About this server

This site is now served from my Internet Service Provider, Monet in Mo i Rana, Norway.

I have obtained the domain name www.expectingrain.com to give it a unique and recognizable Web address.

The server is now Apache on a UNIX machine. All the contents has been created on a Mac.

Karl Erik, September 1997

The below was last updated 13 March 1996, then again on 11 December 2005

The address for the Bob Dylan server "Expecting Rain" used to be http://bob.nbr.no/

It was running on a Macintosh II fx where I worked, using WebStar1.2, which I bought for my own money, just to be able to bring Bob information to you.
The files took up about 80 MB, plus some image files that were on a UNIX server.

The geographical location was Mo i Rana, Norway, just under the Arctic Circle. My name is Karl Erik Andersen. I work at the National Library, collecting Norwegian radio and TV recordings. We unveiled Mo i Rana's new landmark in early May 1995, a statue that stands in the water looking out the fjord. It is a man with his arms down along his side and a face of no set features. It's called "Havmannen" (The Ocean Man), and was created by British artist Anthony Gormley. Here is a picture of Havmannen and my son Greg!

Another big event in Mo i Rana was the opening of the ACR - Arctic Circle Racetrack on 12 August 1995.

The beginnings of the material displayed here was Bob's Jokerman video, from which I had earlier digitized the images, for a friend. Then word came from the EDLIS mansion in Cambridge: I was assigned the upkeep of the EDLIS Who's Who and Dylan Atlas files.

Clinton Heylin's list of people in the back of "Behind the Shades" was a major part of the first Who's Who. For several months I just had these two files sitting there, adding material when discussions on rec.music.dylan came up with interesting information. From time to time I posted the whole file to r.m.d. Soon, however, the Who's Who became too long, and besides, I was not happy about the layout I was using. Then someone posted a whole database of extracts from The Rolling Stone Record Guide, consisting of all mentions of Bob Dylan in other people's entries. At the same time I was beginning to think about making a "home page", and maybe the hypertext aspect of the World Wide Web would work well with the Who's Who.

I started this server in the fall of 1994. From August it was a home page on the National Library's UNIX machine. The first external visitors in the log came on September 19th, 1994. The pioneers were:

Then, during a weekend in Oslo in October, I spent a lot of time with the Powerbook, converting my files into one for each entry, and adding the html codes needed. When I came back, I put the files on the Web.

When I found that I could be running my own server on a Mac, I downloaded MacHTTP 1.1 and set it up on my desktop Mac II fx at work. It was dead easy! I was on the Net! My oldest surviving log says that I was visited on Nov 19, 1994 by someone with the IP number