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PostPosted: Sat October 3rd, 2015, 00:20 GMT 

Joined: Mon September 8th, 2014, 08:03 GMT
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i’m listening to a strange story
of heartbreak sadness and frailty
emotional and optomistic sweet frank
that will entice you into the darkness,
but don’t worry
he will strike!

the story so far:

'that’s the way the cookie crumbles
them’s the brakes
that’s how it goes
where the bloody hell are ya
ideology and stories
that have long been told

but everything’s in flux
you do the best you can
to understand the trigger
in the hand

i’m glad it’s all on the table
they gamble
there’s nothing to give
maybe someone’ll throw them over
guess it’s none of my business

i am a diligent tailor
i cut up and change peoples clothes
shake up the tight fitting garments
unzip my skin and on it goes

i and i think
you and yourself
that charismatic leader is in hiding
the others can take it
out on themselves
and when they do i will take the land

the land is shakin’
our bodies are quakin’
guess the problems
they are all the same
hold onto your name
in a tightfisted way

hold onto your historic
holistic beginnings
from across
the canal
there are huge surprises awaiting
the many bridges to hell

it’s a beautiful day
clouds in the sky
the rumbling of winter is
far away

they failed to read that war was imminent
just like they did before
the sands they have shifted
the rivers are dead
you can’t be hypocritical
they play your home and your life
what gives them the right
to simply call it political


the only way to break the mould
fashion a range of guns
balistik missiles
pockets of resistance
no one will win
in this new found position of strength
because nobody will share

bold brave feminist
even you look a little forlorn
your refashioned face
tattered and torn
await your fate in a virtual warzone

immerse ourselves in the parallel stream
where we do not have to answer to anyone
you draw out a skein
put it on a stick like fairy-floss
consume the letters
as if they would reveal the ‘secret of mars’
under the cover of darkness
beneath the cherry moon

you put it to your lips
it dissolves away
at least it was sweet
and the water
it’s brackish
all we could see was desert

are we looking backwards?
the golden number
the mushroom
the toadstool
fountain or fake
what will it take'


PostPosted: Thu October 22nd, 2015, 23:02 GMT 

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odyssey ( human mood )

preparing for hell
the midday sun is gone
veering right on the freeway
opening my mouth to speak
to someone

well i tried to explain
but my tongue got tired
the scorpion scuttled across the floor
i showed it the door
but i ain’t out’a the woods yet
i’m meditating
holding back apophis

fires blazing away in the light
universal reality in front of me
fire monsters and yieldings
in the vast dream worlds of delirium
cuckoo eardrum lobe
blue-lidded daughter of dawn
one who answers

i do care
but i don’t mind
i’ll be moving forward
i’ll be just fine
the breeze
that moves the leaves
and moves us

the air is full of pollen
i’ll cross that ocean
lie down on the warm sand
the breeze in my face
grains on my hands

well i do care
but i don’t mind
reflecting off the things
i’ve seen
i will be just fine

the birdbath has gone
where did it go
i’m sure i saw something shimmering
a few hours ago
they’ve all run away
it’s quiet now
i can stay forever
on this beach

the road to adaptation
composed of circumstance and situation
look at you
look at that
why would you want to go out on a limb
god doesn’t play dice
how can we believe in him

pretentious articles
don’t help in this case
the rags across
your mouth across your face
are full of dust
fight if you must
the tatts on your arms
your expensive charms
the rain that fills the bucket
is superficial
free yourself from the binds of time

i grew up in a honeysuckle nest
not the quarries of the west
i’ miss the frosty mornings
the tadpole-pool and the ice
and i miss upside down trees

staring out the window of a car
as it speeds along the highway
the swirling trees and thunder
storms at night
the moving leaves
and the laughing trees

moments of sustainable bliss
trees alive and in the mist
so utterly inert
we need an act of magic to
drag us from the dirt
(we see where is
this leading to)
these multiple gates
the magic door

some stuff is high minded
other stuff’ll get you down
put it into songs
turn it into sound
an act of magic
know thy source
it flows right through us
and i’m

‘getting divorced’

not really
never owned by anyone i guess
never owned anyone more or less
not the equinox the solstice
the hyper nova
this vast pool of white light

let him look last on love’s face
breathing love’s breath
let an old man rest in your arms



PostPosted: Thu November 26th, 2015, 22:48 GMT 

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the blue

though you are a fierce animal
the spark of life
a magnificent time

the buzzing the tension
the struggle within
an effort to exist
the pounding of sin
talking in the same tongue
delicate beginning of the night

exhilarated brain

in the light

these crumbs of life
this moving geological plate

makeup your face
look at your eyes
clean your teeth
walk 'round and 'round
wondering why

i like to live naked
empty of words
a dolphin a scarab
all of that fur
just weighing you down
when you are naked
you are always found

you step up to the light
and you reach for the star
before you realise what’s happened
you’re exposed

(zen tarot)

PostPosted: Thu November 26th, 2015, 22:51 GMT 

Joined: Mon September 8th, 2014, 08:03 GMT
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i need a new song to listen to

god came to me and he said
“well young lady
what is it that you have in your head”?

- “thousands of nights and one more
how can you tell
her arms extend upwards
to receive
she has no head
no body
no aggressive mind to hinder her
completely immersed in the water

filling and emptying

living and breathing
cannot see
the tragic story
the amazon basin the congo
the angry southern ocean
where all the fishes swim
quiet listening
world out there
the world in here
become feminine

love is success

love is success
love is saying ‘i trust’
just like the fool
not a moment lost

pay your complete attention
and energy
it’s a funny thing
“gotta heal your wing”

love is succeeding
love is success
a fragmented second
your personal impression
and these
my concrete visuals
of judgement day

love is succees
so close at the same time
love uses camouflage to mist up the pane
love is trust
you have to have the nerve
to reach into the blaze
i trust

(the above poem is intense i realise, leaning heavily on the word l o v e

i use the repetition like a chord
a note a fault an error

in effect it wrote itself

the antithesis of l o v e s i c k

PostPosted: Tue December 1st, 2015, 08:40 GMT 

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licence to kill

PostPosted: Sun December 27th, 2015, 22:25 GMT 

Joined: Mon September 8th, 2014, 08:03 GMT
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spent the night in a refuge

can you be god
is it in you
can i be god too

butterfly in the sprinkler
within the summer air
the moon is blue the sky is too
and all the trees are green

miraculous radiation descending after twelve
peace in paradise
removed from the wheel
some shot rang out
the birds they sang
i’m ready for it all
all over again

you’re a ghost again
a ghost illuminated by the light
you have power over anything i ever said
power over sight

ready to feed the hungry network
perpetuate the tale
hopefully as we pass this critical point
the joining of the trail

your limbs are outlined
in the desert morn
the breeze is imperceptibly slight
destiny has chained my leg
i wanted to escape into the night

thank you tree for giving me
the trail is long and treacherous
tonight i’m lying on this bed
peace and love and guns
and ‘murder in my head’

what i am talking about there is television
(or screens)

i stuck a stake into the black widows web
asking myself
was that the right thing to do
my fingers could have felt the pain
of division
and of unity
the power of god

downpour deluge rivers flood
hovels torn into pieces of floating rubbish
cutting down dividing
so much deforestation
lethal poisons leaching from the ground

ones with intense cohesion
are challenging the rest
challenging because
these splintering seconds of the everyday
are like the widow’s bite

conditions are running away with themselves
a certain lack of control
we sit here hypnotysed
locked into distraction
into deception

outside of the performance zone
clearly forgery
real fraud and fakery
god knows where my tradition stems from
or black

in the ruins of ruins
a withering ‘age of performance’
the celebrity the ego mattered
re inventing itself mindlessly
a slip in time
a trip of the scale


‘the cart loses half of it’s cumbersome load

and the mud it turns to dust

the morning chorus sees in the dawn

and when it’s done

it must’

angel descending to light up the flame
merging submerging paradigm
pilgrims refugees and crime
creating the genre
within the one we are in

from a form of apocalyptic literature

the python
hidden in the rafters
hidden in the reeds
the shadows
bright and dappled
cast upon the seed

so, you are given the universe
what will you do
most moments are awful
something comes through

blood sucker you know your shame
you desecrated the only thing
the only garden
you were placed within

divine grace
condensed imagery and dysfunctional words
chugging and grading and moaning

can we expand upon the reason
that underlies destruction
violent and cataclysmic acts
you get the feeling
there’s nobody here
you are

rising from the tomb
from the sacred room
almost the past of my brain

songs encoded prayers
a time of frivolous laughter
diffuse and dangerous light
we are in for a significant

storm clouds are gathering
on the far horizons
following like ‘a sheep’
into thee radio field

feeble minded
death of mind
it’s always been predicted
it just takes a long time

this morning i looked into the eyes of an effigy
seemed to bother me
marked a christmas
and in turmoil

(i am not a christian)
(i have no religion)
the eyes they softened

the body of the wave
forceful mover of mass
transmutation of mind
now’s the time
to find
some never -before
-heard -of solutions

all of your fallen empires
your significance across thee scales
your aloof and cut off hierarchy
your wealth
safe place haven

down with the begging for mercy
it’s time the oil ran out
the flame has been flickering

the wisest animal

the cleverest species

time is running out

lambs are grazing in the wind farm
taming nature to the 9th degree

be intelligent

don’t lose your way
you are writing history
this is what they say

they say

great leaders rise up
they break free from the rest
if anyone can crunch the numbers
the ice is melting
thawing out the glacier

PostPosted: Thu February 11th, 2016, 05:39 GMT 

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in the war room

heavenly forces bring forth our light
in the darkest of times
frightening and elaborate dramas unfold
awakened from the dream
endlessly falling from the slippery paths
the same above as it is down here
so we hang
in a precarious state of equilibrium
decidedly plummeting into a cataclysmic darkness after gain
few blossoms will bloom amidst
our all out wars
never ???

only periods of peace remain
no clean water
the forests are going
stupid silver rooftops take their place
and in that time again
take the egg off your face
turn your back to the excesses
of this ignorant and childish race

reality betrayed
reality myth
conscious a ka bird
translate what you heard
is it easier or more difficult to exploit
crystal junk fat sugar and palm oil
anything worth anything for the pleasure of being elite

this side of the night
falling leaf universe
each one complete
falls into the past
a hailstorm swirled from summer sky
hurtling crashing down in pieces of ice
in front of my bare feet

all of the facebook faces
tsurnarmi of personal data
turning in on itself ourselves
marking time babies lovers
bound up in religious strangulation
a knot that turns one way

relentless ant like chemical sensors overflow
you’re sleeping ants are creeping
slumber weeping

it’s a heatwave at the fountain
scorching scales and skins
laying aside my reputation
what is all of this unrest about
media hype and reconstruction
reconstitution and/or obliteration
why the abomination

swam out to the yacht
detached from the shore
diving into the ocean
swimming like a fish
back to the shore covered in salt
i have a long way to drive in the searing heat
i’ll make it through with
air conditioning

here beside the fountain
the breeze is nor-westerly
a giant march-fly
buzzing ‘round my ankle
waiting for me to become distracted

wry in-sensed quiet shy
the way you perceive it
fractal edge
music bikini spider’s web
lurking planet neptune size
disbelief in penetrating eyes
get the enemy
it’s a heatwave
a planetary line up
moving with the ocean’s tide
affect a non religious side
uprooted thoughts and stable calm
incensed by treachery
sceptics and secret plans

swam around the rocks at one part of the bay
the water was warm
the water was clear
i opened my eyes under there

then it

plumed crown of light
drifting in the nothingness
of every personal plight
you think you’ve got everything going for you
your heart is pure
it’s pitch black

so long age of capricorn
goodbye to thee hollow fields
what’s ahead
roll in your bed
reverberating throughout reality

show your faces
don’t break the law
for what’s done is done
we’ve heard before
liberated transfigured form
a state of mind
onto the all seeing eye
we climb

gaps in your enunciation
inconsistencies in your voice
since when has one ignored a soul
how come you choose a dark device
light shines on salvation

delivered from the dark
another soul in memory’s fold
hopeless response
a different land
tattooed in ink on the back of my hand

the day is just a breath away
pressed through
the scary drapes of night
fought the killer serpents
fought chaos
now left behind
a dawn is tender enticing
swathed in splendour

i pretended they were dropping bombs
rain spat down on rock
the front filled up the space
while monstrous cloud stole away
with that electricity
left and cursed with terrifying crashes

that was the end of that
rushing windy utterance scene
spitting raindrops and bolts
clouds swirled overhead
war hail hurled down
onto starving freezing children

transform for me
the tragi-smile
this unspeakable reality
rowdiness and making such a noise
the air is thin enough in here
the anti-bird ghost

[what are you waiting for
where have you been
what did you do
who did you meet
i can’t wait
face to face]

fate is now
clouds wind sky and moon
pressed together
why wait to turn every night into day
you look with a mask
a face made of clay

billions of faces looking up
the creator looking down
illusionist the world
the crook the diamond
the crown

slowly the crowd’s dispersed
moving like the seaweed
amongst the reef
protect me from the sun

- waterbaby -

PostPosted: Sat February 13th, 2016, 01:16 GMT 

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i suppose people laugh out of recognition




re: spelling

this type of literature is an abbreviated continuous epic that re presents the culture that informs it
it’s a journey
however this epic contains revolutionary aspects which i consider to be part of modern-post-modern language

it is drawn from outside of the parameters of the denser city and thereby society and the restraints of civilisation

we enter the realm of nature and natural forces

subsuming monstrous characteristics of dream

and sometimes spirit

PostPosted: Tue March 1st, 2016, 23:46 GMT 

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https://www.facebook.com/Transfigured-A ... 19/?ref=hl

a page for artists and internet identities

darwin, thank you for your patience

whatever hey



PostPosted: Sun August 21st, 2016, 21:40 GMT 

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG8Hi-f ... e=youtu.be

. . .

PostPosted: Thu December 7th, 2017, 22:48 GMT 

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the blinding light
the pounding shore
let’s go in on the helicopters
let’s go in with the drones
can’t wait
i’m at the gates
-to jerusalem

the main sequence
gravitational law
you don’t believe what you saw
you have no idea
of the consequence
gonna cut off my ear
jump the fence

shakespear’s rooms
we’ll act it out
we’ll fight against gravity
fight against the pull
fight against society
pull the wool

same sex marriage
the melting poles
the crash the pressure
stars use up their hydrogen
the cloud of gas begins to glow
and the whole thing is lost
in a blinding flash

everyday chaos
the sun sings just for a second
the cities are huge and growing
the moon it looks like a banana
an instant of meaning
is where it’s at
jabbering meaninglessly

that guy’s neck is thick
and he’s covered in tatts
he’s building and raping
a strategist and warmonger
no wonder
he want’s to marry his brother

the tyre blew out on the freeway
i only dreamed it though
so I kept my head
the tigris the euphraties
the commies
the black the green the red
everyday chaos
playing havoc

2 0 seven teen

have faith in human kind


PostPosted: Wed December 13th, 2017, 23:52 GMT 

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sixteenth century plots
shake me loose
one hundred million years of nothing
in the time you’ve been around
you have experienced the evolution
of the universe

ravens quench their ugly throats
the problematic bishops cardinals
the clergy
snorting hitting stuffing
no longer able to conceive of

three billion years ago
you upset the scales
when everything was trying to centre
more parliamentary secrets
than truth in all mediation
you are kidding yourself

so much under cover
so much you will never know
your part in life in the apartment
your soul to the big city
burnt the candle at both ends
from west to east of
the dead sea

the plots are tried and true
when you need the bible
when you’re only looking back
to the time before hubble
you will expose yourself
no going back

somewhere you can thrashout
ideas on common ground
the hidden dimensions of space
such a snake embrace
bob’s going to spain
to get some new shoes
seeing his others
are broken
and covered in rain
to go to barcelona
home to the pyrenees


PostPosted: Sat December 16th, 2017, 21:44 GMT 
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What is this thread doing here?

There is zero Dylan content, other than the obscure first post.

This is what is known as "a monument to me", and the "me" isn't Bob Dylan.

PostPosted: Fri March 2nd, 2018, 23:58 GMT 

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poetry is a complex expression
as a monument

PostPosted: Sat March 3rd, 2018, 00:00 GMT 

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you are wrong

bob has been a literary musical artistic teacher to many fellow expeditionaries here


PostPosted: Wed August 1st, 2018, 02:32 GMT 

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocxienS ... gs=pl%2Cwn

PostPosted: Wed August 1st, 2018, 11:42 GMT 
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transƒigured wrote:

Thank you for introducing me to Sarah Blasko. She's wonderful! She reminds me a little bit of Sarah McLachlan when she was doing Vox, and a lot of Patty Smith. Thanks so much for turning me on to her!

PostPosted: Wed February 6th, 2019, 00:00 GMT 

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hi peggy night :D

wakie wakie from the the freezing cold

gargoyles (outside the cafe)

it may be retrievable
i am not aware
things have changed
and i don’t care

but I feel there must be some way out
the others are
in a meeting with the lawyers
and the beauty parlor

the weeping man
the old house vault
the spaniels. Orpheus
resemblance drugs and the race
shameful behavior
across the globe
drugs newspaper
performance of self

drinking champagne
in celebration of life and liberation
into the light!

PostPosted: Wed February 6th, 2019, 12:20 GMT 
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Good morning, fellow traveler!

PostPosted: Sun July 14th, 2019, 05:47 GMT 

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hey there


stockpiling data
rearrange it
as normal submits to entropy
hi entropy
as the universe days
then nature re-organises it
establishing a new real
open up the pyramids
with your prayers and incantations

neutrinos zero charge zero size
shaking up ideologies
in their miserable hovels
that clutch at their cash
well its commin’ down hard
at the million dollar bash

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