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Subject: world gone wrong sources

someone was aksing about world gone wrong sources.

i found this older post, hope it helps

Subject: World Gone Wrong source list
Date: 8 Nov 93 19:26:08 GMT
Organization: University of Virginia
Lines: 199
Originator: mmdf@uvaarpa.Virginia.EDU

We've prepared another one of those source listings, this one for
World Gone Wrong.  Please send additions and corrections;  any
information is appreciated.  The * means that we have that
version in our collection.

Jim Reuter and Rebecca Buck

BOB DYLAN                          WORLD GONE WRONG
Released October 26, 1993

1    World Gone Wrong
2    Love Henry
3    Ragged & Dirty
4    Blood In My Eyes
5    Broken Down Engine
6    Delia
7    Stack A Lee
8    Two Soldiers
9    Jack-A-Roe
10   Lone Pilgrim

          The World Is Going Wrong (WIGW)

*    Mississippi Sheiks (Dylan liner notes), Stop and Listen,
          Yazoo 2006, 1992 (WIGW); also on Stop and Listen Blues,
          Mamlish S-3804

-----  -----

          Young Hunting (YH)

     Tom Paley (Dylan liner notes) and Pete Seeger,  Who's Gonna
          Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet, Topic
     June Tabor, 1990
     Hedy West, Ballads, Topic 1967


        Broke and Hungry (BH)
          Broken Hearted, Ragged & Dirty (BHRD)
          I'm Broke An' I'm Hungry (IBH)

     Luther Allison (RAD)
     Willy Brown (Dylan liner notes)
     Sleepy John Estes, 1929 (BHRD)
*    Blind Lemon Jefferson, King of the Country Blues, Yazoo
          1069 (BH)
     Smokey Babe, c. 1960 (IBH)


          I've Got Blood In My Eyes For You (IGB)

*    Mississippi Sheiks (Dylan liner notes), Stop and Listen,
          Yazoo 2006, 1992 (IGB); also on Stop and Listen Blues,
          Mamlish S-3804

-----  -----

        Broken Down Engine Blues (BDEB)

     Martin Simpson, 1981 (BDE)
*    Blind Willie McTell (Dylan liner notes), Atlanta Twelve
          String, 1972 (BDEB), originally issued on Atlantic 891
          as Barrelhouse Sammy (The Country Boy)
*    Blind Willie McTell, The Early Years 1927-1933B, Yazoo
          L-1005, 1931 (BDEB)

-----  -----

6    DELIA (D)
          All My Friends Are Gone (AFG)
          Delia's Gone (DG)
          Little Delia (LD)

     Two or more versions mixed into one (Dylan liner notes)
     Harry Belafonte, Mark Twain and other Folk Favorites,
          RCA Victor LPN 1022, 1954 (D)
     Blind Blake (DG)
     Bud and Travis, Folk Song America -- A 20th Century Revival,
          Disc II, Sony Special Products, RD 046, A 4 21489, 1990
Bob Gibson, Offbeat Folk Songs, Riverside RLP 12-802
     Stefan Grossman, 1968 (AFG)
     Josh White, 25th Anniversary Album, Elektra EKL-123 (DG)
          also released as two 10" LPS -- The Story of John Henry
          and Ballads, Blues and Other Songs EKL-701
     Blind Willie McTell, 1940 (D)
     Blind Willie McTell, 1949 (LD)


          Stackalee (STAL)
          Stack-A-Lee (SA)
          Stack O' Lee Blues (SLB)
          Stackerlee (STL)
          Stackolee (ST)
          Stagger Lee (SL)
          Staggerlee (SGL)
          Stag-o-lee (SO)
          Stagolee (S)

     Paul Clayton, Bloody Ballads (British and American Murder
          Ballads), Riverside RLP 12-615
Jesse Fuller, Work Songs, Blues, Spirituals, Good Time Jazz,
          L-12031, 1958 (S)
*    Grateful Dead, Shakedown Street, Arista AB 4198, 1978 (SL)
     Woody Guthrie (s)
     Cisco Houston, Hard Travelin', Folkways FA 2042 (S)
*    Mississippi John Hurt, 1928 Sessions, Yazoo 1065, 1990 (SLB)
*    Mississippi John Hurt, Newport Folk Festival - 1963,
          Vanguard VCD 77002, 1963 (S)
*    Mississippi John Hurt, The Best of Mississippi John Hurt,
          live at Oberlin College, April 15, 1965, Vanguard
          VSD-19/20, (S)
     Robert Hunter/Jerry Garcia (SL)
     Frank Hutchinson (Dylan liner notes), Anthology of American
          Folk Music, Anglo American Ballads Part 1, Folkways FA
          2951, 1952 (STAL)
     Dr. John, Live at the Marquee Club, London, with Chris
          Barber (SAL)
*    Dr. John, Dr. John's Gumbo, Alligator AL 3901, 1972 (SA)
     Ed McCurdy, Blood, Booze 'n Bones, Eleckra EKP-108 (STL)
     Lloyd Price, 1958 (SGL)
*    Professor Longhair, Rock 'N' Roll Gumbo, Dancing Cat
          DC 3006, 1985 (S)
*    Professor Longhair, The Last Mardi Gras, Atlantic SD 2-4001,
1982 (SO)
*    Professor Longhair, Live on the Queen Mary, Harvest
          SW-11790, 24 March 1975 (SL)
*    Tom Rush, Tom Rush, Fantasy 24709 (STL)
     Pete Seeger, American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 2, Folkways
          FA2321, 1958 (S)
*    Taj Mahal, De Ole Folks At Home, Columbia GP 28 (SL)
     Dave Van Ronk, Your Basic Dave Van Ronk, 1983 (S)
     Unlisted singer, Negro Prison Songs from the Mississippi
          State Penitentiary, Tradition TLP-1020, 1947 (STL)

-----  -----

          Battle Of Fredricksburg
          Boston Boy (Dylan set list)
          Fight At Bunker Hill
          The Last Fierce Charge
          The Soldier Boys
          Two Brothers (?)  Another group of variants by this

Jerry Garcia (Dylan liner notes)
     Hazel and Alice (Dylan liner notes)
     Mike Seeger, 1964 (TS)


9    JACK-A-ROE (J)
          Jackaroe (JA)
          Jack Munro (JM1)
          Jack Monroe (JM2)
          Jackie Monroe (JM3)

*    Joan Baez, In Concert/Part 2, Vanguard VSD-2123, 1963 (JA)
*    Joan Baez, Rare, Live & Classic, Vanguard VCD2-125/27,
          1993, with Mickey Hart and Jerry Garcia, 1980 (JA)
*    Grateful Dead, Reckoning, Arista A2L 8604, 1981 (J)
     A. L. Lloyd, English Street Songs, Riverside RLP 12-614
     Tom Paley (Dylan liner notes)


10   LONE PILGRIM, A. M. Pace and B. F. White on album  -- trad.
in other notes.
          White Pilgrim (WP)

     Buell H. Kazee, His Songs and Music, Folkways FS 3810 (WP)
     Pete Rowan, Walls Of Time, Philo
     Alan Taylor, The Traveller
     Doc Watson (Dylan liner notes)

Graham Ashton, The Never Ending Lists
Ray M. Lawless, Folksingers and Folksongs of America, Duell,
     Sloan and Pearce, New York, 1960
Music Collection (R. Buck/J. Reuter)
RMD, 1993
Ian Woodward, The Wicked Messenger