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Hog Farm

Date: Thu, 1 Jun 1995 13:54:15 EDT
Subject: Re: Wavy and the Hog Farm

Sara and other wonderers,
Saw your post on the Dylan list about the Hog Farm. Yes, it does still exist and some of its members can be found at Dead shows and other festivals in the Bay Area and elsewhere where they are oftentimes called on to help with keeping the masses mellow and out of jail. They reside in a variety of places around the west -- California, Northern and Southern, New Mexico, and sometimes elsewheres. When I lived in Berkeley, their presence was everywhere and they were some of the coolest nicest folks around. Wavy does a non-tour every once in awhile, either promoting a book, a cause, or Nobody for President or all three. As you can imagine, the original Farmers' kids are now having kids, so that means there are three generations of Hog Farmers.
If you ever go to a Dead show and see a big bus or two with a few generations of freaks hanging out, stop by and say hi.