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Bob Dylan 950327 Cardiff

Date:    Tue, 28 Mar 1995 11:37:04 GMT
From:    "S. J. Bale" (glsjb@MAIL.BRIS.AC.UK)
Subject: Cardiff, 27.3.95


Truly amazing.

I didn't write the setlist down, but the highpoints included Senor, (#2 slot)
Desolation Row, Tambourine Man, Rolling Stone, H61R, Boots of Spanish
Leather, oh, all of them really.

His voice was crystal clear, and he looked like he was enjoying himself.

I just wish that he hadn't worn the purple satin shirt. No dress sense,
that man.

What a show.

I've come over all peculiar.


oh yes, and the band were as tight as a gnats. Very good.

Date: Thu, 30 Mar 1995 11:59:38 GMT From: david lindsey (dfl1@UNIX.YORK.AC.UK) Subject: Cardiff set list For Arnie stuck over there in L.A. down in the flood senor watchtower just like a woman tangled up in blue born in time tambourine man boots desolation row dignity she belongs to me maggie's rolling stone it ain't me babe highway 61. back up to 15 songs. Set list courtesy of wanted man hot line. Great concert but not as great as Brighton. The band seemed to really be enjoying themselves, final half became slightly rock n' roll thrash. Superb version of 'boots', desolation row word perfect, and first airing this tour for 'born in time' But 9 out of 15 songs repeated every night, in a country where at least 25% of the audience see more than one show ??
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 1995 18:13:43 GMT From: T Casey (mi940005@NEWI.AC.UK) Subject: Cardiff It was unbelievable, it started when the queues outside the C.I.A (Cardiff International arena)were asking themselves what type of mood His Bobness would be in the night, the crowd poured into the arena at 7.00pm. Made to wait till 8.10pm for the great one to appear, it was possible that perhaps he was not in to good a mood but the speculations were soon laid to rest when he smashed into Crash on the levee. No guitar around the neck, no suit, his suit half undone (t-shirt on underneath), mike in head and dancing around the stage, was this the Dylan we all know and love(next he'll be wearing a Tea towel on his head like prince, or whatever his name is). Anyway to cut a long story short he was amazing, the bloke has come back to life(has anyone read the artice in NME). The full listing is as follows (not sure if it's in order, the first four are and the last three, i was in to much of a shock to remember) Crash on the levee, Senor, Boots of spanish leather, Born in time, Tangled up in Blues, All along the watchtower, Mr Tamborine man, Just like a Woman, Desolation Row, Dignity, Maggies farm, Like a rolling stone, It aint me babe, Highway 61 Tar P.S i'm new to this net thing, please mail me
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 15:38:28 GMT
From: Ray Webster (ray@ROTHLEY.WIN-UK.NET) Subject: Re: Dylan at Cardiff I think it may have been me you spoke to Marguerita, my thoughts since were that he may have been refering to Wales which as you will know has often been called 'The Land of my Fathers' An even funnier comment was made last night in Dublin when he introduced Bucky Baxter as being "The Sheriff of Buckingham" and then went on to say something about him being "The Law and Order man" ------- did I hear that right? Ray Webster - -Somebody (I've forgotten who. . . I'm sorry) who attended -the Dylan concert at Cardiff posted that Dylan said -something like, "My father's from around here." - -What do you think that Bob meant by that??????? - - Marguerita
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 16:45:05 GMT From: (Ed Ricardo) Subject: Re: Dylan at Cardiff S. J. Bale ( wrote: : U0A75@WVNVM.WVNET.EDU wrote: : : Somebody (I've forgotten who. . . I'm sorry) who attended : : the Dylan concert at Cardiff posted that Dylan said : : something like, "My father's from around here." : : What do you think that Bob meant by that??????? : And he meant nothing I presume. Just the sort of thing that's expected : from song and dance men (aka entertainers). : I'm sure that Bob doesn't give a twopenny one about Cardiff. : It was a J-O-K-E Analysing jokes, jokettes or witticisms after the fact is not all that informative, but I took it to refer to Dylan Thomas as his father i.e. people insisting his name came from Dylan Thomas, misinformation which was in the papers again here, + Wales being known as The Land of My Fathers... I suspect it was a "you had to be there" situation... :-)