Get yer H-61 I lyrics here !!!

Date:    Wed, 7 Jun 1995 17:57:15 UTC
From:    an74625@ANON.PENET.FI
Subject: Get yer H-61 I lyrics here !!!

            Screw 'em!  "If we knew how to print the lyrics we'd
        *tell* you!"  Right!!!

            PC users . . .

            The lyrics for the Dylan songs can be found in the hidden
        directory /MEDIA/DATABASE/LYRICS

            One problem is that each line ends in a carriage return,
        rather than a line-feed carriage return combination.  The
        files will look like they contain only 1 line to many text
        editors.  Also, there is non-ASCII punctuation.  Yeah, you
        could fix it manually, but I'm as mad as hell so screw 'em!

            Copy the .LYR files from the CD to a brand new
        subdirectory on your hard disk.  (There are 378 of them so you
        might want to use a wildcard!)  UUDECODE, UNZIP, and run the
        program FIX that follows the UUDECODER.  The syntax is
                                    FIX nn
        where nn is the number of spaces, possibly 0, to form the left

            For every .LYR file it will create a .TXT file that strips
        Windows information, converts the non-ASCII punctuation
        characters, and adds the line-feed carriage returns.

            The .LYR file names are a bit awkward because they begin
        with an album designator number.  If you want "Girl From the
        North Country", for example, you have know to look among the
        2s rather than the Gs.  The numbers cannot simply be stripped
        because the resulting names would not be unique.  Insetad, FIX
        wraps the designator to the end of the basename.  So, when
        processing 2girl_o.LYR, FIX creates girl_o2.TXT.

            FIX expects to be run from the subdirectory that contains
        the .LYR files.

            Enjoy . . .

Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 13:53:18 GMT From: Craig Jamieson (rcj10@CUS.CAM.AC.UK) Subject: Re: HWY 61-Interactive Q Joe McKeon ( wrote: : In article <47t7uh$>, Mike Fink writes: : >I know this old stuff, but how can I print : >lyrics from the CD-ROM? Is there an : >archive of old rmd postings I can : >rumage through to find such info? : As far as I can tell from playing with it, Highway 61 Interactive does not : allow for printing. I hope I'm wrong about this, Mike, and I hope somebody : comes forward to tell us how to do it but, alas, I am not optimistic. : (Wouldn't it be great?) Of course you can print the lyrics, one of the main reasons for buying the thing! There are many different methods. I suspect would be worth contacting as well as : >archive of old rmd postings I can : >rumage through to find such info?

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