Mexico City 20. Nov 2001
Karl Erik Andersen
Leaving the snow at home in Norway, I made a 12 hour flight Amsterdam-Mexico. We flew over Greenland, Hudson Bay and down through the US Mid-West. The airport taxis are not allowed to stop too long, so they make a 7-minute round and come back, while officials blow whistles and move them along. I went for three such rounds while we were waiting for another person,but we never found her.
Tuesday was a holiday, with some avenues closed off to make room for the parade. They had floats with representatives of various sports. The Internet cafe was closed, too, so I had to wait one more day for access. But at least I took some pictures.

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My slushy driveway the 747 Big bottle
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Architecture Steel logo Escape Ciber Cafe
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General Alvaro Obregon near Hidalgo The parade starts