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Sara / Desire / 1975

Sleepin' in the woods by a fire in the night
Drinkin' white rum in a Portugal bar
Them playin' leap-frog and hearin' about Snow White
You in the market place in Savanna-la-Mar (Bruce H. Prussack):
Savanna-la-Mar is a town in southwest Jamaica (east of Negril).

I visited Savanna-la-Mar in November, 1978. I got there late in the afternoon,
so the marketplace was (unfortunately) empty.
It was like the towns you see in western (cowboy) movies - wooden
sidewalks, dirt road. I had a beer and traveled on.

refered to by Jamaicans as 'Sav'.
This is a crossroads town, off the beaten path of typical tourists.
Historically an important market town due to crossroads location.