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Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Disaster Blues / Bootleg Series 1-3 / 1962

I saw it advertised one day Bear Mountain Picnic was coming my way
Bear Mountain is the destination of the Day Line a long time tour boat which leaves from the 42nd Street pier (do we know what 42nd Street is??) and travels two hours or so North up the Hudson River. There's some baby skiing and a carousel, I think, and a snack bar and picnicking and hiking. It had a sort of bourgeois reputation then. A place for families but not at all "hip". A pretty place though.
It is in New York State, right near West Point. The story told by the song is true, more-or-less.

Timothy Herrick (
Bear Mountain is in New York state, Rockland County, just across the border from New Jersey

Bear Mountain
A peak, 391.6 m (1,284 ft) high, of southeast New York overlooking the Hudson River. It is in a popular resort area.