Thursday, November 27, 2014 at 1010 CET

Dylan related
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan in Newark setlist and reviews (Bob Links)
2 - Bob Dylan’s Stint at the Beacon - (The Wall Street Journal) from Scott Miller
3 - Live Review: Focusing on mostly new material, Bob Dylan delivers an invigorating performance at DAR Constitution Hall - (Baltimore City Paper) from Scott Miller
4 - Bob Dylan in concert at Constitution Hall: Vexing, enchanting, punishing - (The Washington Post) from Scott Miller
5 - The quest for completion: on Bob Dylan and the Basement Tapes - (New Statesman) from Scott Miller
6 - Crawl in the 'Basement' with Dylan - (Tallahassee Democrat) from Scott Miller
7 - A look at the vinyl edition of Dylan and the Band’s ‘The Basement Tapes - Raw’ - (Bob Dylan Examiner) by Harold Lepidus
8 - Bob Dylan - Chart History - (Billboard) from Scott Miller
9 - Hell on Wheels Season Finale Features Alternate Take of Bob Dylan’s “I Shall Be Released” - (amc) from Christopher Orr
10 - Izzy Young is selling two Dylan manuscripts Dec 4 - (Christie's) from John Schulman
11 - How Dylan’s Oh Mercy Brought Grace Into a Withered World - (Trunkworthy) by Chris Morris

12 - Lucinda Williams Still Too Cool to Be Forgotten - (No Depression) from Scott Miller
13 - Arlo Guthrie Looks Back on 50 Years of 'Alice's Restaurant' - (Rolling Stone)
14 - New Joni Mitchell box set, Love Has Many Faces: peerless music, disappointing package - (Rock | Art | Editions) from Gerry Smith
15 - 45 Years Ago: John Lennon Returns His MBE To The Queen - (Ultimate Classic Rock) from Scott Miller

16 - A Thanksgiving Playlist: Songs about Pilgrims and Indians "Bob Dylan's 115th Dream" - (AZCentral) from Scott Miller
17 - Watch Tavis Smiley’s Rare New TV Interview With Joni Mitchell - (Stereogum) from Scott Miller
18 - Video: Watch Bob Dylan’s ‘Basement Tapes Complete ‘ Trailer + Dylan Talks About Basement Tapes - (Days of the Crazy-Wild) from Michael Goldberg
19 - Tina Turner covers Bob Dylan, The Beatles & The Rolling Stones - (alldylan) from Egil Mosbron
20 - Guest DJ: Yusuf/Cat Stevens On discovering The Beatles through the music of Leonard Bernstein - (npr) from Scott Miller
21 - Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler: Don’t Fall Apart On Me Tonight, Studio A, Power Station, NYC April/May 1983 (Video) - (alldylan) from Egil Mosbron
22 - Fabrizio Cammarata - If You See Her, Say Hello - (YouTube) from Orestory
23 - Stay With Me Wash DC 11/25/2014 - (YouTube) from pbj2e

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Dylan related
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan in Washington DC setlist and reviews (Bob Links)
2 - Tangled Up In Tangled Up In Blue by Eyolf Østrem - (Dylanchords) from Scott Miller
3 - Bob Dylan Abides with “Stay with Me” - (The Cinch Review) from David Wasser
4 - Awkward or awesome? Bob Dylan plays concert to one-man audience - (Telegraph) from Scott Miller
5 - French: Bob Dylan en concert devant une seule personne - (Obsession) from Renaud Depierreux
6 - Bob Dylan dio un concierto... para una sola persona - (infobae) from Alberto Ortega Gurza
7 - The Basement Tapes ships on Vinyl - (NJN Network) by Stephen Pate
8 - Matthew Ryan Talkin' Dylan, Cohen, Springsteen and Other Influences - (No Depression) from Scott Miller
9 - Bob Zimmerman - (Bob Zimmermann Records) from Tone

10 - Various Artists: An Americana Christmas with Bob's "Must Be Santa" - (American Songwriter) from Scott Miller
11 - The Kinks: The Beatles of Outsiders - (The Brooklyn Bugle) from Scott Miller
12 - Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions [1969-2013], by Luca Perasi: Books - (Something Else!) from Nick Deriso
13 - Acoustic send-off for popular musician Chris who died en route to a Bob Dylan concert - (Blackpool Gazette) from Scott Miller
14 - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! The Rolling Stones in Concert The cover was inspired by the lyrics to Bob Dylan's "Visions of Johanna" - (Wikipedia) from Scott Miller

15 - Bob Dylan: Paris, France 4 July 1978 (audios) - (alldylan) from Egil Mosbron
16 - Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan's Dream Freewheelin' Alternate Take 1963 - (YouTube) from Scott Miller
17 - Bob Dylan Talks Basement Tapes - (YouTube)
18 - Lawrence Bullock - Visions of Johanna - (SoundCloud) from Lawrence Bullock
19 - The Byrds, “Mr. Tambourine Man” from The Only Folk Collection You’ll Ever Need (2014): One Track Mind - (Something Else!) from Nick Deriso
20 - 5 good cover versions of Bob Dylan’s Not Dark Yet - (alldylan) from Hallgeir Olsen
21 - November 26: Happy 75th Birthday Tina Turner - (alldylan) from Egil Mosbron

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22 - Lyrics to Lost On The River - (The New Basement Tapes) from pete read
23 - “AustroBob” – an odd yet genuinely authentic new Bob Dylan book (in German) - (Positively Bob Dylan) from Mike

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at 0900 CET

Dylan related
1 - Bob Dylan Plays Concert for One Insanely Lucky Superfan A 15 minute documentary of the event will hit YouTube on December 15th - (Rolling Stone) from Scott Warmuth, hans buskes, psamdancin, Eric Cocks, Noel Mayeske, Éamonn Ó Catháin, Scott Miller, Stilphen, Jack, Janne S
2 - Bob Dylan played a show for just one guy in Philadelphia yesterday - (The Times-Picayune ) from Scott Miller
3 - Paul McCartney Loves Dylan's Contribution to Tribute Album, but Isn't Sure If Everyone Will - (abc) from Scott Miller
4 - She Belongs To Me Is Classic Dylan - (Ennyman's Territory) from Nelson T. French
5 - Down in the Basement, Trying to Do Dylan - (Counterpunch) by Peter Stone Brown
6 - Tangled Up in Bob - (The Chronicle of Higher Education) from Patrick Bauer, Jim Linderman, Jeanne
7 - Celebrating the Old and New Basement Tapes All Weekend - (WRSL) from Harold Lepidus

8 - Album review: 'The Art of McCartney’ Bob Dylan’s death rattle giving “Things We Said Today” a gothic edge - (SFGate) from Scott Miller
9 - Joni Mitchell Marks Her 71st Birthday With a Film, a Ballet and a Conversation - (Newsweek) from Scott Miller
10 - Joni Mitchell boxset showcases her brilliant talent - (The National) from Scott Miller
11 - Joni Mitchell: Love Has Many Faces: A Quartet, A Ballet, Waiting To Be Danced (4CD) Box set, from - - .de.
12 - Joni Mitchell on Bob Dylan: "I am much more original musically" - (Uncut) from Scott Miller
13 - Meet the 100 Most Significant Americans of All Time Buy the special issue - (Smithsonian) from James Williamson
14 - Hello Darlin’ by Conway Twitty - (Stereo Stories) from Damian Balassone
15 - Aimee Mann: “I was under the impression that if I became well known, I would have to back up every line” "I listened to 'Blood on the Tracks' about 50,000 million times" - (Salon) from Scott Miller
16 - Andy Warhol Shoots the Only Color Film of The Velvet Underground Playing Live in Concert (1967) - (Open Culture) from Karl Johnson

17 - Video: Bob Dylan at the Academy Of Music, Philly Nov. 23, 2014 – ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’ - (Days of the Crazy-Wild) from Michael Goldberg
18 - The Lost Songs of Bob Dylan - (Garden & Gun) from Scott Miller
19 - The Crazy, Iconic Life of Nico; Andy Warhol Muse, Velvet Underground Vocalist, Enigma in Amber - (Open Culture) from Karl Johnson
20 - November 25: Bob Dylan plays @ Winterland, San Francisco in 1976 (Videos) - (alldylan) from Egil Mosbron
21 - Bob Dylan’s Oh Mercy covered - (alldylan) from Hallgeir Olsen
22 - November 25: The Last Waltz with The Band and friends was recorded in 1976 - (alldylan) from Hallgeir Olsen
23 - Chuck Willis - It's Too Late - (YouTube) from Scott Miller

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24 - Special deaL €49.99EUR for vinyl Basement Tapes Raw - (PopMarket) from Liamy Mac Nally
25 - Bob Dylan Concert Entertainment News Today November 25, 2014 - (YouTube) from Johanna Parker
26 - Bob Dylan performs concert – for just one person - (Guardian) 1700
27 - Bob Dylan performs for one lucky superfan as part of Swedish experiment - (Independent)