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Bob Dylan's 115th Dream / Bringing It All Back Home / 

Well, I got back and took The parkin' ticket off the mast I was ripping it to shreds When this coastguard boat went past They asked me my name And I said, "Captain Kidd" They believed me but They wanted to know What exactly that I did I said for the Pope of Eruke I was employed They let me go right away They were very paranoid

Ed Ricardo, 2009: Eruke is a Yoruba word for a fly whisk made from a horse tail emblematic of high status. So the reference may be to traditional African religion among slaves and their descendants in America. The traveller could be saying he was employed by the highest status figure in Voodoo. Good strategy to secure your release. Paranoid or not. Of course Eruke was a place, a settlement in Nigeria in the 15th century, but I do not see that that place is relevant to this song.
Wikipedia: Eruke