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Bob Dylan 950406 Edinburgh, Scotland

Date:    Fri, 7 Apr 1995 10:09:41 GMT
From:    Des O'Brien (dob@CEE.HW.AC.UK)
Subject: Edinburgh 6.4.95
Setlist 06.04.95:
1. Crash on the levee
2. What was it you wanted?
3. Watchtower
4. Disease of conceit
5. Stuck inside of mobile...
6. Simple twist of fate
7. Mr. Tambourine Man
8. Masters of war
9. It's all over now baby blue
10. God knows
11. Lenny Bruce
12. Jokerman
13. Like a rolling stone
14. It ain't me babe
Duration: 105 minutes gross, or 7 quarters of an hour for our friends in the
Dutch press :-)
Overall, a very enjoyable concert even if it did take Bob a little bit to get
fully warmed up, however since this was my first show in almost two years
I don't have the comparison of recent shows to go on. For the curious, he
played guitar on 3-6 and 9-14, harmonica only on the others except for 14
where we got both (but not at the same time!). I have to agree with what
people have been saying about Bob's guitarless mannerisms - for the first song
Bob looked like a chronic myopic searching for his misplaced spectacles:-)
Leads were being taken more and more by Bob as the show progressed - has this
been usual of late? Highlights for me were the duel with JJ at the end of
Mobile, Lenny Bruce (I think he got through it all, but am open to
correction), a wonderfully  eardrum-challenging God Knows, a very well done
What Was It..., and even Disease sounded refreshing. Oh yes, Simple Twist was
great too with its marvellously effective understated singing. LARS didn't do
a whole lot for me and the acoustic numbers were pretty standard fare.
To summarize, it was fantastically enjoyable and I'm looking forward to more
of the same tonight. I won't be posting on tonight's show though, as I'm away
tomorrow for a fortnight (happily coinciding with the tour close in Dublin
next week!), but with luck I may manage to scrounge some net access from
There were no flowers in evidence (except my own which fell off on the way
in), but I'll still keep my eyes peeled tonight.
Phew - my first rmd concert report: I hope it was at least readable.

Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 13:12:00 GMT From: David Cooper (dcoopera@CIX.COMPULINK.CO.UK) Subject: Edinburgh 6.4.95 Set list see last but one message. View from the front row...Dylan looking O.K, sounding fantastic. Wearing the blue satin shirt over a white t-shirt, and black waistcoat, sweating profusely after an hour, and black trousers with the stripe and buttons up the sides, and black cuban heels. Said nothing, other than introduced the band before the second encore. seemed to acknowledge someone seating (standing by this time, but this is the only all seater of the U.K. tour) four along from me. The highlights for me were All over now Baby Blue, and Tambourine Man, but mainly watching the concert with no-one between me and him.
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