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Spalding must  have some  significance to  someone in  Dylan

What do readers  think of  the 2  CD Vienna
1994 release The Werchter Club Of Spalding as a CD?

And why Spalding again?

No one  ever explained Rockland's Captain Ahab's Dream / Bob
Dylan & the Gentleman's Club of Spalding [T-175]?

Nor has  anyone explained  the  vinyl  Days  Of  '49  :  The
Gentleman's Club  Of Spalding  (Cookroom,  Cookroom  Records
001, [1990])?

Just add it to the FUQ I suppose...

Karl Erik? Les? Ben? Anyone? Why Spalding? Not in any lyrics
I know...


Ken Pennington (
If my memory serves me well, Groucho Marx plays Captain Spalding in one of the Marx Brothers movies - Animal Crackers? Captain Spalding of course was the famous explorer who shot an elephant in his pajamas - how he got in my pajamas, I'll never know! This movie is highly regarded here in Alabama. (Ed Ricardo):
And is Captain Spalding related to the Gentleman's Club of Spalding which is not all that far from here, in Spalding?