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French Quarter

Brownsville Girl / Knock Out Loaded/ 1986

You always said there was something about me
You liked that I left in the French Quarter

When La Nouvelle Orléans ("New Orleans" in French) was founded
in 1718 by Jean-Baptist Le Moyne de Bienville, the city was
originally centered on the French Quarter, or the Vieux Carré
("Old Square" in French) as it was known then. While the area is
still referred to as the Vieux Carré by some, it is more
commonly known as the French Quarter today, or simply "The
Quarter." The French Quarter, is the oldest and most famous
neighborhood in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. The district
as a whole is a National Historic Landmark, and it contains
numerous individual historic buildings. The New Orleans French
Quarter is a strange place; even its French name, Vieux Carré.

Most tourists explore the Vieux Carré for the restaurants, bars,
architecture, or novelty shops and a residence area, covering
all the land stretching along the Mississippi River from Canal
Street to Esplanade Avenue (12 blocks) and inland to Rampart
Street (seven to nine blocks). It equals an area of 78 sq.
blocks, forming a literal and graphical "square".

But the said place is used by Bob Dylan in Brownsville Girl, 
which takes place in Texas. So when saying "You always
said there was something about me you liked that I left in the
French Quarter", Dylan may be referring to the original New
Orleans French Quarter, or perhaps, to one of various places in
a certain Houston, Texas area, referred by some as The French
Quarter, where there are several establishments with that name,
such as the "French Quarter Cajun Seafood Restaurant"; or "The
French Quarter Market and Grill" among others. 

But then again, in Chronicles Vol. I, Bob Dylan shows much love
and admiration for the City of New Orleans (Everything about New
Orleans is a good idea - he writes). So it is quite possible
that in the song, the narrator being in Texas, talks about
"something" he actually forgot all the way up in The New
Orleans French Quarter. Only God and Dylan would know...

New Orleans French Quarter

From: Alberto Ortega Gurza

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