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Bob Dylan 950527 Laguna Seca Daze

Date:    Tue, 30 May 1995 20:40:34 GMT
From:    Andreas Kreusch (andreas@SBL.SALK.EDU)
Subject: setlist Reno 05/28

- Down in the flood
 - I'll be your baby tonight
 - all along the watchtower
 - just like a woman
 - man in the black coat
(The setlist I posted to r.m.d. missed one song:  
"Seein' the real you at last" as song No 6 after "Black coat".)

- Tambourine man
- Masters of war
- Don't think twice
 - Silvio
 - She belongs to me
 - Highway 61 rev.

 Knockin' on heaven's door
 It ain't me
 Rainy day women

Date: Wed, 31 May 1995 03:08:32 -0400 From: RickR1 (rickr1@AOL.COM) Subject: Re: Is there a list from Reno out there? Christine, I was at the Reno show last night and though I didn't keep track of everything he did I'll try to remember as many of them for you as I can...In no particular order, except that he started with Crash on the Levee. All Along the Watchtower Don't Think Twice It Ain't Me Babe Masters of War Seeing the Real You At Last Mr. Tambourine Man Knockin' On Heaven's Door Rainy Day Women Hiway 61 Just Like A Woman She Belongs To Me Silvio I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Man in the Long Black Coat I can't swear that these are all the songs he did, but I think this is pretty complete. As I said the order here is not accurate. Fantastic show, BTW....I've been a Dylan fan for 25 years, but my wife became one last night. Rick