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Date:    Mon, 18 Dec 1995 18:10:56 GMT
From:    John Howells (howells@HASBRO.CSD.SGI.COM)
Subject: Re: CD plus (SwedisChef) writes:

Date:    Wed, 8 Nov 1995 23:23:39 -0500
From:    Andra Greenberg (asg5@ACPUB.DUKE.EDU)

I read in the Newsweek of Nov. 13 (pg. 91): "Bob Dylan's offering contains a
comprehensive listing of all the songs from his 40 albums---by clicking on
any song title, you get a 15 second sampling."  I'm not sure how interesting
this would be for the Dylan fan who already owns most of his albums, but I
must admit it IS a clever idea.

Date: Sun, 5 Nov 1995 06:34:05 GMT From: kayaker5@IX.NETCOM.COM Subject: Greatest Hits Volume 3 Apoligies if this has allready been discussed...I seem to remember a thread relating to the existence on the street of the CD + version of this release. I bought a copy tonight 10/04/95 so it is on the street and available. 2 CDs of music + all the extras viewable thru your CD ROM drive, and a 3rd CD of Corel Drivers for enhanced CD.For those so inclined heres all the numbers and track lists. Bob Dylan Greatest Hits Vol. 3 CXR 67324 >From disc one CXR67324 CKR 66892 CPDP 000150 1. knockin' on heaven's door 2. forever young 3. tangled up in blue 4. hurricane 5. changing of the guards 6. gotta serve somebody 7. the groom's still waiting at the alter >From disc two CXR67324 CKR 66970 CPDP 000160 1. jokerman 2. series of dreams 3. brownsville girl 4. silvio 5. ring them bells 6. dignity 7. under the red sky Items included in addition to the audio include.. lyrics sound samples from various albums rare photos and "suprises of Bob Dylan" 2 full length music videos biography clips of Bob Dylan Audio tracks fom GHVOL3 with synchronized lyrics view all songs and liner notes from each album 15 second sound clip from every song on every album various rare photos and look our for "various video suprises" read about Dylan's life during the time span covering GHVOL3 and no I havnt looked at it i dont yet know how simular to the CD rom it is..:)
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 10:58:00 +0100 From: Andreas Wohlfeld (wocket@SUPERSONIC.RUHR.DE) Subject: Sony CD-Plus/CD-Rom Releases Recently, somebody put up the question if Sony was to release Dylan's "Greatest Hits 3" on CD-Plus. The answer seems to be "probably not". I just received a Promo CD from Sony Music Germany called "New Media", which includes demos for the "new way to listening", CD Plus. In case if anybody is wondering what the CD Plus is all about, it is said to be a 3 in 1 affair, combining "Redbook Standard" (conventional CD format), Yellowbook (a database like we know it from Dylan's CD-Rom) plus "Bluebook" (Multimediasession, also known as "Mixed Mode", where you acn remix songs and videos by yourself - I think Peter Gabriel already put out something like that?!)). Apparently the first planned Sony release seems to be Alice in Chains. No mention of Dylan, except for some printed reviews of his Hwy61 CD-Rom from german newspapers. (The Promo CD-Rom also includes some snippets from Hwy61...) But you can never know, what those lovely people at Sony plan to do, especially over here in Germany. -- Carsten Wohlfeld - HappyJaq on IRC loud music is very good for you and remember: "keep the stove on all night long so the mice wouldn't freeze" (Grant Hart)
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 05:54:43 GMT From: Christopher Zingg (mazingg@IX.NETCOM.COM) Subject: Greatest Hits Vol. 3 CD Plus The following promo poop has been sitting in my mailbox for a few days now so please forgive me if it's old news by now. "Introducing CD Plus, A brand new way of experiencing music. Audio CD + Multimedia CD-ROM = CD Plus. Bob Dylan Greatest Hits Vol. 3 Included on the Greatest Hits Vol. 3 CD Plus: 2 DISC SET Complete audio tracks with lyrics and credits Samples of Bob's songs Video clips 2 full-length videos of "Tangled Up In Blue" and "Series Of Dreams" Video interviews Photos Biography 1972-1989 All 40 Bob Dylan albums with liner notes and credits" According to the literature, "Sony will provide a technical support number to handle all consumer questions." Hope this helps. M.A. Zingg Providence, R.I. "The hardest job that ever I did was plowin' a field of rye, The easiest job that I ever did was eatin' chicken pie."
SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT PREMIERES COMPACT DISC-PLUS TITLES New Technology Plays in Both Audio CD Players and Computer-Based CD-ROM Drives LOS ANGELES, May 11, 1995 -- Sony Music Entertainment today previewed its first Compact Disc-Plus (CD-Plus) offerings from Bob Dylan, Mariah Carey, Alice in Chains and Toad the Wet Sprocket at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in booth #847 (South Hall). Sony Music will release a series of Compact Disc-Plus offerings from a number of its most popular recording artists throughout 1995. "Sony Music is dedicated to taking its artists' music to wherever consumer lifestyles lead. Today, computing is an intrinsic part of that lifestyle, one that is a natural medium for extending the impact of recorded music and music videos," explained Fred Ehrlich, senior vice president and general manager of new technology and business development for Sony Music Entertainment. CD-Plus -- Merging Music and Multimedia CD-Plus combines the full audio range of a compact disc with CD-ROM data in one multisession disc that can be played on existing CD players and CD-ROM drives. A CD-Plus disc places the CD-ROM information after the CD audio tracks, making it invisible to and 100 percent compatible with all CD audio players. When played on a computer's CD-ROM drive, the interactive portion is recognized and users have access to an immersive multimedia experience -- in addition to and in combination with full CD-quality sound. Committed to New Technology Sony Music Entertainment has formed a top-rate, in-house CD-Plus production team which works closely with the artists to translate their musical visions into multimedia experiences. "This advancement in CD technology enables our artists to share much more of their creative efforts with their fans. Compact Disc-Plus provides artists with expanded musical boundaries to enhance the listening experience by adding interactivity to music-based discs," said Ehrlich. Ehrlich added that CD-Plus is a win-win situation. "Artists have gained an additional means of expression. Users gain access to a whole new world. By providing multimedia tracks in addition to music tracks, Compact Disc-Plus offers consumers twice the entertainment experience." Unique Multimedia Experience Sony Music's Compact Disc-Plus discs will provide a variety of elements, including music audio and video, album artwork, song lyrics, liner notes, photos, album credits, biographies, discographies, interview clips and fan club information. Each title's multimedia section will have a unique look and feel in keeping with the spirit of the artist. The discs provide users the ability to play audio only with the same functionality as traditional audio CD players. A myriad of artist photos will be available for viewing as will lyrics from the album. Users can click on any portion of the lyrics and the audio will pick-up immediately from that point. The CD-Plus titles will also present full-motion videos, highlighting tracks from the album. A discography, complete with cover art and song titles and fifteen-second song clips, will be available, enabling users to access previous releases by the artists. Additionally, a credits section will present the users with in-depth information about the recording of the album. Band history, interview clips, animated art and fan-club information will also be included CD-Plus elements. "Compact Disc-Plus truly takes the excitement of musical experience to the next level by bringing digital-quality sound and graphics, text, video and multimedia elements into the mix," concluded Ehrlich. Company Background Sony Music Entertainment is the leading producer, manufacturer and marketer of recorded music and video in the world. The New Technology and Business Development department was established to explore new technologies and business opportunities, including Compact Disc-Plus titles, CD-ROMs, online sites, home shopping, licensing and electronic distribution. Working closely with all Sony Music divisions, including the Columbia and Epic Records labels, the New Technology and Business Development department ensures artists the broadest possible means of expression.
Date: Thu, 25 May 1995 00:15:18 -0400 From: CHC2hwy61 (chc2hwy61@AOL.COM) Subject: CD Plus in USA Today-5/24/95 Today's USA Today (5/24/95) featured an article on CD Rom's that included an inset article containing the following: Beyond Music on CD Plus Music fans who miss the full-size cover art and liner notes that LPs used to provide might want to get a computer. A wave of new music CDs is about to hit that brings those fun, extra tidbits back home.(ed:Dylan reference?) Just like audio CDs, new CD Plus discs have music tracks for CD players. But they also contain visuals and multimedia for PCs with CD-ROM drives. The first CD Plus titles, including Sarah McLachlan's THE FREEDOM SESSIONS on Arista ($15.95), are trickling in. Sony music plans to have four on sale by the end of July, says Sony's Fred Ehrlich. Sony's first CD Plus titles feature Alice In Chains, Bob Dylan, Mariah Carey and Toad the Wet Sprocket. Each includes the artists latest entire music CD, with other offerings such as biographies, discographies, videos, interviews, fan club details and on-line connections. "It goes beyond passive involvement," he says. Sony hasn't set a price, but CD Plus discs are expected to sell for $20-$27. "All the labels are getting wet," says Albhy Galuten, a music multimedia developer at Ion. In three or four years, fans will take CD Plus for granted, he predicts. "We'll come to expect" lyrics, art and on-line links to musicians' World Wide Web sites to order concert tickets and T-shirts. "This will be a window into finding out when they're coming to my town on their tour." Sounds interesting on many levels, huh? Christine (Consolvo)

Enhanced CD, Greatest Hits 3 (JfryBlair):
Subject: Enhanced CD, GH3
Date: 25 Jan 1995 01:05:19 -0500

Haven't seen news of this posted yet. Apparently Highway 61 Interactive will not be the only not-only-music CD released by Bob Dylan in early '95. Billboard reported in its January 7 issue that Sony has announced Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol. 3 as one of the first two titles to be released in the brand-new CD-plus, or enhanced CD format. The other is an Alice in Chains title which has been priced at $26.98, but the article described GH3 as a "double CD-plus" the price of which has not yet been determined. The release date was only given as "this spring." (We have heard that before...for Bootleg vol. 4 etc..) The CD-plus format is to offer video, photos, and other graphic info when played on CD-ROM hardware, as well as *full* audio content when played on a standard player. No info was given on why a double disc...maybe the extra stuff takes up more room, maybe there will be additional material? Interesting that Sony has chosen this is not selling well, it seems the only reason must be to directly compete with the aforementioned CD-ROM release? And it also casts doubt on whether we will see a new Bootleg Series volume this spring...would Sony really glut the market with an Unplugged CD, a possible Unplugged video (godIhopeso), a still-new GH3 CD, an enhanced GH3, *and* a costly multi-disc BS release? I think not...Anyone with contact with Sony should procure us some more info on this CD-plus title...
-Jeff (Andrew Muir):
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 12:09:41 GMT
Subject: Re: Enhanced CD, GH3

In article <3g4pmv$>,
JfryBlair ( writes:

...would Sony really glut the market with an Unplugged CD, a possible Unplugged video (godIhopeso), a still-new GH3 CD, an enhanced GH3, *and* a costly multi-disc BS release? I think not...Anyone with contact with Sony should procure us some more info on this CD-plus title...

The CD-Plus title had only been mentioned in Billboard as far as I know so your information above is all we have. As to the Bootleg Series 4 - I think we'll be lucky to get it this year & would be astonished if it was before autumn. Rolling Tomes were predicting a March release for the Unplugged Video the last time I asked.

Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 00:35:09 GMT
From: Tom Favata (tbuick6@IX.NETCOM.COM)
Subject: CD Plus Buyer Beware!!!!!

I just got the Dylan Greatest Hits Vol.3 CD Plus. Unfortunately, the Multimedia portion of the disc(s) won't run on my CD rom drive. In order for the disc to install and work correctly, you need a "multisession" (What!) CD rom drive. The set comes with a third Cd which checks the compatibility of your drive and contains drivers that can upgrade certain rom drives. Apparently mine is not one of them. :-( I contacted my PC manufacturer (Compaq), and they said that my rom drive was indeed a multisession drive. They said to call Microsoft because Windows95 is probably causing the problem. Everyone wants to blame Bill Gates for everything.

On a happier note, I would like to pass on a NICE SONY STORY. Yesterday,the 24th, I called every music and computer store to check if they had the Dylan CD Plus in. Not one store had even heard of it, yet alone have it in stock.(By the way, I live in NYC) So I decided to call Sony and ask if the thing had been pushed back. After being transferred about 4 or 5 times, I finally got the voicemail of someone and proceeded to leave a long winded message about whether or not the CD was pushed back. Ten minutes later, I get a call from a guy who is one of the programmers of the disc! He was amazed that I would go through all the trouble of calling Sony about this new product. He was also shocked that the CD wasn't in stores yet and said that the 24th was indeed the street date. He then asked for my address and said he would send me out a copy free! I received it today. Hopefully I will get it to run, but even if I don't I can still hear the tunes on my audio CD player(I have Greatest Hits Vol. 3 already, but on vinyl). So thanks to ***** from Sony for a very cool and kind gesture. And to all those who are about to buy this new release, I would advise you to call your computer maker and ask if your rom drive will support it. Good Luck to all.

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