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Dutch Charlie's Bend

Naomie Wise / Blind Boy Grunt / 1961 (Ben Ryan):
Just listened to my muddy copy taped from a nice old Lp boot "Blind Boy Grunt' of 'Omie Wise'. Also known as 'Naomi Wise', 'Poor Omie',and 'Deep Water'. A traditional ballad, I believe... (thanks Craig).

In it there is mention of a murder most foul committed by John Louis at 'Dutch Charlie's Bend' (where the deep waters glide) - anyone know of its whereabouts? Has it an entry in the renowned EDLIS ATLAS? Has anyone been there and made it out?

How many versions/renditions exist?
What other bootlegs have this listed?
Any other artist known to sing the song?
Anyone else think this is a truly marvellous ballad?
Could anyone supply us with the lyrics?