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Bob Dylan 950315 Aschaffenburg

Date:    Fri, 17 Mar 1995 12:54:02 EWT
From:    Mike Clendining (MCLENDIN@ESOC.BITNET)
Subject: Aschaffenburg 15 March

 Down in the Flood
 All along the watchtower
Just like a woman
 Tangled up in blue
 I'll be your baby tonight
 Mr Tambourine man
 Masters of war
 Boots of spanish leather
Stuck inside of Mobile
 I shall be released
 Highway 61
 Like a rolling stone

 This was not a sellout, I estimate 80%, but very enthusiastic.
 No invasion of the stage this time.
. Bob spoke to the audience a couple of times.
 Masters of war and Tambourine man were excellent.
 Tangled not so good (seemed to rush thro it)
 Is it just me, or are his mouthorgan solos pretty much the same whichever
 number he's doing?....
                 Mike C

Date: Fri, 17 Mar 1995 10:39:50 GMT From: Ray Webster (ray@ROTHLEY.WIN-UK.NET) Subject: Aschaffenburg set Aschaffenburg - 15 March 95 Down In The Flood Senor All Along The Watchtower Just Like A Woman Tangled Up In Blue I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Mr Tambourine Man Masters Of War Boots Of Spanish Leather Stuck Inside Of Mobile... I Shall Be Released Highway 61 Revisited Like A Rolling Stone Most of the set was unstrung again, with perhaps a little more guitar than the previous night. Only one encore printed on the play list. Thanks to Heike Ray Webster