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Castle, the

Date: Fri, 19 May 1995 16:50:52 GMT
From: (Ed Ricardo)
Subject: The Castle

It might make an interesting thread if people were to relate what they know of The Castle?

It is in the Los Feliz hills of Los Angeles, and was owned by Tom Law who worked for Albert Grossman.

Many famous people lived there, including Bob Dylan, Barry McGuire, Andy Warhol & The Velvet Underground and the like... Many many more passed through.

From Lisa Law, April 20, 2003:

The Castle was found by Jack Simons who was a real estate investor and a good friend of John Law. John and Tom Law invested in the Castle with Jack in 1965. At that time, Tom Law was working as assistant to the director for Mike Nichols during the filming of' Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf'. Lisa Bachelis and Tom had met at a Peter Paul and Mary concert that same year in Berkeley. Lisa was the personal manager to Frank Werber, the manager of the Kingston Trio, and Tom was the road manager for Peter Paul and Mary. Tom and Lisa fell in love and Lisa moved to the castle during the winter of 1965. The Castle rapidly became the hang out for musicians, poets, actors, political activists, and pranksters. Singer Barry McGuire moved into the suite on the first floor and Actor Severn Darden took up residence in the opium den in the basement. Patrick Close, a close friend of Lenny Bruce lived in the basement as well and Tom and Lisa lived in the tower room which overlooked the 3 acres of jade gardens. Bob Dylan rented one of the suites on the second floor during a stay in 1966 and Albert Grossman visited the castle many times during his stay. Grossman was also the manager of Peter Paul and Mary, thus the connection with Tom Law. When the Velvet Underground had a gig at the Trip on Sunset strip, Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground stayed at the castle as well. This is where they met Severn Darden and Lou Reed wrote him into a song. Lisa Law shot the first Tim Hardin album cover in the garden and Richard and Mimi Farina sang a duet in the ballroom. Tiny Tim played and sang off the balcony and Allen Ginsberg recited poetry in front of the massive fireplace in the ballroom. For one year, the Castle was the Mecca for the music scene. Tom and Lisa left to move to Yelapa, Mexico and a few years later the Castle was sold for less than it was purchased for. Since then it has had four owners. Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers had the gardens totally redone and when he was made an offer he could not refuse, he sold it to John Paul Getty Jr. who owns it today. The Castle no longer has the original gold leaf sealing but the ambiance of the majestic dining room and ballroom still has not lost its allure and the walls still resound with the tunes of the the Beatles singing their album 'Rubber Soul' as Tom and Lisa Law danced their wild and free dance... the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of the new age." You can read more about the castle and Bob Dylan and see photos by purchasing the book "Flashing on The Sixties" by going to Back to the Expecting Rain front page.