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Bob Dylan 950518 Hollywood

Date:    Fri, 19 May 1995 18:24:12 -0400
From:    Tomar42000 (tomar42000@AOL.COM)
Subject: 5/18/95 Hollywood

My umpteenth show of his and it was one of the best!!! (corrected set list)

Saw Dylan last night at The Hollywood Paladium. A very good show. He sang very
clearly and even put down his guitar(n/g) for a few songs.

Opening act: PJ Harvey. She was good.

1/Down in the Flood n/g
2/I Want You n/g
3/All Along the Watchtower
4/Positively 4th Street
6/Tombstone Blues
7/Mr. Tambourine Man n/g (beautiful, lilting, punctuated, surreal)
8/East of Edan a/g
9/Don't Think Twice It's All Right a/g
10/The Real You at Last
11/Ring Them Bells
12/Highway 61
1/Ballad of a Thin Man
2/The Times They Are A'Changin'

BTW, I sat next to the legendary Mick Jones of Clash fame 
who was thoroughly enjoying the show.

Contest: What musician has played more shows (Over 700) 
with Dylan than anyone else? Winner know.

Date: Fri, 19 May 1995 14:12:35 GMT From: Shoibal Datta (shoibal@SANGER.BIO.UCI.EDU) Subject: Re: Palladium 5/18/95 (Chris Coons) wrote: >This was my first Dylan show and I must say it was pretty damn good. These >probably aren't necessarily in the right order and there's probably some >missing too, but anyway, from what I remember the setlist was: -snip This was my third Dylan show and it was by far better than the others or any live performance that has been televised in recent years. First and foremost, his voice was great (relatively speaking, of course :-)). In recent years he has been unable to raise his voice successfully over the music during the electric part of the show, but not yesterday! The acoustic part of the setlist was the most incredible one I have heard from him in decades (Gates of Eden was stunning). The voice was superb, the phrasing perfect (no straining to catch that word, no mumbling) and the band was tight. Perhaps it was the atmosphere (small, enclosed structure, capacity ca.3000, no seats, almost high school gym-ish, it was not full and you were never more than 100 feet away from the stage if you were standing) or the acoustics, it was worth it. Interestingly, I read a comment about the May 17 show where it was mentioned that his phrasing was almost conventional, Watchtower sounded almost like the Hendrix version. For thos who listen to a lot of his live recordings, is this an off and on thing? Yesterday was almost Budokan-ish, I never thought I'd listen to Bob sing it the way he did before I was born! Anways, enough rambling here, if anyone successfully got past security with the appropriate equipment, I would like to get a copy of the May 18 Palladium show (please email me). Shoibal
Date: Fri, 19 May 1995 02:52:19 -0800 From: "jules n. binoculas" (p00518@PSILINK.COM) Subject: hollywood palladium 18 may 1995 flood want you (-- reborn in time watchtower 4th st (born time) silvio tombstone (-- slower tempo @tamb-man (-- a++ @eden (-- trippy @twice (l-0) real you bells (shooting star/never same) 61 (can't read my writing) thin man times (back pages) notes: more raw intensity than last night; red hot bar-band r'n'r; more songs peaking with internal energy; searing vocal articulations, more spontaneity with crowd; audience more rough-edged, focused, enthused, discerning; dylan seemed more assiduous, less whimsical, darker, more sardonic lyrically; song selection more than serviceable though still not risky enough songs: _flood harder than last night; less playful, more pounding _want you surprisngly intimate and enigmatic extemporaneous love song to invisible goddess of harmony and conquest; rarely more unique; somehow still personal and exploratory; *mea culpa* _watchtower real heat underneath; surgical precision; powerfully sardonic; hotter than hades _4th st (born time) cool; good pace, good vibrancy, good edge _silvio new arrangement:!! ain't...complaining...'bout...WHAT-I-GOTTTTTTTTTT! seen...better...times...but...WHO-HAS-NOTTTTTTTT! silvio,...silver...and...GOLLLLLLLLLLD! *i'll take it!* _tombstone quirky arrangement; sneering; fresh and slow; t-man magnificent; what can you say? make a whole cd boot from the latest 12 performances alone eden it's a pleasure to hear a true artist boldly cutting into each line of his work and daring himself to create something not there before; like drinking a dusty wine alive with bitterness twice tell you the truth, i can't remember, but it was first-rate real you on fire; relentless; jumped one whole electron shell (wear asbestos gloves) bells mature; irreproducible 61 nails it thin man totally idiosyncratic; muscularity and wit times turned inside-out with passion; emotional, political, elegiac all at once overall rough estimation: precise, powerful, pounding; harmonic; good audience interaction; razor-sharp vocal edges; less lamentation, more mocking; means business jnb
Date: Mon, 22 May 1995 04:55:05 GMT From: Tim Lundgren (tlundgre@MAGNUS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU) Subject: XREF [Dylan show-Hollywood Paladium, 5/18/95 Article: Message-ID: (3pjrel$ From: (TomThunder) Subject: Dylan show - Hollywood Palladium, 5/18/95 Score: 100 First 20 lines: > Hey Tom....give us a review of the show. > -Roger Okay, here goes...Show was opened and closed with electric sets, with an acoustic middle section. The band was excellent, esp., the drummer, although I didn't recognize any names. Bob opened with a new tune, then a forceful, driving 'Silvio', 'Mr. Tambourine Man was done with acoustic guitars, mandolin, and an upright bass, and an arrangement that hinted at the one off the 'Live at Budokan' tape while remaining true to the original. There was an emphasis on rockers, esp. 'All Along The Watchtower', and 'Real Life'. The material emphasized Bob's 64-70 and most recent periods. I was impressed with how willing Bob seemed to be to play lead guitar. At the end of the second encore, the show closed with 'The Times They Are A Changin'', with the audience faintly singing along on the choruses. The opening act was P.J. Harvey, who was okay, but an aquired taste for some people. All in all, a great show, I'd put it on my top ten list of concerts, and a definate must-see for Dylan fans or fans of great music in general. TomThunder