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Bob Dylan 950531 Eugene, OR

>Date: Thu, 1 Jun 95 08:48:39 -0800
>From: (Jason Auguste Schwartz)
>Subject: Dylan Concert Review (NNC)



        Last night I attended the second of two Bob Dylan concerts in
Eugene, OR.  It was fantastic!  Admittedly I was only familiar with about
two-thirds of the material, but he played among others All Along the
Watchtower, Tambourine Man, Don't Think Twice It's Alright, Rainy Day
Woman, Shelter from the Storm, Gates of Eden, Like a Rolling Stone, and My
Back Pages.

        His band (the same as on Bob Dylan Unplugged) was fantastic.  About
half of the songs were played electric and rocked pretty hard (I don't
normally associate this with Dylan...), and the remainder were acoustic
often with cello and slide guitar complementing Bob's guitar playing.  I
would have liked Dylan to play his harmonicas more (he only used one on Mr.
Tambourine Man and Rainy Day Woman), but when he did, he sounded great.  I
think his harmonica playing on MTM was worth the price of admission just by
itself.  I was lucky enough to sit in the 12th row and had a great view of
the stage.

        Dylan was dressed very nicely and looked to be in great shape
(albeit somewhat loaded!!).  He was gracious to the crowd (doing two songs
for an encore, and one more for a second encore!), although he didn't have
much to say.  His words were limited to a "Thank you" after almost every
song, and a brief introduction of his band.  I think he made some jokes
while introducing the band, but to be honest, I couldn't really understand
what he was saying.  The girl next to me commented that his concerts should
come with subtitles! :-)

        Dylan also played Eugene the night before and got a very favorable
review by the local paper.  The reviewer even wrote that his Watchtower
that night matched or surpassed performances by Hendrix and our man Neil
Young!  The crowd seemed to really appreciate Dylan's performance and a
large portion of them had no trouble shelling out the $35 necessary to
purchase a souvenir t-shirt.  All in all, I'd recommend this tour highly.


Date: Thu, 1 Jun 1995 13:46:29 PDT From: Peggy Fitzgerald (pjfitzge@SP-EUG.COM) Subject: DYLAN WAS GREAT LAST NIGHT IN EUGENE (5/31) I went to the Dylan show last night for his second show in Eugene and he was _HOT_! I love this new persona where he is open and interacting with the audience. He played some good lead licks and came out from behind his guitar for a couple of songs. I would have liked more harmonica but ...oh well. A special highlights for me was Mr. Tambourine Man sung slow with feeling. The drummer was memorable and energetic. He reminds me of Animal of the Muppets. The other musicians were good and particularly able to showcase Bob's musical talents. They never overpowered him. I think it takes a special unselfish talent to let the star _Star_. This was truly a performance that ranked high in my thirty years of Bob concerts, mainly because there was so much BOB out there. At the least, it was the best I've seen in the last ten years. He looked so much more healthy and alert than he has for a while. That old man in black and silver can still turn me on! Peggy
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 1995 01:13:30 GMT From: Leonard Coop (coopl@AVA.BCC.ORST.EDU) Subject: Re: EUGENE setlist 5/31/95 as posted by (TAPE BOY), here are a few of my comments on the show: Hult Center, Eugene 5/31/95 1 Down in the Flood ( great opener, would be even better acoustic? 2 Senor ( powerful, still warming up 3 All Along the Watchtower ( nailed it, many commented a favorite of eve. 4 Under the Red Sky ( vocals incomprehensible, not a hit at all 5 Positively 4th St. ( vocals need some relaxation, kind of strained 6 Silvio ( rocked out 7 Mr. Tamborine Man (a) ( this song alone covers the ticket value for oldfans 8 Gates of Eden (a) ( loved it, vocals tough to follow at times 9 Don't Think Twice (a) ( amazing band, nuances galore 10 Seeing the Real You At Last ( well done weaker song 11 Shelter From the Storm ( not used to such a rocked out approach 12 Obviously 5 Believers ( built up to best rock performance of eve. encore 1 13 Like A Rolling Stone ( crowd pleaser, very good overall 14 My Back Pages (a) ( SO MUCH OLDER THEN YOUNGER NOW - now i get IT encore 2 15 Rainy Day Women ( not a favorite but rocked all - shook the Hult good >a Great show, much much better than the previous nights performance. For me it is a toss up. Vocals a little better the night before. >Bob began both shows on guitar, only taking it off for Mr. Tamborine Man >in the main set. Very energized!!! The crowd had trouble dancing through much of the show - gradually increased to the point where ushers were not a problem. Bob repeated the joke about not having anything to say about Tony Garnier except he once tried to milk a cow with a monkey wrench. He took a rose from someone and slapped hands at end, was pointing and smiling at someone on right. Bob looked very good, seemed to be having a real good time, was very in the moment, as evidenced by very different performances of several of the songs played both nights. The Hult center was made for Bob and Co. - just the right size, upscale for the fashion impaired, the BEST acoustics - look for some great tapes from these shows (I know where a seed may reside..). Len Coop
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 1995 16:34:50 -0700 From: Merry Young (merryy@GLADSTONE.UOREGON.EDU) Subject: Bob in Eugene, OR 5/31/95 I was also at the show on Wednesday, and i have to agree, bob was fantastic. I've never seen a crowd so energetic and enthusiastic at the Hult Center before. The sound quality was great, and from the 5th row it sounded like bob was singing in my ear. his voice was strong and the words were clear, but best of all, like others have already said, bob seemed like he was having a great time. The second encore was an added bonus, i wasn't expecting it. The crowd was left wanting even more. if anyone knows of a tape floating around out there, i'd die for a copy--this was a concert not to forget.