Date:    Sat, 27 Jan 1996 22:32:01 UT
From:    Jeff (DrJibe@MSN.COM)
Subject: Re: how does it feel

In article (markg@leland.stanford.edu) (Mark Gonnerman) writes:

>Thomas Turtel (Turtle@interramp.com) wrote:
>::::The H61 CDROM displays a series of bootleg covers, each one next to a
>::::pair of handcuffs. It's clear enough for me. Redundant too.

>Then I wrote:
>::This is interesting.  I don't recall this.  I'll try to get over to the
>::local music archive and check it out (unless, of course, you object to
>::libraries owning copies of the CD-ROM and loaning them out).  Anyone care
>::to list which bootleg covers are on display?

>But then it occurred to me that Dylan didn't have anything to do with the
>production of the CD-ROM (correct?), so it can't count as evidence of his
>position in this discussion.  I imagine the handcuffs and boots graphic is
>intended to heighten the allure of this "underground" activity.  Kind of
>like Karl Erik making information pertaining to "unofficial" CDs password
>protected on "Expecting Rain." Not anymore.KEA

On Highway 61 Interactive CDROM on the main collage is a pair of handcuffs
which when clicked bring up a screen with a couple of paragraphs describing
bootlegs and how the Great White Wonder bootleg was the first. It mentions
their being illegal without the consent of the performer but is not negative
concerning them. It then allows you to click on golden keys to view
individually the album covers of 12 of the early Bob bootlegs. Handcuffs do
appear on each screen but as an icon to return to the handcuffs of the main
collage. The handcuffs are closed but not constraining any hands. An alternate
interpretation of the handcuffs is that they represent the handcuffs placed on
Bob's music by the record companies which the bootleggers have now freed.
Below is a list of the album covers displayed as best I could read them.

Are you Now or Have You Been
The Great White Wonder
A Rare Batch of Little White Wonder 2
The Villager
Bob Dylan Vol 2
Blind Boy Grunt and the Hawks Vol 2
A Rare Batch of Little White Wonder 1
Strip Tease
The Great White Wonder
Burn Some More
Bangor, Maine
While the Establishment Burns