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Tombstone Blues / Highway 61 Revisited / 1965

I'm in the streets
With the tombstone blues

Bob Dylan has sang about all kinds of blues:
Outlaw Blues; Poor Boy Blues; Paranoid Blues; Highway Blues; Money Blues;
and even his own Bob Dylan's Blues.
But he's also written about the Mexico City Blues, the Memphis Blues Again and Tombstone Blues.

Known as "The Town Too Tough To Die", Tombstone,is an Arizona frontier
town located 70 miles southeast of Tucson.
With a rich and violent history as part of the American Wild West,Tombstone
was, without doubt, one of the most lawless mining camps in the American
West. From this one-time city of 10,000 -- miners, merchants, floozies,
cowboys and rustlers, itinerant thugs, saloon keepers and, in general, a lot
of just plain unsavory people -- numerous tales (some apocryphal) have
developed over the past 110 years.

Tombstone: The Story and pictures

From Alberto Ortega Gurza, 2007