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A Word on Recordings - Revised 1/1/2014
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Author:  BostonAreaBobFan [ Wed June 30th, 2010, 12:05 GMT ]
Post subject:  A Word on Recordings - Revised 1/1/2014

Tapers provide an invaluable service to the ER community. We're lucky to have access to the material they make available to us that we may otherwise never hear. Many hours are logged following the tours at a great expense of both time and money. That they post their work for all of our enjoyment speaks volumes to their giving spirit.

In return, their recordings may not be:
- remastered
- converted to mp3, or any other format if the taper requests no conversion
- touched or tampered with in any way.

The only requests for exceptions to the remastering policy must come from the original taper to a moderator via a PM for this accomodation.

This policy was written as a gesture of gratitude for the material they provide for our listening pleasure. Links will be removed with no explanation. If you have questions on this notice, please feel free to contact me or another member of the moderating team.

Amendment 1/1/2014:

This is a site that focuses on the work of Bob Dylan. As such, we have reserved the Other Artists forum for you to discuss other musicians of interest to our members. These posts may contain recorded clips (i.e. YouTube clips) to accompany a relevant discussion. However, entire threads dedicated to another artist's unofficial recordings should be posted to their websites.

Posts containing links to sites that host officially released material are also not permitted.

Continuously posting officially released material by any artist will result in your account termination.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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