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Bob Dylan 950409 Glasgow, Scotland

Date:    Mon, 10 Apr 1995 14:04:55 GMT
From:    Rod Purcell (100344.2160@COMPUSERVE.COM)
Subject: Glasgow 9 April '95

Bob and the band rolled into the Scottish Exhibition Centre on
Sunday night on the back of two highly successful gigs in

The venue is a soulless hangar type place but small enough to
feel intimate if the show is good. From the opening bars of Down
in the Flood it was clear that this was going to be some night.
The bad was tight,  Bob was in an audience friendly mood and well
in the groove. His signing, despite the chatter about his voice,
was strong and clear with a full range. The growls were there as
well as gentle and tender moments.

The mini acoustic set was stunning; Mr Tambourine Man, Boots of
Spanish Leather and Baby Blue. The second number was a new [to me
anyway] version of Lay Lady Lay. A tender rendition of Shelter
from the Storm and a hard rocking versions of Watchtower,
Everything is Broken and Tombstone Blues showed the range and
power of his delivery. The highlight of the show must was Lenny
Bruce - you could feel the emotion flowing from Bob through the

After Rolling Stone as the first encore, My Back Pages was a
fitting and triumphal climax to the gig, followed by the Bob and
everyone agreeing that they 'must get stoned' as he played out
with Rainy Day Women.
Dates 1995