subtitle: Interviews of the gospel years
Brandnew release - Made in The Netherlands - FISK 004 label

Original full text CD, no CDR copy

Dylan's disappointment with the public grew during this controversial period and he decided to stop performing. Between November 21, 1981 and the 28th of May 1984 he didn't give a single full length performance! It is as if he wanted to be certain his heart's convictions alone were understood by the public. 1984 arrived and the time came to move forward. Although he no longer stressed his faith, it didn't mean that it had lost any importance in his life. Remember the Rome 2001 Interview? Dylan was asked "Do you read the bible" He replied "Of course". You can imagine him thinking, "Pay attention, I already told you that 20 years ago". Now you can go back in time, and hear what he told them 20 years ago, press that play button...

INTERVIEW I, December 12, 1978

FISK004 begins on December 12, 1978 and a quick glance at the topics tells you that it promises to be a wild ride, covering a lot of ground. On this cd Dylan is first interviewed by Lynne Allen and Tony Paris. The first section on this cd was recorded backstage at the Omni coliseum in Atlanta, GA. Lynne begins the interview but after irritating both Dylan and her listener, Paris then takes over.
It becomes clear that hardly anyone at this time could really understand Dylan's new found faith in Jesus Christ.

INTERVIEW II, December 7, 1979

Dylan's interest in God was sparked initially by a dialogue with his background singers. Later e picked up a metal cross on stage during a November 17, 1978 concert and placed it in his pocket.
A year later Dylan begins performing only newly written Christian songs. All the oldies are ignored from November 1, 1979 until the 9th of November 1980. On December 7, 1979, Dylan speaks clearly about his new found faith in God. This was a very important exchange, the sole Dylan interview of 1979. It was conducted by Bruce Heiman of Tucson radio station KMGX.

INTERVIEW III, November 18, 1980

Paul Vincent, from San Francisco Bay Area radio station KMEL, interviews Dylan in this third segment. This meeting takes place backstage, just before the show started.

INTERVIEW IV, November 21, 1980

Dylan didn't just preach anymore, but songs of faith continued to be featured in his performances. The very day he is interviewed by Ernest Bladden for San Diego's KPRI-FM radio station the evening concert included "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues". The actual taping of this cd's fourth interview was just several days after the last segment.

INTERVIEW V + VI, June 12, 1981

In 1981, the press is telling us that Dylan is back! He's playing his old songs again. Dylan clearly states in all these interviews he is doing the same thing as he always did. He is very disappointed in the bad publicity around his christianity. He is getting sick of it and soon after this very controversial period of his musical career, he stops performing. Between November 21, 1981 and 28th of May 1984, he won't give a full length performance at all! As if he wants to make clear he has now said what he wanted to say.

The last collection of interviews took place on the same day. These dialogues are conducted by phone for two different radio stations.