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Delacroix, LA

Tangled Up in Blue / Blood On The Tracks / 1974

Working for a while on a fishing boat 
right outside of Delacroix (Carrol W. Laird):
Delacroix is a tiny fishing town just inland of the Gulf of Mexico in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. I've never been there but I once heard there is a huge sign down there that says "This is the end of the world." So if the character is "outside of Delacroix"...

Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 22:02:35 -0500
From: Greg Weston (gregwest@DELPHI.COM)
Subject: Re: Tangled Up in Blue - Montague Street

(Stuff about Montague Street also...)

Delacroix is not really a suburb, but is a tiny fishing village South of New Orleans. It is literally at the end fo the earth, as no roads go through it, they just end there- at least according to my road map. It is kind of in swampland as South Louisiana merges with the Gulf of Mexico. As to why Dylan mentioned, I have no guess. As far as I know it has no particular claim to fame. At least, I lived in Southeast Louisiana for 2 years without out ever hearing of it outside of the song.