim Short)
6 - KeyArena will be decked out in Dylan blues - (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Jim Short)
7 - Bob Dylan retrospective comes full circle at Caffe Lena - (Saratogian) (link found by Jim Short, Catina Prieur)
8 - Soozie Tyrell's "White Lines" featuring Larry Campbell, Tony Garnier... - (Treasure Records) (link found by Jack Regan)
9 - Delve into Bob's back pages Michael Gray lecture tonight- (Belfast Telegraph) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
10 - Bob Dylan revisited - (Globe and Mail) (link found by "Cliff Warnken)
11 - Dylan tribute by Bruce Williams at Watauga Monday - (Star-Telegram) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - T-Bone Burnett to publish songbook - (NY Post) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
13 - The Conscience of a Country Maverick Steve Earle - (Pulse) (link found by Chuck Koch)
14 - Dylan at Newport New articles - ( (link from Trev)
15 - Judas! Magazine new issue is out (link from Keith Wootton)
16 - Harrison tribute concert planned A spokeswoman for the Royal Albert Hall said Bob Dylan was a "possible" act as well - (BBC) (link found by BWinstonlegthigh)

Friday, Oct 4
1 - Dylan Finalizes 'Rolling Thunder' Bootleg Tracklist - (Billboard) (link found by Jesse Shanks, Doughlas McCarthy, Lee Farber, Edward Wierenga, DroneFromSectr7G, Bob Meyer, Russ Kelly, Juan Yague, liane & howell, Gregory R. King, Andrew Lindholm, Georg Thoma, Thorsten Hoff, Alex Leik, pepe, Otto Thompson, Craig Danuloff, Andy Greene, ElectricGypsy)
2 - Two pairs of tickets for Bob Dylan's Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe Show Sunday Oct 20th for sale to the highest bidder (face value $85 + taxes etc. per ticket). All proceeds will be donated to the maintenance of Expecting Rain. Second pair (donated by David Bilodeau)
3 - Norwegian Dylan Cover Versions - (Land of the Midnight Sun) (link from Geir Olsen, who is looking for these: Matpackers - Katten I Brønnen (Cat's in the well) New Jordal Swingers - Min Kjærlighet Til Deg (To Make You Feel My Love))
4 - Austin Record Convention this weekend (Geir Olsen is going)
5 - An Open Letter About the Age of Dylan - (the stranger) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Bad publicity? Not so fast The National Geographic article - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - The biggest stage there was New Ed Sullivan box showcases classic pop - (CNN) (link found by Jim Short, Dorwin C. Black)
8 - Jokerman Presenting Bob Dylan, the Hardest Workin' Man in Show Business - (Seattle Weekly) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Malcolm Lawrence)
9 - Bridge: "You'll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn." - (Duluth Superior) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - A New-Model Ford on a Risky Track Ford's chief executive's musical taste runs to Bob Dylan - (NY Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Betting on Bob - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Album a tribute to 'the real deal' Steve Forbert tribute to Jimmie Rodgers - (Washington Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - Edgefest trio aims for jazzed-up Dylan Jewels & Binoculars Michael Moore - (Mlive) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
14 - Dancing About Architecture Mixed Notes: Sexton back to Bob - (Austin Chronicle)
15 - German: Bootleg Series, Vol. 5 - Bob Dylan Live 1975 - (Parking Meter) (link found by Bernd & Beate)
16 - Cover mp3: "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You" - (by Mark Erelli) (link found by Dominick Casalena)

Thursday, Oct 3
The server was unavailable to me for 12 hours this morning. Her are today's links:
1 - Saturday, Bob Dylan at McArthur Court - ( (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Austin: lush, diverse fun Mentions Karen Sexton - (Boston Globe) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Get through it with raw, real 'Lonesome' - (Tallahassee Democrat) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Dylan concert - (Argus Leader) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - CD Price Fixing Suit Settled For $143 Million - (Billboard) (link found by david)
6 - BOB DYLAN The History of Rock 'N' Roll Michael Gray speaking tour of Ireland - (Isis) (link found by Sean McArdle)
7 - Sinead O'Connor admits she's calmer at 35 - (The Star)

Wednesday, Oct 2
1 - Mississippi and Meredith remember - (CNN) (link found by olra)
2 - The In-Law Willie Nelson has a song for everyone - (New Yorker) (link found by Edward Wierenga)
3 - Amazing site is gem for public radio fans - (Toledo Blade) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Bob Dylan & His Band - (SunSpot) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Bob Dylan and his Band perform at Harrah's Lake Tahoe, Oct. 13 - (Reno Tahoe fun) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - From rock to riches: Management skills made Newark native Allen Klein a witness to music history - (NJ Star-Ledger) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - The Readers' 100 - 89 - 48 - 39 - 34 - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Paul Pearson, Jim Short)
8 - She's All Right Doin' Dylan - (NY Post) (link found by Scurnyn, ElectricGypsy)
9 - Hibbing - Your stories - (The Morning Show) (link found by Tricia)
10 - Songwriter Mickey Newbury dies at 62 - CNN (link found by ElectricGypsy)
11 - White Stripes cover Dylan's "Love Sick"- (Billboard) (link found by Bernard Vasek)

Tuesday, Oct 1
1 - Stars' Home Movies to See Daylight - (Excite / AP) (link found by Alex Leik, Rhonda Simmons, David A. Howes, Jim Short)
2 - 1966 World Tour, The Home Movies Official release date is today - (Mickey Jones) (link found by Joel Gilbert, Mark Spencer)
3 - Public radio lands in Hibbing - (Daily Tribune) (link found by Jim Short)
4 - Friday: Live from Hibbing High School Auditorium - (The Morning Show) (link found by Nelson T. French)
5 - Coming up for fare Subterranean folk singer - (Boston Globe) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - The Subterranean World of Peter Mulvey - (NPR) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Rock poet Patti Smith goes deep into the spirit for her visual art - (Post-Gazette) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - TV Preview: Documentary relives brutality of Jim Crow - (Post-Gazette) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Stubborn integrity killed the radio star Wilco - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Can you help identify the people in this picture? (Copyright: Corbis)
11 - Tedeschi Ends 'Wait' For New Album Covers Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" - (Billboard) (link found by Michael Smith)

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