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Bob Dylan 950519 Hollywood

"Joseph D. Lierl" (
Hollywood Palladium setlist May 19, 1995
Sat, 20 May 95 00:57:28 -0700

HollyWood Palladium, May 19, 1995

Set List:

1. Down in the Flood - Acoustic (Dylan singing only with Microphone)
2. If Not For You    - Acoustic (Dylan singing only with Microphone) / 
Super Harp Work!
3. All along the Watchtower - Electric / Dual Lead with Dylan and Jackson
4. I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) - Electric / 
Dylan Solo Lead
5. Tombstone Blues - Electric / "Dedicated to" mumble, "I know they're out 
6. Seeing the Real You At Last - Electric 
	Lots of guitar hero "posturing" Bob having fun. Seemed to be 
using the guitar as a prop except for when he was soloing.
7. Mr. Tambourine Man - Acoustic (Dylan singing only with microphone) 
	Excellent harp work, looked a little lost during Bucky's solo.  
Didn't seem to know what to do without a guitar in his hands.
8. Boots of Spanish Leather - Acoustic (Dylan singing only with microphone)
	I've always liked the underlying tension of the venom throughout 
this song, but tonight he sang it very "pretty" until the final verse then the
venom started to
reappear, but the overall song didn't seem as biting to me.
9. Hattie Carrol - Acoustic 
	Perfect song for LA right now, hope Judge Ito had a feed or 
	someone gets him a tape (only somewhat joking!)
10. God Knows - VERY Electric / Very Rocking version / Excellent Lead 
work by Bob.
11. She Belongs To Me - Electric / 
	Kind of a Slow Blues feel till the end, when he	kicked it into 
higher gear. Fantastic lead work by Bob.
12. Obviously 5 Believers - Electric / Excellent version  / True to 

First Encore:

13. Like A Rolling Stone - VERY Electric
	ROCKIN! version.  I saw Winston break at least Four Sticks!!!!
	Dylan sang it like he meant it more than he has in years.

Second Encore:

14. It ain't me babe - Acoustic
	Again, a little "prettier" than I liked, but Bob was in super 
voice tonight.

Third Encore:

15. I Shall Be Released w/ Sheryl Crow - Electric
	Bob and Sheryl did a beautiful job of trading lyrics.  The chorus 
sounding great with the two of them actually harmonizing very well.

Fourth Encore:

16. Rainy Day Woman #12&35 - Electric
	I've never liked this song, but the crowd LOVES it, and the band 
had a great time performing it.

Show Notes:

Bob seemed to be in a great mood.  Looked like he was having a lot of 
fun.  Made a lot of eye contact with those of us in the front rows.  It was
fantastic seeing him in a club this size.  He seemed to be at ease, and I was a
lot closer to the stage than I ever was before.

Bob seemed quite talkative tonight, but I couldn't make out most of what 
was being said. He introduced Tombstone Blues by saying "We dedicate this one to"
then he said something I couldn't make out then "I know they're out there". 
During Band intros, he mentioned that John was from Memphis, and something else
that I missed, then when introducing Winston he said "I don't know anything about
him except" then said something that made Winson hide in his drums and ended with
"But he's so good I kept him anyway".  Then he introduced Bucky as a former mayor
in West Verginia and said something else about him.  

During Seeing the Real You, Bob seemed to be making a lot of Guitar Hero 
type gestures, but wasn't really playing while he did it.  He seemed to be
clowning around for the front row people.  He was definitely having a lot of fun
during this song.  He also played some nice lead lines once he started playing.

The solo mike singing was all excellent and you could tell he was putting 
his heart into those performances, even if it did take the "edge" off his songs

He introduced Sheryl Crow during the Released encore by saying "She just 
wants to sing"!

Well that's about it, the show started about 8:45 and ended around 10:30. 
 The opening band was Glen Glen (rockablily from the 50's), The crowd enjoyed the
performance, but the general concensus after he left stage, seemed to be that he
wasn't needed. An excellent show overall and everyone left satisfied.

See ya.

Joseph D. Lierl

Date: Sat, 20 May 1995 18:15:58 GMT From: Martin Blackwell (martin.blackwell@NULLA.COM) Subject: Friday at Palladium I don't have the setlist. I assume someone else has it. Terrific show!!! The thing I wanted to say though was that Bob did FOUR encores! I've only seen Dylan maybe 10 times in my life, but he's never done more than two encores at any performance I've seen. I'm sure somebody knows: Who was the female that sang with him during "I Shall Be Released"? I've heard several guesses...anyone know for sure????
Date: Sat, 20 May 1995 15:43:13 -0400 From: CHC2hwy61 (chc2hwy61@AOL.COM) Subject: Setlist for LA III--5/19/95 I wasn't there, but have spoken to a friend on the coast who gave this report: Hollywood Palladium 5/19/95 (songs in ( ) were on the stage list, but not played) Down In the Flood If Not For You Watchtower I Don't Believe You Tombstone Real You @Tambourine @Boots @Hattie Carroll (Back Pages-Love Minus Zero) God Knows She Belongs To Me (Never Gonna Be the Same) Obviously Five Believers (E) Rolling Stone (E) Ain't Me Babe (One Too Many) (E2) Released (sung with Sheryl Crow) (E3) Rainy Day Women Bob was said to be in excellent spirits tonight and this show could be the very best so far this year! He was smiling, laughing and acting like he was "the happiest man on earth". Everyone was totally in awe and all the extra encores were a major bonus for the lucky ones in attendance. He actually left the stage three times (and came back, of course). Sheryl Crow got a hug and kiss after their duet and was said to have done a great job sharing the stage. Christine Consolvo
Date: Sat, 20 May 1995 05:50:37 -0800 From: "jules n. binoculas" (p00518@PSILINK.COM) Subject: hollywood palladium 19 may 1995 down in the flood if not for you all along the watchtower i don't believe you tombstone blues (-- no more shoes seeing the real you at last @ mr. tambourine man (-- cast a visionary spell @ spanish boots of spanish leather @ the lonesome death of hattie carroll (-- touching injustice (back pages/l-0) god knows she belongs to me (-- never stumbles (never same again) obviously five believers (-- compact history of blues like a rolling stone it ain't me, babe (too many mornings) i shall be released rainy day women #12 & #35 (-- everyone must get dionysian quick notes: the first two shows were satisfying -- maybe even virtuoso -- sketches in a performer's notebook; tonight's canvas: instantaneous passion. building air: steamy; energy level: seething, bursting *highlight*: near-blistering leadwork by whimsical 54 year-old shoulder-shrugging magus waving in black velvet, powder blue, and cufflinks the size of oysters. no extra charge. lots more drinking, smoking, weekend hollywood chaos double the celebration power; badly needed, passionately expended. band spends all night gliding into turbo mach and beyond. if the house lights hadn't been turned on for the third encore, the fire marshal would've taken up smoking to stay calm. songs: _down in the flood bar band blues tell noah's fate; first reference to violence and death _if not for you welcome to hollywood monkey house; glad you could make it _all along the watchtower apocalyptic howling: people get ready _i don't believe you first kiss in the wild blazing night time _tombstone blues more death imagery; full of life _seeing the real you at last something's burning, baby; are you aware? _mr. tambourine man more haunting gentle grief _spanish boots of spanish leather lined with remorse _the lonesome death of hattie carroll death again; some people never get a break _god knows storm-clouds rising _she belongs to me sparkles as it speaks _obviously five believers seething joy; unrestrained intoxication _like a rolling stone everybody hanging out _it ain't me, babe if you can't get out of it: get into it _i shall be released (w/sheryl crow) *extra* read all about it! *extra* celebrity grandfather shows glamour capital how to perform _rainy day women #12 & #35 just like we knew he must palladium residency album distribution *highlights*: different songs from: blonde on blonde (5) rainy day women pledging my time i want you just like a woman obviously five believers highway 61 revisited (4 1/2) like a rolling stone tomstone blues ballad of a thin man highway 61 revisited positively 4th st (single) empire burlesque (2) i ain't never gonna be the same again seeing the real you at last down in the groove (1) silvio blood on the tracks (0)! ... (more soon) jnb