KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON - BOB DYLAN 1994 by Olof Björner



5.1 Introduction

----------------- 1994 marked the 7th year of the Never-Ending Tour! The usual late year rumours in 1993 had it that Dylan would play Japan in early 1995, something he had wanted to do for a long time, and then finally take that long well deserved break. As we all know the tour of Japan finally came about and the break didn't. In fact 1994 is the year with most shows, 104, during the entire Never-Ending tour. The shorter format with 14-15 songs established during the joint tour with Santana was maintained through out the year. Typical show length was 110 minutes. The 1994 part of The Never-Ending Tour consisted of five new "legs": 1 February Japan 14 shows 2 April-May US 25 shows 3 July Europe 17 shows 4 August US 15 shows 5 October-November US 33 shows

5.2 The musicians

------------------ John Jackson electric and acoustic guitar, banjo Bucky Baxter pedal steel guitar lap steel guitar electric & acoustic slide guitar, dobro electric mandolin Tony Garnier bass Winston Watson drums

5.3 The show

--------------- Main set: 6 electric songs 3-4 acoustic 3-4 electric Encores: 1 electric 1 acoustic

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