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Mozambique / Desire / 1976

"I'd like to spend some time in Mozambique..." 

Mozambique, officially Republic of Mozambique, republic
(1994 est. pop. 17,346,000), 302,328 sq mi (783,030 sq km), SE Africa

Will Hanley :
A friend of mine was there last winter, she met a man who sang that song every time he picked up his guitar, as a type of war up mantra.
Mozambique was written soon after that country's war of liberation. It has to be one of Dylan's strangest examples of political satire and in fact, the satire works only on the assumption that the listener is aware of the poltical situation of the mid-70s.
Otherwise, musically it is the sole light-hearted number on Desire, a classic record. Of course, if they build a club med there now, which they probably will, the last 20 years and the current world situation has elimenated all irony.

Subject: Re: Mozambique again
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Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 07:39:14 GMT

"Eamonn" - globalbeat AT wrote:
- I distinctly remember someone writing in a magazine or music paper that
- Dylan was not singing about the country at all but rather about a beach in
- California of the same name.

Mozambique is a tiny little cove, just south of Zuma Beach.  An idyllic
summer place, where guys hang with their woodys & surf bunnies frolic in the

During the off-season, the beach is infested with kelp.  Sometimes the odd
Dylan fan turns up, digging for bad clams.