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Dylan related
1 - Bob Dylan's Sinatra Covers Album Is Shaping Up To Be Amazing - (Forbes) from Scott Miller, psamdancin, Éamonn Ó Catháin
2 - Drew Friedman Debuts “Dylan as Sinatra” - (Heeb) from Sam D. Young, Scott Miller
3 - Best albums of 2014 - (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) from Scott Miller
4 - Music box sets, only for the hard-core fans - (SFGate) from Scott Miller
5 - New Bob Dylan lyrics book – The Lyrics Since 1962: deeply impressive, slightly perplexing - (Rock Art Editions) by Gerry Smith
6 - Bob Dylan's Missing Key To The Highway - (NJN Network) by Stephen Pate
7 - Back pages – Brown Notebook (d) Early June 1967 - (Dylan on the basement stairs) from cabanas caravan
8 - Trains, jet planes and morning rain Early Morning Rain - Five paragraphs on The Dylan influence on Elvis near the middle - (Elvis Information Network) from Scott Miller

9 - Steven Van Zandt Talks Bruce Springsteen's 'Lilyhammer' Appearance: 'It Meant A Lot To Me' - (Ultimate Classic Rock) from Scott Miller
10 - Oscar Brand: He’s still playing in the AM band 69 years on the air/ he did Bob Dylan's first radio interview in New York - (The Villager) from Scott Miller
11 - How an Okie Named Woody Guthrie Became Our Best Hanukkah Tunesmith - (Forward) from Scott Miller
12 - Cat Stevens - Yussif in Concert - (folkWorks) by Ross Altman
13 - Red Molly - A Vincent-powered racing sidecar - (pbase) from Ed Grazda

14 - The Band, “Christmas Must Be Tonight” (1977): Across the Great Divide - (Something Else!) from Nick Deriso
15 - Bob Dylan: License To Kill, Basel 1984 - (Alldylan) from Egil Mosbron
16 - Maxell Israelites advert - (YouTube) from Padraig Hanratty
17 - Audio: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Christmas Via Bob Dylan, The Band, Aretha, John & Yoko, The Ramones, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s & More - (Days of the Crazy-Wild) from Michael Goldberg
18 - Video of the day: John Lennon Live in New York City 1972 - (Alldylan) from Hallgeir Olsen

More - 1700
19 - Audio: Ren 60: Ukens tema er The Basement Tapes Two hours, loads of music - (NRK) from John Willy Bakke
20 - Dylan's Concert For One - (Ennyman's Territory) from Nelson T. French

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Dylan related
1 - Bob Dylan: His New Cover Songs Explored - (Mojo) from Scott Miller
2 - Records from Bob Dylan, Sex Pistols and Lou Reed Plus More Inducted Into The Grammy Hall of Fame - (NJN Network) from Stephen Pate
3 - Bob Dylan, Kraftwerk among 2015 Grammy Hall of Fame inductees - (EW) from Scott Miller
4 - Now hear this: Tencent will distribute Bob Dylan, Daft Punk, and other Sony artists in China - (Venture Beat) from Scott Miller
5 - Dylan Project at Borderline, 19/12/2014 Live Music in London and Beyond - (Really Live Music) from Scott Miller
6 - Swedish Bob Dylan Take Down - (NJN Network) from Stephen Pate
7 - Lost on the River [Best Buy Exclusive] - CD and T-shirt with design by Dylan - (Best Buy) from Neil
8 - Spanish: Christie's no logra vender un cuadro de Bob Dylan, un desnudo de su exmujer Sara Bob's portrait of Sara failed to sell - (ABC) from Scott Miller
9 - A Dylan a Day Annex I: “The Basement Tapes Complete” - (chris morris's wasted space) from Chris Morris
10 - Bob Dylan's 'Basement Tapes' release covers multiple formats - (LA Times) from Éamonn Ó Catháin
11 - Bob Dylan and “Blackness” - ( from Nick Kniola
12 - German: Ein Loblied auf Robert Zimmermann - (Donaukurier) from Irene
13 - The Best Hanukkah Albums of 2014 Hanukkah in the Heart by Bob Dylan - (Pitchfork) from Scott Miller
14 - Italian: Tendenza cover: Bob & C., i ribelli del pop hanno messo le pantofole - (Repubblica) from Dario Capra

15 - Van Morrison Signs With RCA Records - (The Hollywood Reporter) from psamdancin
16 - Smokey Robinson still thrilled by George Harrison’s long-ago tribute: ‘A wonderful, flattering thing’ "Pure Smokey" - (Something Else!) from Nick Deriso
17 - Neil Reshen, 75, Dies; Manager Won ‘Outlaw’ Singers’ Freedom - (NY Times) from psamdancin, Scott Miller
18 - How The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Earned Its Spot In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame - (Ultimate Classic Rock) from Scott Miller
19 - Paul Butterfield’s blend of blues, psychedelia on ‘East-West’ sparked Hall of Fame nod - (Something Else!) from Nick Deriso
20 - Elvis Presley's 'Blue Christmas' Backup Singer Millie Kirkham Dies at 91 - (Billboar) from Scott Miller
21 - Millie Kirkham credits Self Portrait, Another Self Portrait - (allmusic) from Scott Miller
22 - On the TCM channel today from 7:38 to 8:00 am (new york time): a short documentary called "traveltalks" from 1942, about the state of Minnesota, & a description of it, which specifically mentions visits to Hibbing & Duluth. from the jester on the sidelines
23 - Pink Floyd Top List of Best Surgery Music But avoid ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,’ - (Ultimate Classic Rock) from Scott Miller

24 - Bienvenidos al rancho de Bob Dylan A podcast devoted to Dylan's songs in country mode - (El Paĩs) from Alfredo
25 - Videos of the day: Neil Young live at the BBC 1971 and BBC Documentary Don’t be denied - (All Dylan) from Hallgeir Olsen
26 - The Last Waltz Ensemble & Charlie Starr from Blackberry Smoke - When I Paint My Masterpiece - (YouTube) from Karl Gloer
27 - Class of 55: Memphis Rock & Roll Homecoming - (All Dylan) from Egil Mosbron
28 - Bob Dylan: 5 Great live versions of Senor - (All Dylan) from Egil Mosbron
29 - Classic Photo of Bob Dylan, Suze Rotolo – ‘Ballad In Plain D’ - (Days of the Crazy-Wild) from Michael Goldberg

More - 1000
30 - Richard Crooks who played Eric Weissberg & Deliverance) and was the drummer on “Meet Me In The Morning” and “Call Letter Blues” and also the Bromberg Sessions has passed away. from Peter Stone Brown

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Dylan related
1 - "The Lyrics: Since 1962" Back in Print after Worldwide Sellout! From - .uk - .de.
2 - Gibson Bob Dylan SJ-200 Player's Edition Review Cool Times 10 - (NJN Network) from Stephen Pate
3 - Bob Dylan: Basement Tapes and Free-Floating Stanzas - (Paste) from Jim Baumann, Scott Miller
4 - The Basement Tapes Complete - (Record Collector News) from Harold Lepidus
5 - Bob Dylan's 'It's alright Ma (I'm only bleeding) - Part - (Kees de Graaf) from Kees de Graaf
6 - Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes - (Uncut) from Scott Miller

7 - Look to Dylan, Wilco for topnotch holiday gifts - (Billings Outpost) from Scott Miller
8 - Sinatra Jr. speaks frankly about his battle with cancer Dylan was one of the strongest Frank Sinatra fans of all time and would ask him for advice - ( from Scott Miller
9 - Fresh Water from Deep Wells: Leonard Cohen and Willie Nelson - (Restless and Real) by Doug Heselgrave
10 - Books of the year 2014: Music, from Jerry Lee Lewis and John Lydon to Kate Bush The Dylanologists & The Beatles Lyrics - (Independent) from Scott Miller
11 - Beatles In 1964: A Year In Review - (Ultimate Classic Rock) from Scott Miller
12 - Eric von Schmidt On the cover of Bringing It All Back Home, Dylan is shown sitting beside a copy of Von Schmidt's first album. - (Bob Dylan Roots) from psamdancin
13 - “1952 Vincent Black Lightning,” By Richard Thompson - (American Songwriter) from Scott Miller

14 - Bob Dylan: Long and Wasted Years, NJ 2014 - (All Dylan) from Egil Mosbron
15 - Bob Dylan wows super-fan with solo performance - (BBC News) from Scott Miller
16 - Barry Goldberg Discusses Mike Bloomfield and the Book "Two Jews Blues" - (YouTube) from psamdancin
17 - The Beach Boys - Bob Dylan Song "Why do you smell like a city zoo?" - (YouTube) from Scott Miller
18 - Video: Mary Lee Kortes Performs Entire ‘Blood On The Tracks’ Album Live (Dylan Digs Her) - (Days of the Crazy-Wild) from Michael Goldberg