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Bob Dylan 950313 Prague, Czech Republic

Date:    Tue, 14 Mar 1995 11:19:44 MET
From:    Kaj Borum (AFM-KKBO@RISOE.DK)
Subject: Setlist Prague 14th March - 

I am sending this setlist for Jan Chalupa from Prague. He can only read
this newsgroup.


The setlist for the third Prague show Monday 14. March
(Date:    Tue, 14 Mar 1995 11:25:25 MET
Oops sorry, the setlist is from the third Prague show Monday 13. March.)

1. Down In The Flood
2. Lay Lady Lay
3. All Along The Watchtower
4. Just Like A Woman
5. Tangled Up In Blue
6. License To Kill
7. Mr. Tambourine Man
8. Times They Are A-Changing
9. Boots Of Spanish Leather
10. God Knows
11. Man In The Long Black Coat
12. Maggie's Farm
13. Like A Rolling Stone

The last show was cool and again! People were not allowed
to come to the stage during God Knows and had to wait till
Maggie's Farm. There was only one encore but the show
was not shorter than the previous one. I didn't notice it
from my 15th row but Frank claimed that Bob still looked
a little bit sick.


Prague 13th (from Andrew Muir)

Crash On The Levee (Down In The Flood) Lay Lady Lay All Along The Watchtower Just Like A Woman Tangled Up In Blue License To Kill --------------------------- Mr. Tambourine Man Chimes Of Freedom (PRAGUE 14th OOPS! - Ah well the dangers of picking things up by mobile phone. The middle acoustic song was TIMES not CHIMES. Apologies!) Boots Of Spanish Leather --------------------------- Man In The Long Black Coat God Knows Maggies Farm --------------------------- Like A Rolling Stone Alternatives on the set list were: Jokerman as 1st song, Unbelievable as Fifth and Mama Youve Been On My Mind as one of the acoustics Thanks to Ray Webster for this. As each show passes there is more guitar &, therefore, less harmoica and concentration on vocals. Still sounds pretty great, however. -- Andrew Muir

Date: Thu, 16 Mar 1995 18:56:25 GMT From: Frank Justesen (Frank_Justesen@ONLINE.POL.DK) Subject: Prague Revisited How did the German shows pass away? Any sign of Dylan's sickness is getting better. What did he play? And did he play at all. Please ... information is highly wanted. I attended the three Prague shows and in spite of Dylan obviously was not feeling very well they were all incredible. For all three nights I'd seat on the front row and could watch every step Dylan was making. And from this point of view it seems like there was something seriously wrong. The first night he was only playing guitar at the end of Watching The River Flow. Second night a little bit more but never a whole song and same pattern the third night. Often between the songs he had to sit down on the drum podie with an attitude like he was completely knocked out. Well, I don't wanna judge anybody who don't wanna be judged, and ... I pay for my tickets and don't complain ... But something is wrong. In spite of that Dylan was singing and acting the songs so beautiful and emotionally that I've never heard before. For instance I thought I'd heard Mr. Tambourine Man once too much. But the performance in Prague - Oh Lord - was bringing tears to my eyes. Desolation Row the second night, I'll never forget it. Or only singing Rolling Stone the last night in a way never performed before. Over the years I have attended a number of Dylan concerts. These in Prague will always live very clear in my memory I believe. Well, I'm looking forward to hearing what has happened in Germany and will appreciate any news. Best .... Frank