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Painted Desert

Brownsville Girl/ Knocked Out Loaded /

I can still see the day that you came to me on the painted desert 
In your busted down Ford and your platform heels 
I could never figure out why you chose that particular place to meet 
Ah, but you were right. It was perfect as I got in behind the wheel.
A plateau region of north-central Arizona east of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers. Irregularly eroded layers of red and yellow sediment and clay have left striking bands of color.

Here is some more irony on irony. One of the best novels of last year (1995?) was Painted Desert by Fredrick Barthelme, an American writer.
F. Barthelme is a great writer and is moving the Hemingway idiom into a new, contemporary and more immediate direction. The novel is actually a sequel to The Brothers (1993), which is probably a better book. However, in The Brothers, the main character (who is also the main character in Painted Desert), quotes to his much younger girl friend, "You take the Dark out of the night time, and paint the day time black." To which his girlfriend replies, "is that the moody blues?" It's a very comic moment. But the irony does not end there. Barthelme is a professor at University of Mississippi. Which is located in Oxford Mississippi, believed to be the inspiration for Oxford Town.