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Chelsea Hotel

Sara / Desire / 1975

stayed up all night in the Chelsea Hotel
writing Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands for you

The Chelsea Hotel is in New York City, in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, on 23rd Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues.

Recommend staying there. It's clean and has a lobby full of bizarre Village-y paintings and sculptures, and it costs about a hundred bucks, a lot less than the average clean hotel in New York City. The rooms are well-kept and the service is good too.

Edie Sedgewick is an example of someone famous who lived there. Sid Vicious killed Nancy Spungen there. Leonard Cohen and Janis Joplin had an affair there, as recounted in Cohen's Chelsea Hotel. Virgil Thompson (American classical composer) lived there. Craig Claiborn, the food writer, lived there. There is a plaque out front listing several famous residents...

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Date:    Fri, 17 Mar 1995 07:06:37 -0600
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Subject: BBC 2 television, Friday 17 March 1995...

Friday 17 March 1995 BBC2

   tribute to series editor Nigel Finch, who died last month, this
   classic `Arena' film documents the world of the Chelsea Hotel in New
   York, a legendary haven for artists and performers. For over 110
   years, the hotel's drab brown doors have concealed a bohemian
   community where brilliant and eccentric works have been created by
   such legends as Andy Warhol, William Burroughs, Quentin Crisp and

   0.15 REVOLUTION (1985) (Ceefax) (Nicam Digital Stereo)...

Now that  the BBC  is online  it is  much easier  to  notify
people of upcoming Dylan-related programmes with a quick and
dirty cut and paste.

The Radio  Times mentioned  Dylan and  SAd eyed  lAdy of the
LOWlaNDs but  the BBC  no doubt thinks online people are not
caught by that hook...

I have  yet to  see anything posted from programme schedules
in other  countries, presumably  they  are  online  in  most
developed countries?


Bob Dylan: Not Like a Rolling Stone Interview. Spin, Volume One Number Eight. December 1985. Interview by Scott Cohen This interview was taken from another Web site. The author of the site was ramer@edu.wisc.ssc I never had that much to do with Edie Sedgwick. I've seen where I have had, and read that I have had, but I don't remember Edie that well. I remember she was around, but I know other people who, as far as I know, might have been involved with Edie. Uh, she was a great girl. An exciting girl, very enthusiastic. She was around the Andy Warhol scene, and I drifted in and out of that scene, but then I moved out of the Chelsea Hotel. We, me and my wife, lived in the Chelsea Hotel on the third floor in 1965 or '66, when our first baby was born. We moved out of that hotel maybe a year before Chelsea Girls, and when Chelsea Girls came out, it was all over for the Chelsea Hotel. You might as well have burned it down. The notoriety it had gotten from that movie pretty much destroyed it. I think Edie was in Chelsea Girls. I had lost total touch with her by that time, anyway. It may just have been a time when there was just a lot of stuff happening. Ondine, Steve Paul's Scene, Cheetah. That's when I would have known Edie if I would have known her, and I did know her, but I don't recall any type of relationship. If I did have one, I think I'd remember. Nov 14, 1998: "Chelsea Hotel" is the best track on the new Dan Bern album, hands down. You can hear a long snippet of it here. Chelsea mourning - Dylan got married there, Viva gave birth there and Nancy died there. The Velvet Underground's John Cale pays tribute to the most famous hotel in the world - (Observer, UK Spt 3, 2000)