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PostPosted: Sat July 7th, 2018, 19:20 GMT 

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Was thinking this would be a good & helpful thread for folks out there looking for a place to start with viewing full concerts.

What's your favorites out there? .... Best in combined video, audio & performance.

Here's a couple of my favs:

https://youtu.be/xHwSIMFUGt8 - 10/23/98

https://youtu.be/TcVxxFEbIxE - 2/24/03

Here's some helpful guides for those that need em:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtlG7c ... AKXsnx-EVg - Mr. Keith Gubitz's YouTube channel which has largest collection of full concert vids .... Well, that I have seen anyways. If you know one with more or comparable please share.

http://dvdylan.com/search - dvdylan site. .... Very useful for getting an idea on quality & setlist before committing to a selection.

Thanks for all your time and efforts.

Be well & enjoy yourselves

PostPosted: Sat July 14th, 2018, 09:55 GMT 

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Well, try https://www.youtube.com/user/ledzeppelin511/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=2 and load new pages.
Enough material to keep one away from roaming the streets for months and more :D
Most of them are complete performances...


PostPosted: Tue July 17th, 2018, 23:11 GMT 

Joined: Mon January 8th, 2018, 15:57 GMT
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Am familiar and very nice to see him back to posting.

For this thread I really enjoy this section of his YouTube channel:

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... xXfjPHhnzE - Elite Series playlist

.... Also a lot of other "full show" clips throughout the Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands channel. .... Fairly sure that individual is responsible for the Thousandhighways compilations as well. ... Not positive on that. Either way, thanks bunches for all the hard work given to whomever is putting together that channel & site .... While at it - hats off to Mr. Gubitz, Elson Gunn, Billy 4, Mr. Tambourine Man, and all others that I frequently view or otherwise. Truly appreciate the time and efforts.
.... Oh, another good one for both Dylan & Van Morrison is, https://www.youtube.com/user/woolhall - the "woolall" channel. ... Really like the home page clip of the More & More duet. ... Believe I've posted that one somewhere else on this site before.

Back to topic, I hope some of you folks out there take the time to post their favorite full shows. ... Gotta be better time spent then a lot of the general discussions as of late ... like what's the worst or least favorite's typa deals. ... To each his/hers own and all, but reading about people's favorite things just seems to be more worth the while.

Here's another one of my own favoreeto's:
https://youtu.be/Dhqzs3ZsqMw - 11/01/98 .... To be honest, that's the show I was originally trying to think of when I put the 10/23/98 on this. ... Watched the latest couple posted on Keith Gubitz's channel as well and enjoyed them. ... Although I have yet to delve too much into Dylan's early 90's live stuff through the years I've always really loved good recordings of the acoustic stuff. ... When done right seems to capture that magic which slows down time whilst providing some sorta old timey, child like excitement and splender that only Mr. Dylan has consistently exuded throughout his career. ... Hard to fully explain what I mean. ... Whatever it is it seems to get me there on the combo of Little Moses & Boots of Spanish Leather on the Eastman Theatre 10/11/92 show in Keith Gubitz's channel. ... Seek it out & give it a gander. ... Good times.

PostPosted: Wed August 15th, 2018, 17:53 GMT 
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OldHenryLee wrote:
Am familiar and very nice to see him back to posting.

For this thread I really enjoy this section of his YouTube channel:

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... xXfjPHhnzE - Elite Series playlist

.... Also a lot of other "full show" clips throughout the Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands channel. .... Fairly sure that individual is responsible for the Thousandhighways compilations as well. ... Not positive on that. Either way, thanks bunches for all the hard work given to whomever is putting together that channel & site ....

Hi, I'm the person responsible of the channel (Sad-Eyed Lady). I'm very glad you like it. Unfortunately, I'm not behind Thousand Highways, but after asking him if I could publish his compilations on YT, he gracefully agreed. I also try to add other stuff you might not be familiar with.
The channels you're referring in your post are all incredible. I especially love Keith Gubitz and Mr. Tambourine. Another one I really like is Jefferson Davis: https://www.youtube.com/user/89yeir/videos. A swell guy and lots of great material. He even helped me to find some rare material I couldn't find on ER or elsewhere.

Regarding full shows, I've made a few playlists by years and/or themes. So far I've covered most of the shows from the 70's (from the tour with the Band to the first Gospel shows), a selection of the 80's (especially for the early years of the NET), and the best from 94 to 98. I also posted all the available shows from 2017 and 2018.

Finally, you can find most (if not all) the studio sessions circulating (but not officially released). If you have specific requests, I can post them on the channel as well.

PostPosted: Wed August 22nd, 2018, 18:32 GMT 

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Thanks much for the clarification and the recommendation.

Searching through the Jefferson Davis channel actually makes me appreciate yours all the more. Taking the time to create various playlists is very helpful and makes the overall experience more enjoyable for those of us consuming it. ... The time and efforts to do as much is not lost on me. .... Back to the Jefferson Davis channel - So far just did some quick scrolling on it. Saw a couple things I've made note to check out already, and looking forward to checking it out more thoroughly some time in the near future.

Also was going over your Time Out Of Mind playlist section just the other day. Listened to an audio only clip of his Avalon Boston show winter of '97 and went to write a"thank you" note in the comments section. Guess I don't do that often because I was quickly reminded that I needed to create an account to do so. ... Well, thanks for throwing that one on up. Was at that one and never tracked down a recording of it before. Helps towards remembering the experience. All I had left before listening was it being really hot inside the place and that they must of went beyond the legal capacity level because it was very, very tight in there. After hearing it again I can now remember being struck by the power of Tangled, memorized by Hattie Carroll, and instantly moved to curiosity by White Dove. ... Was just getting into playing guitar during that time area and recall delving into the Stanley Brothers for the first time and learning how to play White Dove on some tab site. Actually still have the tab sheet I printed out dated soon after the show.

While I'm at it - Have a request for you .... If you happen to have a good recording of the 2/2/98 Springfield Symphony Hall show can you please post it up at some point? .... I actually heard Til I Fell In Love With You on the 1998 compilation on Thousandhighways. ... Should just track it down on my own, but unfortunately in the midst of a computerless existence at the moment. Laptop sh@t-out on me and lost not just current access to downloading, but all that I downloaded previously (household is saving towards a quality desktop & shall be back in business come Dec. 25th)... Lol, I'm not very tech savvy .... which adds towards my appreciation for what you and all the others do towards providing Bob-based entertainment. .... Am also dying to hear the '81 live compilation from Thousandhighways, but I'm guessing that one shall appear whenever premission is kindly granted by whomever is running the site. ... Was hopeful that bigozine site was going to throw it up. No such luck & now I wonder if the other two they put up were done so with granted permissions.

Either way with the 2/2/98 request, thanks again for your site & hard work. Tend to go with the audio clips whilst doing stuff around the house as background from my smart TV and the video recorded clips either during morning coffee time or evening when the Mrs. & little one are off to bed. ... Very helpful source towards keeping my sanity ;).

Back to topic of this thread... Lol, which hasn't gotten the fanfare I envisioned when I started it (oh well).. .. You happen to have a or any personal favorite full concert video(s)?? .. Or a random gem that many might not even know about??

.... I came across the start of one that I was really excited to find a couple weeks ago. .. It's the first 12-15 or so of the 2003 Niagara Falls show. ... My excitement wore off fairly quickly when I couldn't search down the rest of it. Tis a shame... was even labeled as, part 1, so thought the rest would have been easily found.

If anyone out there is reading this and a fan of concert footage here's at least the first part of what looks to be a good one:
https://youtu.be/DcWoPXKBPPU - Niagara Falls 2003 part one

http://dvdylan.com/dvd/D134.su?q=2003 - DvDylan review of '03 Niagara Falls

Great show from Bob and company. Can hear the whole shabang kindly provided by the person this post is responding to right here:
https://youtu.be/7130-dwXmX4 - Niagara Falls 2003 full show audio only styles.

~ Lastly, a random side note - Like 10 years ago (maybe longer) when the popularity of bootleg CD'S stsrted to damper I remember thinking that bootleg videos were going to be the next big thing. ... Never really panned out that way. ... I tend to enjoy em and look forward to trying to track more down for my own personal collection. ... Hopefully gain the equipment and know-how to share em when I do. ... All in good time for now though.

Be well out there. ... Enjoy yourselves!

PostPosted: Sat August 25th, 2018, 11:43 GMT 
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Hello again OldHenryLee. I just saw your answer today and I'm glad you like the playlists. Regarding your request, I will look into it and try to post in the next weeks I hope (being a bit busy at work right now).

As far as I'm concerned, I don't have "A" favorite show, since they are so many fantastic ones. However, I really like certain "periods" of Bob. From the early sixties, I really love the 1962 Gaslight show (rawer than the 1963-1964 ones). From the electric years, I'm a gigantic fan of the Sheffield show in 1966. Then, from 1974 I'll go with the LA shows with The Band (although I love that As I Went Out One Morning in Toronto).
For the Rolling Thunder Revue, it's a tough choice so I'll pick 2 shows from 1975 and 2 others from 1976. For 1975, Montreal and Madison Square Garden. For 1976, New Orleans and Fort Collins.

For the 1978 World Tour, I strongly recommend the Paris show from July 6th (although Blackbushe could be a strong contender if the sound quality was better), and the Columbia, SC, one from December 9th (better than Charlotte in my opinion).

The Gospel Years leave me a bit cold, but in the midst of all the Jesus craze, I really like the Warfield show from November 15th 1979, the April 20th 1980 Massey Hall show (with the video!!) and the November 11th 1981 New Orleans show.

After that, I'm not that interested in the 80's concerts (except perhaps Verona 87 for that When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky).
Then with the 80's NET, only Berkeley 88 is worth the time as a complete performance.

In the 90's, before 1994, only the Supper Club gigs were phenomenal. Then the floodgates open and I don't know which show I prefer the best. Roseland 1994 was great, as well as Boston, and of course Nara (that Ring Them Bells!). In 1995, you have Prague, Brixton, Monterey, Philadelphia (in June), and the shows with Patti Smith (Bethlehem, the Beacon, and the three Philly last shows).
For 1996, Berlin, Liverpool, and Atlanta are just breathtaking. In 1997, I love the shows at the Wolf Trap, the ones in England, San Jose, New York, and the El Rey residency.

In 1998, you have so many good ones it's impossible to keep count (New York in January with Van Morrison, San Jose again, Stockholm, Berlin, Birmingham, Paris, Puyallup, Minneapolis, and again New York at the Garden). Same thing for 1999 (Binghamton, Amherst, the two Portland, Eugene, Zurich, the one in Slovenia). The tour with Paul Simon is also perfect from beginning to end.

In 2000, I'll go with Anaheim, Santa Cruz, Portsmouth, Muenster, Dresden, and Cologne. In 2001, you should listen to Osaka, Gothenburg, Telluride, Lancaster, Spokane, and Portland (ME).

In 2002, Atlanta is amazing (although the sound is a bit dry). Aspen is good too, and the complete US Fall Tour is the last perfect tour for me (Seattle, Red Bluff, Berkeley and NYC are some of the best shows I've heard).

In 2003, go with the London shows. 2004 is spottier, but Motril, Bonnaroo, and Rochester are excellent (Detroit works for me thanks to that duet with Jack White). In 2005, Brixton and Dublin. In 2006, only the show at the New York City Center and the one in Boston are good enough for me (Ain't Talkin is the crown jewel).

From 2007 to 2012, I just like certain shows, but nothing that I can really recommend (maybe Rothburry and Stockholm in 2009).
2013 was way better with Rome, Hamburg, Paris, Blackpool and London. In 2014, you should give a go to Göteborg, Minneapolis and Philadelphia).

In 2015, Detroit is the best of the year, but my personal favorite was Lörrach because I went there and the atmosphere was magical throughout despite the heat. Mainz and Tübingen are also good. 2016 didn't work for me, except for the Desert Trip show (finally some change in the set!) and Paducah (similar to Detroit).

For 2017, the first show in Stockholm and the last show at the Beacon are the gems of the year. The London Palladium residency was good too, and Broomsfield was great because of the Tom Petty Tribute.

In 2018, Lisbon was a great start, but I prefer to wait a bit more to really weight the merit of this year (but so far I really like it!).

Most of the shows I've listed are on my channel, so I just don't think I need to link them.

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