Three additional professors endorse Bob Dylan as candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature

As mentioned in our press release of October 1, 1996, Professor Gordon Ball of Lexington, Virginia, USA formally launched Bob Dylan's candidacy.

Professor Stephen Scobie, The University of Victoria, Canada, Professor Betzy Bowden, The University of New Jersey, USA and Professor D. Karlin, The University College, London UK, have all endorsed Bob Dylan's candidacy for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Professor Bowden wrote her Ph.D. on Dylan in 1978 at Berkley, published at Indiana University Press in 1982.

Professor Scobie is a mamber of the Royal Society of Canada and has studied Dylan's lyrics for 25 years.

Professor Karlin writes to the Nobel Academy: "Even at th emost trivial level, he has given more memorable phrases to our language than any comparable figure since Kipling."

The endorsements from the professors are available from the Campaign Committee.

The feedback to the Campaign Committee has been overwhelming and worldwide (Europe, Australia, USA, New Zealand and Asia).

The support has come from authors, intellectuals and others. Gundela Russ from the former East Germany writes, "Considering that I spent most of my youth in the former GDR Mr. Bob Dylan's lyrics and music have never failed to motivate me - even in the darkest hour sof my life".

Dr. Aidan Day, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, writes. "I endorse the nomination of Dylan for the Nobel Prize in Literature: abobe all, bacause of the way in which his work over 35 years has fearlessly and uniquely engaged and defines a culture that exists in a state of permanent anxiety and crisis..."

Professor Gordon Ball, USA, met with the Campaign Committe in Kensington, London, December 27, 1996 to discuss the further strategy. The accident and tragic death of Committee member John Bauldie was remembered. Two new members were elected to the Committee - Dr. Alan Keeling of Shropshire, England and Mr Graham Wilkinson, Suffolk University College, England.

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