Bob Dylan Oslo Setlist 25.09.2022
Expecting Rain

Concert started 7 minutes past. 
NOK 400 tour t-shirts only in size Small.
There were four (audience?) mikes in front of the stage.
Bob with a guitar during the instrumental intro to the first number.

1.	Watching The River Flow
2.	Most Likely You Go Your Way (and I'll Go Mine)
3.	I Contain Multitudes 
4.	False Prophet 
5.	When I Paint My Masterpiece (Guitar, piano, fiddle) ("Thank You!")
6.	Black Rider 
7.	My Own Version of You 
8.	I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 
9.	Crossing The Rubicon 
10.	To Be Alone With You 
11.	Key West (Philosopher Pirate) 
12.	Gotta Serve Somebody 
13.	I've Made Up My Mind To Give Myself To You ("Thank You!")
14.	That Old Black Magic ("All Right, Thank You!")
15.	Mother of Muses 
16.	Goodbye Jimmy Reed 
--	Band introductions (from YouTube):

Thank you everybody! 
Want to introduce the band right now.

Charley Drayton played on the drums, 
Charlie stand up! 

Doug Lanzio is playing on the guitar. 
He played a million times on so many records.
You just never knew it was him. But now you know.

All right, Bob Britt is playing on the other guitar 
Bob, say hello to the people! 

Donnie Herron is on the steel guitar, 
a very old steel guitar!
Donnie knows how to make it work.
Tony Garnier is playing on the bass guitar.
Tony has played on a million records, too. 
Oh, he could play the pianoball avenue, didn't you, Tony?  
Play the pianoball?
Oh you would as  a piano player? I forgot.

17.	Every Grain of Sand (A litte bit of harp)

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