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Bob Dylan 950515 Palm Desert

Palm Desert - 15 May 1995

Down In The Flood
Lay Lady Lay
All Along The Watchtower
Just Like A Woman
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Seeing The Real You At Last

Mr Tambourine Man
Masters Of War
It's All Over Now Baby Blue

God Knows
Never Gonna Be The Same Again
Obviously 5 Believers

Like A Rolling Stone
The Times They Are A-Changing

Ray Webster (courtesy of hcs)

"jules n. binoculas" (p00518@PSILINK.COM) >DATE: Wed, 17 May 1995 13:37:03 GMT >FROM: John Howells ( > > (Ray Webster) writes: > > > >Two firsts???? > obviously 500,000 disbelievers! ;)
I've checked Olof's lists, and I do believe that this is a live debut, isn't it? That is, unless Bob played it at one of the 'missing' shows that I haven't seen set lists for this year. If anyone has a source for this tape, or any other '95 shows, for that matter, PLEASE let me know. I've got 4 '95 shows either on hand or in the mail to me and I'm working on getting a few more. Best, Doug
Unfortunately this info is second hand, but an excellent source. 5/15/95 Palm Desert, CA McCallum Theatre Down In the Flood Lay Lady Lay Watchtower Like A Woman Baby Tonight Real You @Tambourine @Masters @Baby Blue God Knows Never Gonna Be the Same Obviously 5 Believers (E)Rolling Stone (E)@Times Changin' Said to be an excellent show all around--in case you can't tell from the setlist. Masters was begun with an extended harmonica solo which was different and God Knows was a standout. Christine Consolvo