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Bob Dylan 950404 Manchester, England, Labatts Apollo

Date:    Wed, 5 Apr 1995 12:26:02 GMT
From:    S Harrison (online@DAY-POST.MAIL.U-NET.COM)
Subject: Manchester, April 4
Labatts Apollo, Manchester, Tuesday April 4:
Down in the Flood; I Want You; Watchtower; Simple Twist of Fate; Most Likely
You Go Your Way; Shooting Star; Tambourine Man; Masters of War; One Too Many
Mornings; Dignity; I and I; I Remember You; Like a Rolling Stone; Times They
Are...; Highway 61.
Sadly I didn't get to attend this one, so I can't give any more details, but a
friend who went described it as the best Dylan gig he's been to (and he's seen
a couple of dozen in the '80s and '90s).
- Steve
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 12:56:27 GMT From: Stopford Building (super@FS2.SCG.MAN.AC.UK) Subject: Manchester 4th April gig Set list: Down in the Flood I Want you All along the watchtower Shooting Star Most Likely you'll go your way Simple twist of fate Tambourine man Masters of war One too many mornings Dignity I&I I'll remember you end 1st encore - Rolling stone 2nd encore - Times they are a changin' 3rd encore - Highway 61 Bob was absolutely superb! This was the best Dylan performance I've seen Since '66.His voice was perfect. No problems at all. Good articulation, no mumbles, no long drawls. And no monotone stretching of tunes with crazy ups and downs at the end of lines. Here was a man completely in charge of his band, his audience and himself. The arrangements to TAMBOURINE MAN, MASTERS,TWIST OF FATE were magnificent. THE BEST EVER. I envy all of you who are yet to see him on this tour! BOB IS DEFINITELY BACK. WONDERFUL.
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 15:12:48 GMT From: Kevin FLETCHER (KEVIN.FLETCHER@MAN.AC.UK) Subject: Re: Manchester 4th April gig This was my posting. Sorry for wrong use of name etc. still new to this! Interesting choice of songs for Manchester - Most likely you'll go your way with the line "the judge he hold a grudge, watch out he don't call on you" and "I'll remember you" in the light of the last time he came to Manchester and the "Judas" call. Does he still remember/forgive the Manchester audience? Has he sung these songs at other recent dates this tour? especially at the same venue? Kev.
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