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Bob Dylan 950616 at Harborlights, Boston

Date:    Wed, 21 Jun 1995 15:25:48 GMT
From:    mcmullen@DUKEOF.ENET.DEC.COM
Subject: Harborlights, Boston June 16

Just wanted to add my observations on this great show last Friday night.
The commute from New Hampshire prevented me from getting there early enough
to join the r.m.d crowd at the Barking Crab - sorry I missed you.

When I first heard about the show, a few days after it was announcced, I
figured it would be sold out, and was surprised when I called ticketmaster
and got tickets easily.  The seats were towards the back, but really
weren't too bad.  I was surprised at how many empty seats there were.  I
did like the Harborlights venue though.  There was enough of a breeze
blowing in from the harbor to make it quite comfortable.  Nice scenery too
of the Boston skyline and the harbor.

As to Bob, his vocals were wonderful.  As noted by others, it took some
getting used to seeing Bob sans guitar during the acoustic set.

Highlights for me: Just Like a Woman, Silvio, Masters of War, Like a Rolling

At least in the back of the pavillion, the crowd was pretty quiet (uptight is
description SadieJane gave).  Maybe it was because they were sipping wine and
guzzling Red Wolf lager during the show, but lots of people around just sat
politely during most of the songs.  The older guy next to me (probably late
40s - I'm only 41 myself!) was whooping and hollering now and then, but the
woman next to him just sat there as if she was in a coma or something (or
maybe her mind was still on that Excel spreadsheet she was supposed to finish
up at the Government Center before heading over to the show!)

I loved the entire show by Bob and the band.  A couple things I would like to
have heard and seen:

Maybe one more "unplugged" song.
"Watchtower" sounded fine, but maybe it's time to give it a rest and try
out one of the other 900 or so Dylan compositions.

I'll be on vacation next month and staying just a few miles from the
Phoenix Festival in Stratford on Avon, so I'll probably head out to see
what Bob's got in store for the British crowd.

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