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Bob Dylan 950316 Bielefeld

Date:    Fri, 17 Mar 1995 12:26:00 +0100
From:    Johannes Massolle (j.massolle@KOMM.WESTFALEN.DE)
Subject: Bielefeld, 16/03/95

Dylan in Bielefeld played a similar set like in Prague (compared to the
setlist, posted here by Kay). In addition to that he played "If Not For You",
"Dignity" and a very, very deeply impressing "Masters Of War". As an
encore he performed "Like A Rolling Stone", which seemed to be the
ultimate version - I'dont need any covers of this songs anymore after
that. The show had a very intimate, fascinating and dense mood - I forgot
to smoke and drink - and the backing band was great. (I did like the
mandolin-playing in the acoustic-parts very much.)
Dylan did some of the guitar solos and vry tender harp-playing.
It was an unforgettable evening.

My friend Ursula says:
- "I was with Johannes in Bielefeld at the Dylan Concert. I`m not a fan of
- Dylan, but I was impressed. He was very stoned, but his voice was clear
- and he didn`t sing very much through his nose. He sang full of impression
- and in his songs you could hear his life. I heard some people in the
- audience say, that he was lame and distanced. I thought that in the
- beginning, too. But after I heard more of his musical life and his kind to
- make shows, I understood his performance. And when I closed my eyes, it
- was like a dream. And today, one day after the concert, I`m filled with
- the impression of yesterday evening. Now I have to to work. Bye, Ursula."