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Bob Dylan 950329 Brixton Academy, London

Date:    Thu, 30 Mar 1995 14:48:06 GMT
From:    billpannifer (billpannifer@EASYNET.CO.UK)
Subject: (No subject given)
Brixton Academy, London 29/3/95
Down in the Flood
I Want You
Just Like a Woman
Tangled Up In Blue
Takes A Lot To Laugh...
Tambourine Man
Boots of Spanish Leather
Don't Think Twice
She Belongs To Me
Maggie's Farm
Ballad of a Thin Man
It Ain't Me Babe
Like A Rolling Stone

Date: Thu, 30 Mar 1995 01:13:18 GMT From: Tim Anderson (freer@CIX.COMPULINK.CO.UK) Subject: Brixton 29th March Just got back from an ace Dylan concert in Brixton. Opening set by Elvis Costello, solo, was outstanding. Highlights for me were Indoor Fireworks and Tramp the Dirt Down (encore). He said nothing about Dylan but was in fine voice, somewhat under-appreciated by the audience who after all had come to see Bob. Bob came on and opened with Down in the Flood. The vocal was hard to make out, partly because it was well down in the mix, partly because of his delivery. Sometimes he seemed almost to be mumbling; but his voice was all there since at other times it rang out sharp and clear. His voice seemed to get louder and stronger as the concert progressed, but it might just have been that I got more used to it. He seemed to be in a good mood and the audience was warm towards him. At times he has a haunted, driven look, as if he just has to sing these songs, he can do no other. Other times he is playful and just enjoying himself. He constantly re-interprets his old songs; he did a stunning Tambourine Man that brought back to life what for me had become a tired song. TUIB was at breakneck speed, disappointing I thought, but others more than made up for it. I greatly enjoyed I Want You, and also liked the way he did Don't think Twice; he raised his eyebrows as he sang the line "...don't think twice it's alright", highlighting the question that gives the song its power: is it all right, or is it not? He joked about Dignity being a new song "well, only 10 years old". He was playing guitar for most but not all the numbers; without it he seemed hunched and less confident, as if there was a guitar-shaped hole in his posture. Like a Rolling Stone was the final encore ... the audience sang along a little with "How does it feel", bizarre for a song which is about isolation. It's amazing how hard it is to remember the exact sequence of songs, so I've just noted down what I remember, not in the right order I'm afraid and I'm sure I've missed a few out. Down in the Flood (hard to make out words) All along the Watchtower (excellent) I want you (very good indeed) It Aint me babe (a bit perfunctory I thought) Mr Tambourine Man (very good) Just like a woman It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry (great to hear this one again, pounding train rhythm from band) Don't think twice (very good) Tangled up in blue (too fast to my taste) Maggies Farm (good) She Belongs to Me Spanish boots of spanish leather (lovely performance) Dignity (strong performance) Ballad of a thin Man (very good, incredible variation in the was he sings "do you mistahhhh Jones") Like a Rolling Stone (perfunctory) All in all a special evening. Tim
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 1995 11:21:48 GMT From: "S. J. Bale" (glsjb@MAIL.BRIS.AC.UK) Subject: Re: Brixton 29th March Tim Anderson ( wrote: : He was playing guitar for most but not all the numbers; without it he : seemed hunched and less confident, as if there was a guitar-shaped hole : in his posture. : Like a Rolling Stone was the final encore ... the audience sang along a : little with "How does it feel", bizarre for a song which is about : isolation. : It's amazing how hard it is to remember the exact sequence of songs, so : I've just noted down what I remember, not in the right order I'm afraid : and I'm sure I've missed a few out. Thanks for this. I was wondering if I was the only other rmder to see him in the uk! I agree about the guitar-shaped hole. It doesn't suit him. And yes, his reinterpretation of Tambourine Man was stunning. At Cardiff he finished with a very loud, very energetic, absolutely wild H61R which ripped through the crowd. LARS was done first in the encore then It Ain't me Babe, the H61R. The last of the main set was an equally lively Maggies Farm. It's a pity he didn't do It Takes A ot to Laugh: he was in such fine rocking form. But, why was Elvis Costello NOT at Cardiff? There was no support act at all. Any ideas? Simon
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 1995 15:04:11 GMT From: Robert Fincher (robert@FINCHER.DEMON.CO.UK) Subject: Brixton 29th march Well, I was there as well on the 29th in London and I didn't think he was too good. Bob looked fine and seemed to be singing okay, but the band.... Just totally boring, plodding stadium rock music (generally). How I imagine a Simple Minds concert to sound, but with better songs. At least there were no cigarette lighters lit and being waved around. I liked She Belongs to Me, and Dignity was pretty good but that was about it . I should add that I went with seven others and they all thought he rated good to excellent, so perhaps I caught Bob on an off night (mine). He just didn't move me and he can (and did in 1993) One more thing. On the BBC radio station for London GLR (good radio station), this morning 1st April at 06.30, they advertised a competition in which the prizes were 3 copies of Unplugged on CD. Thats all I know about that as I went back to sleep, so if it isn't out it must be soon. Maybe. Ah well.... Rob
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 1995 15:26:17 -0400 From: Andrew Muir (Andrew@ZIMMY.DEMON.CO.UK) Subject: Re: Brixton 29th march I agree, Rob. It was Bob-by-numbers stuff. Pretty dull by his standards - I hope you made the next two nights though - they were somewhat better shall we say! -- Andrew Muir
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 13:58:47 +0100 From: "B.P. Taylor" (B.P.Taylor@NEWCASTLE.AC.UK) Subject: 1995 Tour report (late entry) 29 March 1995 - Brixton Academy, London, England ================================================ Down In The Flood (Crash On The Levee) I Want You All Along The Watchtower Just Like A Woman Tangled Up In Blue It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry [/Obviously 5 Believers] Mr Tambourine Man [acoustic with band] Boots Of Spanish Leather [acoustic with band] Don't Think Twice, It's All Right [acoustic with band] [/Visions Of Johanna] Dignity She Belongs To Me Maggies Farm - Ballad Of A Thin Man - It Ain't Me, Babe [acoustic with band] - Like A Rolling Stone Comment: I queued from 4:15pm and managed to secure front row in the standing area a few feet from where Dylan was going to play. I almost didn't make it because not all of the inner doors opened simultaneously, as had been promised. It's incredibly frustrating to be held back when you can see dozens of people rushing to the stage. Elvis Costello came on at 8pm and performed an excellent 40 minute solo acoustic set. A quality opening act really makes a big difference. At the Hammersmith 1993 shows the act was called 'The Stunning' - trust me, they weren't.... Dylan appeared at 9:20pm, opening with a very loud "Down In The Flood". No guitar, holding the mic in one hand and the wire in the other. Vocals buried underneath the electric guitars, seemingly intentionally because all other songs sounded fine. Mammoth. Dylan's movement on stage was...idiosyncratic. Black trousers with silver buttons down the side, blue silk shirt and black waistcoat. Picture him with knees bent slightly, one hand gently holding the microphone to his mouth, the other arm in an outstretched 'V' holding up the wire, hand shaped to point though at nothing in particular, seemingly watching us all (and the band) intently but in reality looking with his face and not his eyes. Attempts at dancing which turned out to be jerking to the left or right whenever it took his fancy. An (only just) controlled staggar. The next four songs were 'all right'. "I Want You" was given a slow arrangement. I can't remember if Dylan picked up his guitar before or after this song. "All Along The Watchtower", "Just Like A Woman" and "Tangled Up In Blue" were all bog standard performances, Dylan on autopilot. "It Takes A Lot To Laugh..." was very bluesy, the same great summer 1993 arrangment and played very well indeed. And now the acoustic set. I'd heard great reports about this portion of the show but I'd yet to witness it for myself. "Mr Tambourine Man" was wonderful. I couldn't believe he had bettered the slow Dresden 1994 arrangement. (Why must people insist on singing along with this song!!) "Boots Of Spanish Leather" was the highlight of this show. Exquisite, gorgeous, perfection, so much feeling. I have never heard anything as wonderful as these two performances. Both without Dylan on guitar. A three-way conference between Jackson, Dylan and Garnier. By the time I had resolved to shout out for 'Dark Eyes' I recognised the chords for "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right". Such a shame because Dylan seemed to have switched off for this song. The cue sheet alternate was 'Visions Of Johanna'.... During "Dignity" there was some mix-up with the lyrics. I'm pretty sure Dylan repeated the "...edge of the lake" verse but who cares! After a mindless "Don't Think Twice..." it was great to hear him make real sense of the lyrics to "Dignity" "She Belongs To Me" and "Maggies Farm" were standard arrangements but nicely done. During the latter Dylan motioned with an outstreched palm for the band to quieten. Dylan rested his left hand on the microphone stand and took a bow, with the odd flower flying past his head. The band left the stage but could still be seen in the doorway at the back. They returned for an average "Ballad Of A Thin Man". Another spell in the doorway and then a beautiful acoustic "It Ain't Me, Babe". Yet another minute off stage, returning to play "Like A Rolling Stone". The same arrangement as the broadcast 'Unplugged' but with more fire. Another bow and more flowers. He picked one up, blew a kiss and then threw it back into the crowd. As Dylan turned to leave a woman threw her felt hat onto the stage but he didn't see it. Garnier mentioned it to him and as they passed the drums Dylan glanced back but didn't stop. A patchy night with some real highs to counter the lows. Hmmm, sounds like a weather report.. I can't remember at what point in the set but Dylan introduced the band. Approx: 'From the USA, John Jackson. I saw the Oscars last night and would've given him all of them if I could...'
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