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Boggy Creek

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Our  trip  it  was  a  pleasant  one  
as  we  hit  the  westward  road 
Til we crossed old Boggy Creek in old New Mexico

What does the EDLIS atlas agent have on file for Griffin, Boggy Creek, and the River?

- Answer: nothing, can anyone help?

Date: Tue, 8 Aug 1995 07:50:29 -0500
Subject: Boggy Creek
From: Edvard Lysne <> I did not get your E-mail address, Edvard! 

might help you with. On the atlas, there is an entry for
'Boggy Creek'. I am not sure about this (only almost sure) 
that this line is from one version of Trail of the Buffalo
(alternative titles: 'Range of the Buffalo' or 'Hills of
Mexico'). I haven't checked it out, but it might be from
one of his numerous outings of this traditional ballad from 
1988 onwards. My guess is based on the structure and a
familiar ring of the lines cited as the context for the 
Boggy Creek reference.

Another possibility is that it is from an other of those
traditional ballads he has been performing a lot of recently
,both on albums and in concerts (by the way, there is an
excellent compilation out, called Golden vanity with live
performances of traditional songs from Bob concerts. Maybe
you already got it.). I'll try to check it out - sometime.