** Pictures of Dylan (Dylan, Oh Dylan!) **

from jcliburn@flintcreek.win.net (Joseph Cliburn)
Images 1 -17 on this page were scanned using a flatbed HP ScanJet and Z-Soft PhotoFinish software. Photos were scanned in 16-scale grey at 150x150. Photoshop made the thumbnails.
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1. Folk queen & rock prince protest the rising tide of conformity ca 1965 (Kramer photo)
2. Bob w/guitar; BIABH sessions, January 1965 (Kramer)
3. Songwriter at work; BIABH sessions (Kramer)
4. I found the piano player very cross-eyed but extremely solid; BIABH sessions (Kramer)
5. Innovative use for harmonica holder (Kramer)
6. Convention Hall, Philadelphia, 1964 (Kramer)
7. Moments later (Kramer)

8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

8. Backlit by the spotlight (Kramer)
9. 1971 _Tarantula_ jacket cover (Schatzberg)
10. Kramer's out-take Tarantula cover (That's Sarah Lowndes in the doorway.)
11. Classic Annie Leibovitz Junior Birdman portrait, 1978
12. On soundstage of Johnny Cash Show, 9/11/1969 (Jim Marshall)
13. Poster announcing Carnegie Chapter Hall show, 1961

14. 15. 16.

14. Bobby & Joanie onstage, 1964 (Dan Kramer) 150x150 scan
15. Portrait from _Rolling_Stone_ interview, 1987 (Ken Regan)
16. Feeble Protest sings in satire of "Shindig" (_Mad_ Magazine)


17. Charlie Brown mourns Bob's 30th birthday, 1971

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Color Pictures of Bob Expecting Rain