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Duluth, Minnesota

Something There's About You / Planet Waves / 1973

Rainy Days on the Great Lakes, walking the hills of old Duluth There was me and Danny Lopez, Cold Eyes, Black night, then there was Ruth.
Timothy Herrick ( This is truly a beautiful song. While Bobby grew up in Hibbing, he was born in Duluth. Although his lyrics have featured midwest locals, this is the only time he mentions his birthplace. Who Danny Lopez and Ruth are is anybodyís guess, but this song centers around a long forgotten truth inspired by a lover, which somehow was first discovered in childhood, or at least, in years past. Backed by The Band, who bring their lonely coldweather Canadian charms to enhance the lyric, this is certainly one of Dylanís most personal songs, and personal references. A city of northeast Minnesota on Lake Superior opposite Superior, Wisconsin. Permanent settlement began here in the 1850's. The city's fine harbor accommodates oceangoing vessels. Population, 92,811. Hibbing is a mining town, which probably made Dylan long for the beautiful lakes he remembered seeing through young eyes.
Expecting Rain