Bob Dylan Remasters Earn Critical Raves!

You could never improve the music, but look at the raves from the press on the Bob Dylan Remasters!

Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings recently released fifteen classic Bob Dylan albums with a major sonic upgrade, now available on hybrid SACD disks that play on CD and SACD players.

The new discs are available individually: (click link below)

or as a limited edition box set: : (click link below)

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Here are some excerpts from recent reviews in the Wall Street Journal and Chicago Tribune:

Legacy's Dylan reissue series ranks among the most ambitious undertaken by any major record label, and represents the most significant marriage yet of emerging technological breakthroughs with recordings of such historical and social signficance.

The albums span every era of Mr. Dylan's mercurial and kaleidoscopic studio career, from the cornerstone of his folk years, 1963's "Freewheelin'," to a trio of turbulent, surrealistic and cataclysmic mid-1960's classics ("Bringing It All Back Home," "Highway 61 Revisited," "Blonde on Blonde"), to latter-day masterpieces ("Blood on the Tracks," "Oh Mercy," "Love and Theft"). Indeed, with perhaps a quibble or two,...this batch incorporates the best and most influential recordings of Mr. Dylan's long, storied studio career.

From the hypnotic keyboard curlicues on "(Stuck Inside of Mobile with the) Memphis Blues Again," to the stark austerity of "Mr. Tambourine Man," to the crackling electricity running throughout "Like a Rolling Stone," these CDs largely fulfill on Legacy's promise to deliver the listener virtually into Columbia Records' studios at the moment of creation. "Another Side of Bob Dylan" receives the greatest boost--the heretofore buried cadences of
Mr. Dylan's guitar on "Spanish Harlem Incident" are revelatory. Sonic clarity in the interaction of the musicians, in the texture of Mr. Dylan's voice and harmonica, and in the resonance and presence of the recordings makes for a voyage of rediscovery even if these albums have been etched in your brain for decades.

Legacy's producers, engineers and tape researchers have done an exemplary job of tracking down the masters, restoring and in some cases expanding album artwork, and most of all capturing the recordings in all their chromatic glory.

Luke Torn, Wall Street Journal 9/24/03

"Bob Dylan Revisited" represents an across-the-board quantum leap in richness, warmth and presence. Those who own the records on CD or LP will not feel duped buying these discs, which are contained in digipaks that faithfully reproduce the original albums' artwork and liner notes. So revelatory are the clarity and detail, it's akin to having always heard Dylan from a theater's upper balcony, and now listening to him from fourth-row center.

The most striking improvement is the sense of depth, which allows
listeners to hear into the music. Compression that had muffled instruments and squashed Dylan's voice has disappeared, making audible the reeds in his harmonica, wood of his guitar and, what may be the biggest discovery, continuity of his voice. Everybody playing with Dylan sounds infinitely better too. Rhythms have never been as solid or tight, the give-and-take interplay between musicians fully exposed. The albums' emotional impact seems to have increased tenfold, Dylan's poetic brew of politics, wit, humor and the grotesque served up with startling realism.

Bob Gendron, Chicago Tribune 9/14/03

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