KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON - BOB DYLAN 1994 by Olof Björner


  This year Bob Dylan decided to surprise us by NOT surprising us. Same
  procedure as last year. Same band, same songs, same show format. And, it
  has to be said, same high quality or even higher than 1993. In fact in terms
  of Bob Dylan's own performance, this has to be the best year since 1988.
  Still there were some disappointments. No song debuts, excluding one
  performance of Lady Came From Baltimore by Tim Hardin. Not until the MTV
  Unplugged sessions was Dignity performed although it was done at various
  soundchecks during the year. And why no songs from World Gone Wrong?

  Other noteworthy happenings: the Cooper & Lybrand deal, the Great Music
  Experience performance in Nara, Japan, The Woodstock '94 performance and
  finally MTV Unplugged.

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