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Canadee-i-o / Good As I Been To You/ 1992

It was of a fair and pretty maid
She was in her tender care
She dearly lov'd a sailor
It was true she lov'd him well
And how to get to sea with him
She did not like why know
But she long'd to see that seaport town
Call'd Canadee-i-o (MOSCOVITCH, PHILIP C.):
[I did not manage] to find it (using a variety of spellings) in any encyclopedia or atlas. If there is (or was) such a place does anyone know anything about it? (T. Douglas Mast):
Well, I don't know of such a town. I assume it is just a perversion of "Canada." Such a far-away, mysterious place, that it might have been unclear whether it was a country or a town.

It's probably been mentioned here before, but anyway. . .Canadee-I-O was recorded by the British singer Nic Jones on his album Penguin Eggs, and Dylan's version is very similar to Jones'.