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Trail Of The Buffalo Skinners / The Genuine Basement Tapes Volume 1 / 1963
Traditional [Hills Of Mexico / On The Trail of the Buffalo / Range of the Buffalo]

T'was in the town of Griffin in the year of '65
A well-known famous villain stepped up to me a time
Sayin' "How d'ya do, young cowboy, how d'ya like to go
Spend the summer pleasantly in the hills of Mexico?" (Ed Ricardo):
I have always taken Griffin to be Griffin Saskatchewan, which was buffalo country, though the travelling south to New Mexico would be considerable. I have heard others suggest Clifton Arizona, and still others suggest Griffin Georgia!
Well, Griffin, GA, is a textile and food centre, with one of the world's largest pimiento canneries. Seat of Spalding County from 1851. Named after Col. Lewis L. Griffin.