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Crash on the Levee / The Basement Tapes / 1967?

You can train on down to Williamspoint you can bust your feet, you can rock this joint oh, mama, ain't you gonna miss your best friend now you gonna have to find yourself another best friend somehow
Subject: Crash on the Levee -Down in the Flood- From: Kees de Graaf ( Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 22:14:17 +0200 Hi everybody Kees de graaf here, The lyrics of this song say: 'Now you can train on down to Williams Point'. What is this Williams Point? Is this supposed to be the most northernly point of the North American Continent on Ellesmere Island, sighted by the english navigator William Baffin in 1616 and therefore called 'Williams Point'? Any other suggestions? Regards Kees de Graaf

Williams Point, Fl. is home to the Brevard County Correctional Facility.